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Solved! How Does SimpliSafe Work?

SimpliSafe is a combination home security system that allows customers to choose and install their own equipment, then opt for professional monitoring without long-term contracts.
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How Does SimpliSafe Work

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Q: I’d really like to get a home security system, but I don’t like the idea of people all over my home installing equipment that I don’t know about. I’ve heard SimpliSafe is a DIY option, but how does it work? Is it as good as a traditional system?

A: SimpliSafe is considered of the best home security systems, and for good reason. Customers can install the equipment themselves and choose between self-monitoring or professional monitoring. This makes SimpliSafe a true DIY security system.

Customers will select the types of equipment they prefer and install it themselves. Then they’ll choose the monitoring plan that works best with their budget and security needs; both options incur a monthly fee, but there is no contract, so the customer can change their mind about the level of monitoring they’d like at any time and cancel without a penalty if they decide they no longer need the service.

Customers can use the SimpliSafe smartphone app to control the system, arm and disarm, allow entry, and keep track of alerts and video notifications, which allows them to control and check the system no matter where they are in the world. SimpliSafe also works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri to make controlling the system even easier. Potential customers can learn more about how SimpliSafe works to determine whether it’s a good fit for their home.

Need a home security system? SimpliSafe can help. With a comprehensive whole-house solution, you can be prepared for the unexpected. View SimpliSafe systems and prices.

SimpliSafe is a contract-free DIY alarm system.

How Does SimpliSafe Work
Photo: simplisafe.com

Some home security systems require customers to sign a contract. As a result, the customer is then locked into a contract for monthly monitoring plus the installment payments on the equipment (if they finance it) for that period of time. While for some people the hassle-free professional installation of the equipment is worth the contract, others find the contracts too expensive and unnecessarily binding—if the customer wants to cancel their contract, they’ll likely have to pay for the remainder of the equipment costs in addition to a hefty cancellation fee.

Because SimpliSafe equipment is installed by the customer, there’s no installation fee and the equipment is paid for up front. Customers aren’t required to sign a monitoring contract, which means they can cancel whenever they like without worrying about paying a penalty. This truly makes SimpliSafe one of the best DIY security systems on the market.

SimpliSafe offers relatively affordable professional monitoring plans.

Understanding that different customers have different monitoring needs (and budgets), SimpliSafe offers three straightforward monitoring options:

  • Fast Protect Professional Monitoring includes 24/7 police, fire, and ambulance dispatch; two-way communication that allows the SimpliSafe agent to communicate with intruders in real-time to deter them; live view on all cameras and unlimited camera recording; visual alarm verification; water damage and temperature monitoring; a built-in cellular connection; and a lifetime warranty on hardware. This plan costs $0.99 per day, or around $30 per month.
  • Standard Monitoring includes professional monitoring services with 24/7 emergency dispatch, HD live view on all cameras, and an extended warranty. This plan costs $0.66 per day, or around $20 per month.
  • Self-Monitoring with Camera Recordings offers unlimited camera recordings, 30-day cloud storage, self-monitoring through the mobile app, and a hardware warranty of up to 3 years total. This plan costs $0.33 per day, or around $10 per month.

Customers can choose the plan that works best for their home. Even if a customer chooses the top-level professional monitoring plan, SimpliSafe monthly costs are relatively low compared to other security systems on the market.

Need a home security system? SimpliSafe can help. With a comprehensive whole-house solution, you can be prepared for the unexpected. View SimpliSafe systems and prices.

How Does SimpliSafe Work
Photo: simplisafe.com

SimpliSafe does not necessarily require a Wi-Fi system to work, as it works on a cellular connection.

