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How To: Repair Concrete Steps
For construction professionals and homeowners alike, concrete offers many appealing qualities, but there may be none ...
How To: Install Carpeting on Stairs
Showcase the beauty of wood stairs without sacrificing the comfort of carpet with this clever compromise: a carpet ru...
Quick Tip: Mix Sand with Paint for Non-Slip Surfaces
Slippery when wet: Those words of caution may be most familiar in the context of hospital and airport floors, but the...
Bob Vila Radio: Safer Basement Stairs Prevent Mishaps
If you're aiming to reduce the risk of accidents in your home, one good place to start is your basement stairs. Here ...
The Next Level: 14 Stair Railings to Elevate Your Home Design
A staircase railing is not just a safety feature. The newels, balusters, and railings of a staircase can make a real design statement and bring a sense of style t...
Stairs with a Twist: 11 Spiral Designs You'll Love
If you've always admired the the fun-loving spirit of a spiral staircase but lacked the proper space—or perhaps the courage—to install one yourself, draw inspirat...
How To: Build a Winding Staircase
If space is a consideration in your remodeling project, you might want to consider building a winding staircase.  You...
15 Clever Uses for the Space Under the Stairs
Creative solutions, ranging from sneaky storage to an extra bathroom, tackle the home's trickiest triangle.
Bob Vila Radio: Exterior Handrails
Unless your home is at exactly ground level, you probably have a step or two up to your door. High ranches and coloni...
Weekend Projects: 5 Tricks for Enhancing Hallways and Stairs
As conduits between the different levels and rooms of your home, staircases and hallways are self-effacing and strang...
Dream It, Do It: How to Paint a Staircase
As the times changed, so did my design style. When it became clear that my stairs needed an upgrade, and I was unable...
Trending Now: Painted Stairs
Looking for a way to liven up a drab set of stairs? You might want to pick up some paint.
Bob Vila Radio: Removing Banisters
If you're putting off giving your front hall a facelift because re-finishing or re-painting the banister and baluster...
How To: Build Stairs
Want to know how to build stairs? In many ways, the task of laying out a staircase resembles that of rafter layout. T...
In Step with the Times: A Case for Updating Your Stairs
It's easy to take the staircase for granted, at least until a problem arises. But as one of a home's finest architect...
A Step-by-Step Solution: Pre-Cut Treads and Risers
In the world of DIY, it is the step-by-steps that detail a solution to a problem or project. In my case, it was the s...
Second-Floor Plans, Door Demolition, and Staircase Disassembly
Bob goes over plans for the second floor with architect Gregory Rochlin and then joins carpenter Bob Ryley for meticulous demolition and disassembly work.
Touring the Home Interior
Bob and architect Gregory Rochlin tour the interior of Bob's 100-year-old Shingle Style home in Cambridge, MA.
Building a Kitchen Staircase
Furniture maker Todd Allen builds a staircase from scratch, which will run from the basement to the kitchen, using a technique that is a couple of centuries old.
Completing the Basement Finishing System and Repairing the Basement Stairs
Bob talks with Owens Corning experts about the basement finishing system and discusses staircase repairs.
Replacing the Gutters, Trimming a Tree, and Creating a Low-Maintenance Front Yard
Old gutters are replaced and external landscaping continues with the trimming of a tree, installing a front garden, and creating steps from recycled granite.
Safety Railing Installation
An ironworker secures the rooftop deck's safety railing to its footings. Then, Bob meets with the window installer who is putting frosted thermal glass walls on t...
Finishing the Façade & Touring the Completed Apartments
Bob gets a final status update on the restoration of the façade, as the ground-floor commercial storefront undergoes construction and the bluestone steps are laid...
Building a Custom Modular Staircase
Bob meets with Thomas "Doc" Dougherty, the stair builder at Simplex Industries, to confer about the custom staircase Doc is building for the modular home.
Elm Court Stair Hall
Bob meets with Bob and Sonya Berle on one of the many staircases at Elm Court.
Building Wooden Stairs in the Front Hall
Interior carpenter John Kiley is building the staircase in the front hall.
Building Wooden Stairs in the Front Hall Continued
Interior carpenter John Kiley continues to build the staircase in the front hall of the modern Colonial.
Picket Fence Installation
Jay Triandafilou and a crew from Architectural Fence are on location to install the exterior fence.
Building the Foyer Staircase
Bob visits with carpenter Mark Fortunati, who is building a traditional-looking staircase in the foyer.
First Floor Framing and Barn Renovation/Demolition
Bob tours the first floor of the house, then turns his attention to the family room addition. Demolition has taken place in the barn, where a concrete floor has r...
Staircase Installation
Jeff King and Dale Pitt (from Port City Staircase) deliver and install a pre-built staircase, which they place between the first and second floor of the project h...
Installing Stair Handrails and Balusters
Contractors install the stair railing and balusters, and carpenter Bob Ryley describes the techniques, and the various checks and balances, used to make sure the ...
Progress Report on the Loft Common Areas
Developer Neal Gold gives Bob a progress report on the work underway in the common areas of the building.
