Bob Vila Radio: Beadboard

When industrial sawmills started cranking it out in the late 19th century, beadboard came on the scene as a quick and easy way to get a polished, pleasing finish over large areas in one easy and inexpensive step. We’re still in love with it today, only now it’s even easier to use.

Beadboard Ceiling



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Real beadboard is solid wood milled with a tongue and groove and a bead detail down the middle that gives a 6″ board the look of two 3″ boards. New beadboard paneling, on the other hand, is plywood sheets with the same detail milled into the face, so it goes up that much faster.

Besides its obvious usefulness as wainscoting, I’ve seen beadboard paneling used with stock trim to great success on lots of projects you could do in a weekend. A headboard for the master bedroom, a new kitchen backsplash, cabinet doors, knee walls in the attic, window seats or the back panel of a bookcase… anything you can build with plywood, with a little character added.

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