Bob Vila Radio: The Right Caulk for the Job

Rather than settle for an all-purpose product, choose a caulk specifically designed for the type of project you're tackling.

Few items in the toolbox can help you out more than a caulk gun. And one thing you may not know is that, even though lots of manufacturers offer “do it all” caulk, you’re likely to get better results with a product formulated especially for the task at hand.

Choosing the Right Caulk


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For example, caulks for kitchens and baths contain added ingredients that fight mildew, while adhesive caulks are great for joining materials. Window and door caulks, meanwhile, excel in sealing unwanted openings.

And what about concrete sealant? There’s nothing better to fill the cracks that show up in sidewalks and driveways. Still other options include asphalt sealant and gutter and flashing sealant. There’s even a specialty caulk designed to help block the spread of fire.

So next time you head to the home center to pick up some caulk, make sure you allow a little extra time to look for the product that’ll give you the best performance.

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