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Bob Vila Radio: The DIY Drain That Will Save You Thousands
Runoff from rain or melted snow can cause serious damage to your foundation and basement. The best solution to lead a...
The Easy Way to Waterproof Masonry Surfaces
For the last 50 years or so, new home foundations have almost always been made of concrete. Ranking among the toughes...
How To: Install a Sill Plate
Here's how to properly install a sill plate on top of a foundation wall. Sink anchor bolts into your foundation every...
How To: Measure Concrete
If you're pouring a concrete foundation, how do you figure out how much concrete you'll need? There's a pretty simple...
The Excavation and the Foundation
Before the building of an addition can begin, site preparation may be necessary. Are there any garden plants, shrubs,...
Garage Workshop Foundation and Slab
As with any structure, a new garage foundation plays a crucial role in the integrity of the building above: A quality...
Pre-Cast Foundation System
In Season Five of “Bob Vila's Home Again,” the popular “Cabin in the Woods” project showcased a unique array of innov...
Know Your Building Lot
In your mind you’ve got a dream house, but in reality you have a building lot. Before you get locked into a building ...
Get Down in Your Dirt
Foundations rest on soil, soil pushes against their sides, and wet soil pushes water and humidity against them, so it...
When a Chimney Tilts (A Foundation Problem Lurks Below)
It’s not something you really want to acknowledge. You tell yourself it’s an optical illusion, or clutch to the conso...
Concrete, Block, and Slab Foundations
When building a house, two main types of foundations are used: slab-on-grade or below-grade foundations with a baseme...
Planning for Soil Conditions and Setting the Footings
Bob introduces homeowner Howard Brickman. Steve Ivas, an environmental engineer, describes the area wetlands, which must be accommodated. Innovative building tech...
Preparing the Foundation
Todd LaBarge describes the ReddiForm block system used to create a one-step monolithic pour.
Pouring the Foundation and Starting the Walls
Bob and Howard discuss the concrete mesh used in the foundation that saved time and materials. Bob reviews the upcoming episode during which first floor walls ar...
Building a First-Floor Slab and Walls with Concrete
The home's concrete-slab floor is constructed with foam decking and connected to PEX tubing that will heat the home. The ReddiForm foam blocks enable a single con...
Building with Polystyrene Forms and Concrete
Bob explores innovative construction technologies – Insul-Tarp and ReddiForm polystyrene blocks – as the structure is reinforced and the first-floor walls start t...
Pumping Concrete to Make a Basement Floor
A slab is poured in the basement and work is underway to add two new dormers to the roof.
Replacing Sill, Repelling Insects and Rot, and Installing Sliding Doors With Custom Trim Molding
Damaged sill is replaced, the house is protected against insects and rot, and sliding doors with custom trim molding are installed.
Setting Aluminum Forms for Concrete Walls and Foundation
Cameron Parker shows Bob the Solid Wall System and explains how it works. Bob recaps the foundation process.
Reviewing the Work Involved in Building a Hurricane-Resistant Home
Bob meets with Leslie Chapman-Henderson from the Federal Alliance for Safe Housing (FLASH) and Randy Shackelford to discuss an assortment of storm-resistant roof ...
Discussing Hurricane Resistant Building and Stem Wall Construction
Bob meets with FLASH—Federal Alliance for Safe Housing and FEMA—Federal Emergency Management Agency, to learn how homeowners can protect their homes from damaging...
Site Work Preparing for Precast Foundation
Bob teams up with Michael Shiels, the project's general contractor, to discuss the foundation prep work that is underway.
Pre-cast Concrete Foundation Installation
Bob meets with Jim Costello from Superior Walls of America to discuss the difference between a pre-cast and a traditional poured-concrete foundation.
Advantages of a Pre-cast Foundation System
Chris Vila discusses the benefits of a factory-built foundation system with Mel Zimmerman of Superior Walls.
Preparing the Site for Modular Home Delivery
Bob reviews the site preparation process with the on-site contractor, Michael Sheils.
Manufacturing Marble Kitchen Countertops
Evan Zgonis of Olympia Marble and Granite gives Bob a tour of the facility where the kitchen countertops being used in the modern Colonial house are manufactured.
First Floor Framing and Barn Renovation/Demolition
Bob tours the first floor of the house, then turns his attention to the family room addition. Demolition has taken place in the barn, where a concrete floor has r...
Laying Precast Foundation System and Discussing Engineered Wood
Carpenter Bob Ryley meets with Jim Whiteside, construction manager with Habitat for Humanity, and Dennis Hodgrin of APA.
Prepping for Pouring Concrete
Bob confers with concrete specialist Phil Truit, whose team is pouring a concrete slab floor into an existing building.
Pouring a Concrete Slab
As concrete specialist Phil Truit oversees the pouring of a concrete slab floor into the basement of an existing home, he explains the complex process to Bob, who...
Inspecting the Concrete Slab in the Basement
Carpenter Bob Ryley and contractor Mike Wescott inspect the basement concrete slab, then go over other construction details in the basement.
Digging the Water Trench and Installing Insulation
An excavation specialist, working under the oversight of a city inspector, digs the trench for new water service to the accessible home. Inside, contractors are a...
