15 Large and Spooky Halloween Decorations for the Front Yard

Transform your home into the ultimate haunting ground with these show-stopping pieces.

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As October’s chill sets in, many eagerly anticipate the spooky celebrations ahead. Your front yard is the perfect place to showcase your Halloween spirit—but why settle for subtle when you can make a grand, spine-chilling statement? From towering ghouls to mystical creatures, this curated list will highlight our absolute favorite large Halloween decorations of the season. Whether you’re aiming for kid-friendly decor or all-out horror, dive in and discover how to craft a Halloween scene.

But hurry: These lifesize and larger products tend to go out of stock quickly and likely won’t stick around through the week of Halloween.

1. 12-Foot Giant-Size Skeleton

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option 12 ft Giant-Sized Skeleton
Photo: homedepot.com

We couldn’t write a list of the best front yard Halloween decorations without including The Home Depot’s iconic 12-foot skeleton. Since it debuted, it consistently sells out every year, with many joining a waitlist in an attempt to snag one for their yards. The current version has animated LCD eyes that add a whole new level of creepiness. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use, but you’d need cathedral ceilings to make it work inside! This item tends to go out of stock, so sign up to be notified when it returns.

Get the 12-Foot Skeleton at The Home Depot for $299 (in stores only)

2. Ocato 200-Inch Halloween Spider Web

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option Ocato 200 Halloween Spider Web
Photo: amazon.com

Looking for an affordable decoration that makes a big impact? Ocato’s enormous spiderweb decoration makes a perfect centerpiece for your yard. The 200-inch triangular spider web is paired with a lifelike 59-inch spider with haunting red eyes and a black furry body. It may be the stuff of nightmares, but its flexible legs and sturdy web make decorating a breeze.

Get the 200-Inch Spider Web at Amazon for $25.99 (Save $14)

3. 12-Foot Halloween Inflatable Blow-Up Ghost 

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option 12 ft. Halloween Inflatable Blow Up Ghost
Photo: homedepot.com

Let the haunting begin! Ghosts are a perennial staple when it comes to Halloween decorations, and this option from The Home Depot makes a great addition to cast an eerie glow over your yard this October. Crafted from durable, waterproof 190T polyester with internal sandbags to ensure stability, this product is built to withstand bad weather.

Get the 12-Foot Blow-Up Ghost at The Home Depot for $99

4. 5-Foot Printed Fabric Collapsible Coffin

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option 5 Ft Printed Fabric Collapsible Coffin
Photo: spirithalloween.com

Add a chilling touch to your Halloween decor this season with this 60-inch faux-wood fabric coffin. Whether it’s for summoning zombies or housing vampires, this coffin promises to be the centerpiece of fright night. Since it’s crafted from durable polyester, it’s simple to spot-clean and easy to store.

Get the 5-Foot Collapsible Coffin at Spirit Halloween for $36.99

5. 8-Foot Giant Animated Scarecrow Pumpkin

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option 8FT Giant Animated Scarecrow Pumpkin
Photo: halloweencostumes.com

Towering over your garden or doorstep, the tattered attire and eerily glowing eyes of this 8-foot pumpkin-headed scarecrow promise to cause scares. While he may cause crows to scatter, he’s also sure to scare little ones and the faint of heart. When powered on, his arms and torso move, creating an even more chilling effect.

Get the 8-Foot Animated Scarecrow at Halloween Costumes for $249.99

6. Joiedomi Halloween 8-Foot Inflatable Skeleton Dinosaur

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option Joiedomi Halloween 8 FT Inflatable Skeleton Dinosaur
Photo: amazon.com

If you have little ones at home and are looking for a large-scale decoration that isn’t too spooky, consider this 8-foot inflatable skeleton dinosaur from Amazon. Equipped with a witch’s hat and a trick-or-treating bucket to complete his ensemble, this decor piece comes with a built-in pump to make installation a breeze. Just a quick plug into to an outlet and it will start drawing attention from your neighbors within minutes.

Get the 8-Foot Inflatable Skeleton Dinosaur at Amazon for $62.99

7. Joiedomi 2-Pack Huge Halloween Inflatable Green Eyeball

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option Joiedomi 2 Pack Huge Halloween Inflatable Green Eyeball
Photo: amazon.com

Make passersby do a double-take with this pair of eerie inflatable eyeballs. At three feet in diameter, each eye casts an unsettling glow with its bright LED light, ensuring they stand out even on the darkest nights. Just plug them in and watch them self-inflate, turning your yard into a watchful entity that won’t be overlooked.