Many traditional home security systems use hardwired landlines to monitor the home. With the decrease in landlines in favor of cellular phone service, others have shifted to using the home’s Wi-Fi system to monitor, with upgradable equipment to use cellular monitoring if the customer desires. SimpliSafe’s program uses cellular monitoring by default, with no landline or Wi-Fi required. The cellular connection is built into the system, meaning it’s not using a customer’s cellular minutes or data plan. So even when the power goes out, the home is still protected by the cellular monitoring and the battery backup that’s included in the system. It can be hard to find a security camera that works without Wi-Fi, so SimpliSafe has the upper hand over many of its competitors in this area.

Need a home security system? SimpliSafe can help. With a comprehensive whole-house solution, you can be prepared for the unexpected. View SimpliSafe systems and prices.

You can build your own package of SimpliSafe equipment or choose a preassembled package.

Each SimpliSafe system includes a base station to which all the other sensors connect wirelessly, and a wireless keypad that the customer can use to arm and disarm the system. Beyond that, the system is easy to customize. There are seven starter packages available to help customers choose, or they can build a fully custom system from the ground up. The seven packages are as follows:

  • The Foundation, which is ideal for small homes and apartments, includes an entry sensor and a motion sensor in addition to the base station and keypad. It costs $249.94.
  • The Essentials is a step up and is the most popular package SimpliSafe offers. It adds two additional entry sensors to the Foundation package and costs $279.95.
  • The Hearth adds a key fob, a smoke detector, and an extra-loud siren to alert the customer (and their neighbors) to sensors that are tripped. It costs $399.91.
  • The Knox includes everything in The Hearth, plus extra sensors and motion detectors, and is suitable for homes with four or more bedrooms. This equipment package costs $479.87.
  • The Haven includes everything in The Knox plus a water sensor, a temperature sensor, and a panic button. This package costs $519.86.
  • The Lighthouse has an outdoor security camera in addition to the keypad, base station, motion sensor, and entry sensors. It costs $469.93
  • The Beacon includes two wireless outdoor security cameras, plus extra entry and motion sensors. This equipment package costs $709.90.

These are the base packages; customers can add additional on to one of the packages, or they can start from scratch and build an entire system of exactly what they need. SimpliSafe often has sales that decrease home security costs, and customers can choose to finance the equipment and pay monthly.

How Does SimpliSafe Work
Photo: simplisafe.com

SimpliSafe offers multiple sensors, including sensors for glass breaking, smoke, water, forced entry, carbon monoxide, and freezing temperatures.

SimpliSafe’s monitoring, like all home security systems, begins with door and window entry sensors and motion detectors to alert the monitors to doors opening and closing and people moving through the home. Beyond that, however, SimpliSafe offers glass break sensors to provide notice if a burglar tries to avoid entry sensors by simply breaking the glass. Sensors are available that will detect smoke or carbon monoxide buildup, floods or dripping water, and sudden extremes of temperature.

For example, if the customer is away from home and the heat stops working, they’ll get a notification if the temperature in a home gets below 41 degrees—which is when pipes are in danger of freezing—and customers can set a custom high temperature alert in case their air conditioning fails during the summer and it gets dangerously warm for pets. Several security cameras and video doorbells are also available, along with panic buttons and key fobs and a smart door lock. The sensors available from SimpliSafe cover the home as completely as they customer chooses for it to be covered.

Need a home security system? SimpliSafe can help. With a comprehensive whole-house solution, you can be prepared for the unexpected. View SimpliSafe systems and prices.

SimpliSafe does not offer a trial period, but it has a 60-day money-back policy.

There’s no trial period for SimpliSafe; however, there’s also no contract, so customers aren’t locked in if they’re unhappy. Recognizing that some customers may decide they don’t want a security system at all after they’ve tried it, SimpliSafe offers a 60-day money-back guarantee instead of a trial.

Once the customer has received their package, they’ll have 60 days to plug it in and get started, and if they’re unhappy, they’ll have 60 days to uninstall the system and package it back up to return in a postage-paid mailer. Because there’s no long-term contract, the customer is not obligated to continue paying beyond the 60 days, as long as they return the equipment in a timely fashion.