How to Make Your House Smell Like You Don’t Have Pets

Pet owners don't have to live with the funky odors their furry friends produce. These smell-expelling, odor-ousting products will help you make them—and your home—less stinky.
eliminate pet odor

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Show us a person with a pet—a freewheeling, fun-loving ferret, an adorable corgi, or a cuddly “chonker” of a cat—and we’ll show you someone who lives in a smelly home. As much as we treasure our animal companions, they can put our olfactory organs through some rough stuff. The worst part is that after living with our companion creatures for a while, we become “nose-blind” to exactly how badly their offending odors permeate the whole house.

Luckily, there are loads of practical, pet-safe solutions that will keep the stink from your space and help your animal friend stay sweet-smelling.

1. Shark Air Purifier 4 with Anti-Allergen Multi-Filter

Got a menagerie of multiple, malodorous animals? Have more money than time (or patience) to try product after product—and just don’t feel like messing around? Choose this powerful HEPA air purifier that clears 99.97% of odors, allergens, dust, and dander from a 1,000-square foot area.

A proprietary sensor system monitors your pets’ current peee-you output, then auto-adjusts its four high-speed micro fans in response. Real-time feedback means you’re always kept apprised of the air quality in your home.

Get the Shark Air Purifier 4 with Anti-Allergen Multi-Filter at Walmart for $267

2. Nature’s Miracle Just For Cats Advanced Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box

Is it possible to toilet train a cat? Yes. Is it advisable? That’s still up for debate. In the meantime, just do yourself a, err, solid—sorry—and get a hooded, high-sided, corner cat box like this one from Nature’s Miracle. The shape is space-saving, the surface is non-stick and anti-microbial, and there’s a replaceable charcoal filter for extra odor protection. Plus, the cover protects your kitty’s privacy while keeping litter in its place.

Get the Nature’s Miracle Just For Cats Advanced Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box at Chewy for $37.78

3. Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cedar/Pine/Corn Multiple Cats Clumping Natural Cat Litter

Speaking of litter, you’re not still using that awful, artificially scented clay stuff, are you? Ooof. OK, time to upgrade. May we suggest this nearly natural, lightweight, clumping variety from trusted animal-product manufacturer Purina? Weighing in at just 12 pounds, it offers the same number of uses as a box of clumping clay litter that’s twice as heavy. Devoted users claim that it clumps quickly, absorbs a lot, and fights back against foul feline smells with the natural scents of pine and cedar.

Get the Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cedar/Pine/Corn Multiple Cats Clumping Natural Cat Litter at Target for $9.49

4. One Fur All – Pet Odor Eliminator Natural Soy Wax Candle

Improve your home’s atmosphere and ambiance by lighting a candle that’s beautiful, clean-burning, and odor-banishing. Unlike some candles and air fresheners that are heavily scented cover-ups, this one actually contains an odor eliminator in addition to tempting scents like apple cider, bamboo watermint, candy cane, and caramel latte—making it the best of both worlds.

This all-natural soy wax candle from Pet House would make a fabulous gift for all your favorite animal friends and their humans.

 One Fur All Pet Odor Eliminator Natural Soy Wax Candle at Amazon for $21.99

5. Rocco & Roxie Enzymatic Stain & Odor Eliminator

You’ve probably heard of enzymatic cleaners; you might even have one under your sink or in your cleaning closet. But just what are they?

Enzymes are designed to break down unwanted waste—like soil, stain, and smells—and turn it into “food” for bacteria to consume. Essentially, a cleaner that contains them uses natural processes to quickly and effectively remove all the yucky stuff from just about anywhere.

This spray version from Rocco & Roxie, which is non-toxic for pets and people, has over 75,000 Amazon reviews, is 100 percent guaranteed by the retailer, and also made our list of the best pet stain removers.

Get the Rocco & Roxie Enzymatic Stain & Odor Eliminator at Amazon for $17.97

6. Zero Odor – Pet Odor Eliminator Spray (BBB)

Maybe you don’t have a problem with un-housebroken puppies or territorial young tomcats, so you’re not really concerned with urine and its removal. Perhaps you simply have a naturally flatulent pet, or you’ve done all you can do but the air is still odiferous. Have you ever said to yourself, “Gee, I wish my house had zero odor”?

Well, now it can, literally and figuratively. Zero Odor Pet Odor Eliminator Spray keeps its eponymous promise. How? It has special stink-seeking properties that allow it to find, attach itself to, and eventually lock away pet odor—not unlike an invisible, fine-mist version of a U.S. Marshal.

Get the Zero Odor Pet Odor Eliminator Spray at Bed Bath & Beyond for $15.99.

7. Carefresh Small Animal Bedding

Calling all pet parents who hear the pitter-patter of little critter feet—but only when they’re listening closely. Small animals like bunnies, hamsters, and guinea pigs need different supplies than their larger counterparts. To wit, this confetti bedding from Carefresh.

Made of a proprietary compostable, sustainable material called “Comfyfluff” (doesn’t that sound soft and lovely to sleep in?), the Carefresh bedding is 99 percent dust-free and offers up to 10 days of odor control for your littlest snugglers, too.

Get the Carefresh Small Animal Bedding (10 liters) at Amazon for $9.99

8. Marshall Pet Products Goodbye Odor Natural Deodorizing Water Supplement, for Ferrets and Small Animals

Ferrets are slinky—and stinky. They’re naturally musky and they require a fair amount of grooming; pay particular attention to their ears, which get dirty (and smelly) fast. Devote time every day or two to keeping their bedding, cages, and litter box clean to stop the stench before it starts.

An “unfixed” ferret is going to be funkier than a spayed or neutered one, so take care of your own personal pet population first and foremost. Another way to fight the foul odor is by using a supplement. Marshall’s Goodbye Odor’s ferret-friendly formulation contains amino acids that break down urine, feces, and secretions to keep smell at bay. Simply add it to your friend’s food or water each day.

Get the Marshall Pet Products Goodbye Odor for Ferrets at Chewy for $7.99.

9. EcoBio-Block EcoBio-Stone

Aquarium owners know that the key to a clean, healthy, algae-free environment for their tetra, goldfish, and other finned friends is regular fish tank upkeep—and maybe some algae eaters. But you can also decorate your tank and introduce beneficial bacteria for up to two years with EcoBio-Stones. Safe for all types of tanks (and their tenants), these nifty rocks speed up the nitrogen cycle and keep the water clear, resulting in a fresher-smelling aquarium.

Get the EcoBio-Block EcoBio-Stone, Medium at Amazon for $16.20

10. Atsko Sport-Wash Laundry Detergent

Those in the know call Sport-Wash a well-kept secret weapon against smells. What makes this laundry detergent special, besides its bright orange bottle? It banishes biological odors and leaves behind no residue. Hunters love it because it strips out all scents and the UV glow from fabric “brighteners,” both of which game could potentially detect. Parents of babies like the way it returns cotton diapers to clean freshness, while still being kind to sensitive skin. And athletes appreciate how Sport-Wash restores wicking, breathability, and waterproof qualities to high-performance fabrics.

If it’s gentle enough for a baby’s butt but strong enough for a biathlete, it should help annihilate animal odors from well-used bedding, too.

Get the Atsko Sport-Wash Laundry Detergent at Walmart for $12.67.

All prices are current as of publication on December 17, 2021.