Get the 2-Pack Huge Inflatable Green Eyeballs at Amazon for $49.99

8. 8-Foot Giant-Size Spider

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option 8 ft. Giant-Sized Spider
Photo: homedepot.com

When choosing Halloween decorations for the front yard, what could be more terrifying than a gigantic spider? At 8 feet wide, this monstrosity is sure to give your neighbors the creeps. It’s equipped with motion sensors and emits terrifying sounds whenever someone walks by, making it perfect for giving trick-or-treaters a jump scare.

Get the 8-Foot Spider at The Home Depot for $299 (in stores only)

9. 20-Foot Snake Inflatable Decoration

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option 20 Ft. Snake Inflatable Decoration
Photo: spirithalloween.com

Uncoil a new level of terror this Halloween with this massive 20-foot snake inflatable. It expands to full size within minutes so it’s ready to startle and fascinate guests and passersby alike. With its inner lights casting a haunting glow, this oversize serpent will ensure that your yard becomes the talk of the town this Halloween.

Get the 20-Foot Snake at Spirit Halloween for $104.99 (Save $45)

10. Disney 6-Foot Lighted Hitchhiking Ghosts Inflatable

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option Disney 6-ft Lighted Hitchhiking Ghosts Inflatable
Photo: lowes.com

The Haunted Mansion is a perennial favorite ride at Walt Disney theme parks, and in 2023, it was adapted into a feature film, so now is the perfect time to snag some themed decorations for your yard. This 6-foot inflatable features three iconic characters from the ride—the hitchhiking ghosts who appear to have hopped into the rider’s doom buggy.

Get the 6-Foot Hitchhiking Ghosts Inflatable at Lowe’s for $83.40 (Save $55.60)

11. 6-Foot LED Animatronic Kicking Witch Legs in Cauldron Inflatable

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option 6 ft. LED Animatronic Kicking Witch Legs in Cauldron Inflatable
Photo: homedepot.com

Stir up some Halloween fun with this playful inflatable. Featuring a witch who has fallen headfirst into her bubbling cauldron, the decoration kicks its legs in a way that’s sure to delight onlookers. Measuring 6 feet high, it’s self-inflating and durable enough to be used outdoors but can also be set up inside for your next Halloween party.

Get the 6-Foot Cauldron with Kicking Witch Legs at The Home Depot for $129

12. Disney Animated Projection Ursula Inflatable

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option Disney Animated Projection Ursula Inflatable
Photo: wayfair.com

Ursula from The Little Mermaid is surely one of the scariest villains that Disney has ever conceived, and this oversize inflatable is sure to spook even the bravest trick-or-treaters. With writhing tentacles and a haunting flame effect across her body, this 6-foot sea witch creates a dynamic display in any yard. Set-up is a cinch thanks to included stakes and tethers .

Get the Ursula Inflatable at Wayfair for $225.74 (Save $54.25)

13. 13.5-Foot LED Oogie Boogie Archway Inflatable

Best Large Halloween Decoration Option 13.5 ft. LED Oogie Boogie Archway Inflatable
Photo: homedepot.com

Create the perfect entrance to your home this Halloween with this huge 13.5-foot Oogie Boogie inflatable archway. Fans of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas are sure to recognize the character with his eerie neon green glow and iconic red dice. Plug it in, watch it rise, and let the frights begin!

Get the 13.5-Foot Oogie Boogie Archway at The Home Depot for $179

14. Halloween Light-Up Animated Zombie Groundbreaker

Life-Size Animated Zombie for Lawn Is One of the Best Large Halloween Decorations from Amazon
Photo: amazon.com

Give trick-or-treaters a true fright with this light-up animated zombie. This outdoor-ready Halloween climbing groundbreaker is motion- and sound-activated, so it’s sure to scare anyone who dares get close. With flashing eyes and spooky sounds, your new 63-inch long undead friend will transform your regular yard into a graveyard and is also perfect for parties, patios, and balconies.

Get the Animated Zombie at Amazon for $19.99 (Save $10)

15. 56-Inch Triumpeek Halloween Inflatable Cooler

Large Inflatable Halloween Ice Bucket with a Cactus Shape and Witch Hat
Photo: amazon.com

Nothing says unique like a part cooler, part inflatable Halloween decor Jack-o’-lantern that’s also a cactus adorned with a witch hat! At just under 4 feet tall with a cooler diameter of nearly 24 inches, this sturdy PVC inflatable cooler brings plenty of energy and utility to any party.

Get the 4-Foot Inflatable Ice Bucket at Amazon for $17.99 (Save $6)

The prices listed here are accurate as of an October 11, 2023 update.

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