Bob Vila Radio: Prep Your Snow Blower for the Off-Season

When storing your snow blower for the off-season, take care to ensure the machine can roar into action when you need it next year.

As winter begins to loosen its grip, start thinking about storing your snow blower for the off-season. But before you put the machine away, be sure to give your snow blower some TLC.

Snowblower Storage


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Listen to BOB VILA ON SNOW BLOWER STORAGE or read the text below:

Although some people advise topping off the fuel tank, it’s a better bet to run the engine dry. Doing so protects the engine from the detrimental effects of oxidized gas and ethanol. While you’re at it—change the oil, too (check your owner’s manual if you don’t know which grade to use). In addition, replace the spark plug, and when you do, apply a light coat of anti-seize lubricant to the threads. That’ll make it a snap to remove the next time.

You probably don’t need reminding that snow blowers produce quite a bit of vibration, so check for nuts or bolts that might have loosened over the winter. Finally, stock up on any spare parts you might need come next season. When the snow’s blowing, it’s a lot easier making a trip to your shed rather than the home center!

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