House Five: Queen Anne Victorian Porch Restoration
Bob meets with Judy Lee, the owner of the fifth Elmwood project house. The front porch, built in 1892, must be replaced.
Porch Restoration: Custom Reproduction Moldings and Chatsworth's Columns
Porch restoration continues on the fifth Elmwood project house, with Forester Moulding and Lumber re-milling many porch elements.
Pouring Concrete for the Home Addition
Bob watches a concrete slab foor being poured, and looks on as sets of insulated forms are filled with concrete to make walls.
Pouring the Slab
Bob watches as contractors pour and finish the slab for the addition.
Pouring a Concrete Floor
Bob watches over a fresh strip of concrete being poured between two existing slabs.
Patio Plan and Demolition
Bob meets with the contractor to take down the old patio slab and lay out the new one.
Swimming Pool Construction
Larry Long (from Anthony & Sylvan Pools) explains the excavation and preliminary work of building a new pool. Reinforcing rods are used to help the concrete hold ...
Foundation Excavation and Formwork
Bob and contractor Paul Morse review the excavations and formwork for the foundation.
Home Foundation Inspection
Bob meets with the contractor to inspect the poured footings and discuss the pouring process. Next, Bob helps install the sill plate and explains the various type...
Building a Deck and Stairs
Bob meets with contractor Bill Wilcox to help build a landing and steps up to the French doors. Bob reviews the footings that support the deck, as well as the met...
Budget Landscaping
Landscape designer Ruth Foster explains her choices for the foundation plantings and her cost-saving measures.
Foundation Layout
The foundation has been hand-dug and the forms laid for the footings. Bob and contractor Bob Ryley discuss the layout of the greenhouse foundation and framing.
Pouring the Concrete Foundation
Bob watches as the crew prepares the footings for the greenhouse foundation. Contractor John Pratt pours the concrete, using a conveyor instead of a traditional p...
Attaching Steel Support Beams to the Foundation
The structural steel supports are delivered and while Bob discusses the supports' unique construction, contractor Bob Ryley drills the necessary holes for the sup...
Precast Foundation System
Bob discusses a new foundation system that doesn't require a concrete truck being on site.
Installing the Precast Foundation
The basement walls are lifted into place and secured. This system is ideal for cold weather installation as the concrete is already cured before delivery. The pre...
Pouring the Cement Caissons
To provide structural support in the new Malibu beach house, holes are dug in the beach and the new cement caissons are poured.
Demolition Continues
Bob reviews the newly completed caissons with the architects, and demolition continues with the removal of a tree from the courtyard.
Installing the Barrel Tile Roof
Contractor Joe Fitzgerald explains the installation process for the authentic barrel tile roof. Bob then gives comedian Tim Allen some expert help pouring a new g...
Excavating and Building the Foundation
Bob pays a visit to the site as work on the foundation gets underway. Once the excavation is complete, the forms (for the poured concrete) are assembled and put i...
Discussing the Poured-In Concrete Insulated Form System
Bob meets with Lars Anderson (from Owens Corning) to discuss the Lite-Form Insulating System used in the garage's foundation. The forms are pre-assembled and tied...
Pouring Concrete for the Foundation
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley discuss the pouring of concrete into Styrofoam forms for the foundation. The mix is slightly more liquid than most. While the increas...
Discussing the Concrete Block Foundation
Bob meets with contractor John Clancy to discuss building the concrete block foundation.
Home Addition and Construction Timeline
Bob remarks on how much progress has been made in one week of work on the Wayland project home. The footings have been established and the crew has begun building...
Excavating the Basement
The excavation crew digs out the dense clay material in the basement to clear the way for a cement slab floor.
Pouring the Basement Slab
The concrete basement floor is poured, leveled, and screeded.
Designs and Pouring the Foundation
Bob meets with the architect to go over plans for the Cape-style house, before heading to the site to observe the pouring of the foundation.
Discussing the Basement Renovation
Ron Gan and architect Bill Bauhs talk over the budget and convince Bob to renovate the basement.
Discussing Plans for the Basement
Bob joins architect Mike Morgan and general contractor Ron Gan in the basement of the coach house to discuss options for making the basement space useful and/or m...
Basement Excavation
Bob takes a quick tour of the demolition work that's ongoing in the basement. He and general contractor Ron Gan discuss the advantages of renovation over rebuildi...
Garage Construction
The concrete floor has been poured in the basement, and general contractor Ron Gan explains how a ledger board is attached to the masonry wall to support ceiling ...
Constructing the Stem-Wall Foundation
Bob meets with Askia Aquil of the St. Petersburg Neighborhood Housing Services to talk about the upcoming project, taking place in a revitalizing area. Next, Bob ...
Plans for the Multi-Level Backyard Deck
The extensive new deck will have multiple levels and various sections. General contractor Tim Berky digs holes for the footings before setting them in concrete.
Demolition and Reconstruction of Victorian Foundation
General contractor Tim Berky updates Bob on progress since the footing for the new foundation was poured and repairs to the original foundation were made.
Excavation and Foundation Work
Bob joins general contractor Tim Berky to hear how the foundation and footing will be handled for the Victorian kitchen remodel and deck addition.
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