Tour of the Building in Boston's Leather District
Bob tours the restored façade, and the updated common areas, of the building.
Building Temporary Stairs
Bob joins a carpenter at the site of accessible home in Roxbury, MA to look over the construction of a temporary exterior safety stairs.
Building a Porch Railing
Carpenter Bob Ryley and George (from Crosswinds Enterprises) collaborate to build a porch railing for the accessible home. Looking on, Bob discusses the building ...
Installing Steel Stair Stringers for the Bulkhead
Installer Juan Gonsalves shows Bob how to install steel stair stringers.
Installing a Bathroom Grab Rail
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley put up a grab bar in the bathroom to facilitate a wheelchair-bound person's maneuvering.
Installing a Railing on the Hot Tub Deck
Carpenter Bob Ryley helps install the new railing on the hot tub deck.
Porch Railing and Screen Door Installation
Carpenter Bob Ryley helps install a new porch railing and new screen doors. An underground sprinkler system is also installed.
Final Tour of the Restored "Bench" Porch House
Bob tours the finished house, the fifth in the Elmwood neighborhood project. Better grading and gutters have been added to prevent future water damage.
House Six: Portico Restoration, Hardscaping, and Landscaping
Bob meets the owners of the sixth Elmwood neighborhod project house and reviews the proposed portico plans. Built in 1892, the Victorian home needs a new front po...
Installing a Brick Walkway and Porch Lighting, and Milling the Railings and Balusters
Contractors put in the brick walkway. Forester Moulding and Lumber replicates the porch railings and balusters. Also, new security and sprinkler systems are insta...
Installing Sprinkler System and Replicating Porch Balusters & Railing
For the side porch to be sturdy, it will need additional support. An underground sprinkler system is installed and replicating old railings is discussed.
Landscaping, Front Column Installation, and Home Security System
Landscaping work continues, as the new security system is installed and the reproduction railing is going into place on the front porch.
Painting Shingles and Shutters, Landscaping, and Hardscaping
Contractors put the finishing touches on the front porch by adding new Yellow Pine shutters and a coat of Sherwin Williams latex paint to the exterior.
Building a Deck and Stairs
Bob meets with contractor Bill Wilcox to help build a landing and steps up to the French doors. Bob reviews the footings that support the deck, as well as the met...
Nathaniel Russell House Tour
Bob takes a tour of the historic, spectacular home of Nathaniel Russell, one of Charleston's wealthiest Colonial merchants. Bob discusses the architecture and dec...
Front Porch Work
Bob reviews the progress being made on the front of the house and, with restoration contractor Richard Marks, discusses the original brick and masonry work.
Building the Staircase
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley build and install the stairs between the first and second story. Ryley explains the math involved in building a staircase and the pro...
Framing the Winding Staircase
Bob meets the framing sub-contractor, Ron Gates, and the two discuss framing the 18-step winding staircase, as well as the work of framing, in general.
Building Wooden Stairs
Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley cut and install stairs leading to the garage's storage area. After securing the framework and stringers, the two move on to adding ...
Stair Rail Construction
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley install a railing for the stairs to the upper floor.
Creating the Porch Railings and Balusters
After reviewing the final stages of the septic system installation, Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley install the decorative porch railings and balusters that Ryley ...
Progress Update and Pedestal Sink Installation
Bob reviews progress in the kitchen, where pantry space and a tin ceiling have been installed, and where contractor Bob Ryley continues working on the staircase. ...
Building Basement Stairs
Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley plan and build a new staircase. Ryley explains the "rise over run" rule in designing stairs and measures the dimensions of the area.
Applying Rubber Roofing and Flashing
The crew is on the new roof deck applying a rubber roofing material. A thin layer of adhesive is applied and allowed to set before the the rubber is rolled into p...
Building the Porch Rail
The carpenter shows Bob the new railing on the deck off the master bedroom, explaining that code requires that it be 36 inches tall. The carpenter then builds a p...
Building a Custom Stair Railing
The carpenter explains details of the stair railing to Bob. For example, using a mortise joint adds strength and rigidity to the railing, while using a biscuit jo...
Touring the Exterior and Entry
Bob tours the exterior of the project home, focusing on the architectural detail and final landscape design. He then moves inside to review the custom stair raili...
Building the First Floor Staircase
Bob assists carpentry contractor Bob Ryley, as he builds a staircase from the first floor.
A Sail-Wire Stair Rail and Rag-Painting the Basement
General contractor Ron Gan assembles an unusual “sail-wire” stair railing and decorator Christine Smyth rag-paints a basement wall.
Building Winding Stairs
Carpenter John Pringle demonstrates a simple way to build a set of winding stairs.
Installing an Iron Staircase
Ironmonger Frank Szablewski constructs an iron staircase and balcony entryway outside the front door.
Installing Cedar Deck Railings
General contractor Tim Berky is building the cedar deck railings, first by notching the edge board to receive posts, then by fitting one post into each notch. Onc...
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