The Space-Saving Loft Bed: 8 Inspirations for Cramped Quarters

Leave it to college kids to devise the biggest space-saving trick for the bedroom: a lofted bed. Opening up the chunk of real estate that a bed typically occupies means more square footage for storage, a workstation, or even lounge space There's plenty of opportunity for DIY customization and creativity. Check out these stellar ways to incorporate a loft bed into your space.

Low-Cost Lofting

Ikea Bedroom

Love a bargain? The STORÅ loft bed, which retails for $299, is a versatile wood option that will add utility to any room. The area below can do double duty as storage and living space with a small clothing rack tucked behind the bed and a couch stationed underneath.

Concealed Closet

Loft Bed Storage Idea

Many bedrooms in older homes and apartments don’t have ample closet space, and sometimes they have none at all. Fear not! You can turn the space underneath the bed into a walk-in closet big enough to fit all your stuff. Just install closet shelving, mount a rod, and conceal it all behind bold curtains.

Drop Ceiling

Small Bedroom Ideas

Suspending a loft from the ceiling rather than supporting it from the floor creates an open and airy feeling, and keeps the space below free of impediments. In the setup shown here, the suspended bed stays clear of the windows, allowing light to flood the room. It also serves to define the home office area and keeps this space perfectly accessible and inviting.

Easy Access

Loft Beds Stairs

The high ceilings in this sunny New York City loft allow plenty of space for two lofted beds upstairs—and a double staircase for access. The dead space underneath the ladders creates open storage for clothes and shoes, so you can fit everything you need within a few feet of your bed!

Tucked Away

Modern Bedroom

While this loft bed design doesn't afford much headroom, it does maximize the floor space without interrupting the flow of the room. With enough space for some artwork and a mattress, you'll have everything you really need—with the bonus of being right over the kitchen for late-night snacks! 

Zillow Digs home in Brooklyn, NY

Every Inch Counts

Loft Storage Ideas

This loft bed allows for some serious storage space underneath, from the double closet to the built-in wall shelving. If you're stuck in a small space and aren't ready to cut down on your stuff, a loft bed and recessed storage is a solid option to free up space.

Cozy and Quiet

Loft Bed Ideas

If you're craving your own slice of serenity, you might want to take a few tips from this Manhattan apartment. Minimalism, warm lighting, and cozy accents combine to create this welcoming nook. Up in the loft, the wood base and comforter are a calming white. A simple lamp and a few books add a touch of personality without overwhelming the small space.

Living Cube

Studio Apartment Design

The Living Cube consolidates several pieces of furniture into a single multipurpose living space. The structure combines a classic ladder and loft bed design with a space for your TV, bookshelves, a drop-down desk, closet, wardrobe, set of drawers, and a hidden room inside the box.

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