Bob Vila Radio: Vampire Appliances

By Roseann Foley Henry | Updated Feb 10, 2016 12:43 PM

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That faint sucking sound you hear may be vampire appliances draining electricity from your walls. Vampires are electronics and appliances that consume power even when they’re turned off.




Listen to BOB VILA ON VAMPIRE APPLIANCES or read the text below:

Anything with a clock, digital display, or a remote control is always on, even when you may think it’s off. Drive a stake into these household vampires with a few good habits.

First, unplug rarely used appliances, like that microwave that you use for just two minutes a day. And don’t leave your phone charger or game charger plugged in when you’re not actually recharging anything.

Next, power down office equipment and video game systems—notorious watt-suckers—when not in use.

Invest in smart power strips, which can shut off power to electronics when they’re in standby mode, or even shut down peripherals when you turn off your computer.

Sure, vampires account for only a small portion of your electric bill. But even if it’s less than five percent, multiply that by 115 million U.S. households, and we’re talking serious energy savings. Do your part, be energy smart.

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