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How Much Does Vivint Cost?

Vivint pricing ranges from $599 to $2,379.92 for basic equipment packages, but in exchange customers will get exceptional security equipment, professional installation, and great monitoring without a long-term contract.
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  • The cost for a Vivint security system ranges from $599 to $1,789 and up depending on the package chosen, with customers paying $599 for the starter package and prices increasing as they add equipment.
  • The exact cost of a Vivint home security system will depend on the equipment and monitoring plan chosen, as well as the exact cost of professional installation.
  • Vivint home security systems have several benefits, including 24/7 professional monitoring, high-tech equipment, and several smart-home devices.
  • Customers cannot install a Vivint system themselves; the system is designed for professional installation.

Protect your home and family with a top-notch security system. Vivint’s professionally installed systems don’t just alert you to threats—they help both prevent and deter them. See Vivint’s cameras and services

Vivint security systems offer proprietary equipment that delivers some unique home features, but those benefits can come at a relatively high cost. With numerous smart-home features and monitoring options, Vivint threads the needle between cost-heavy traditional security companies and newer DIY options with less-involved monitoring services. And there’s no long-term, locked-in monitoring contract—once the equipment is paid in full, either up front or through a financing agreement, homeowners can cancel and walk away at any time with no penalty.

Vivint home security costs between $599 and $1,789 with customers paying an average of $599 for the entry-level package and costs going up from there as they add equipment. Customers will want to keep in mind that this cost is for equipment only, and monitoring fees and financing options will impact the final price.

Editor’s Note: Prices listed in this article are accurate as of the last update, but may vary. For the most up-to-date costs, please see Vivint’s website.

How does Vivint work?

Vivint Pricing
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Vivint security is not a DIY security system. A professional technician will come to the home, evaluate the homeowner’s needs and concerns, and then work with them to customize a system that will protect the home to those specifications. The system will be truly custom, in contrast to a DIY home security kit. This means that Vivint security system cost is also custom—prices can vary widely depending on the equipment and features a homeowner chooses.

The Vivint system includes many features that other companies do not offer: The mobile app controls the security system, but it also powers home automation devices seamlessly, and equipment options go beyond basic home security to include leak sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, and a safety system that will track stolen cars. These options place Vivint in the same category of service as the full-service security companies, especially since there is no DIY monitoring option, and the equipment can’t be transferred to another company’s monitoring service. Unlike more traditional companies, however, Vivint doesn’t require lengthy contracts. Customers who are unhappy with the service can cancel at any time (although Vivint reviews indicate that customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their purchases). The customer will not be refunded for the cost of the equipment—even if it has been financed—but there is no obligation to pay for years of unneeded monitoring, and there are no hefty cancellation fees.

Protect your home and family with a top-notch security system. Vivint’s professionally installed systems don’t just alert you to threats—they help both prevent and deter them. See Vivint’s cameras and services

How much does Vivint cost per month?

Customers must speak with a Vivint representative who will work with them to determine the best equipment setup based on their specific home and needs. The representative will then provide a customized quote for the desired equipment and monitoring services.

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Charge TypeCost
Equipment$599 to $2,379.92
Installation$99 and up
Monitoring$29.99 to $49.99 (and up) per month
  • The base price for Vivint’s starter equipment package is just under $600, but most homeowners add equipment to that base package to customize the security system for their home. Depending on the extras the customer adds, costs for equipment can be closer to $2,400.
  • Vivint installation costs start at $99 and can go up from there depending on the amount and type of equipment being installed. That cost can be paid up front or financed, which would add to the overall monthly cost.
  • Monitoring fees start at $29.99 per month for basic monitoring and climb to $49.99 and up for the addition of smart-home automation controls and video monitoring.
Vivint Pricing
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Factors in Calculating Vivint Cost

Customers researching Vivint alarm system cost may be surprised to find that there is little to no pricing information on Vivint’s website. As with most home security systems, it’s hard to pin down a precise cost until the homeowner has customized the system and identified what kind of monitoring plan they would like. Breaking down the components that make up Vivint security costs in total can help clarify where the numbers come from, and homeowners can see which features they can adjust to meet their budget and which features are nonnegotiable.


Vivint’s most basic package, the Starter Kit, includes a smart control panel, three door or window sensors, a motion sensor, a water leak sensor, a yard sign, and window decals, and costs $599. However, chances are that the home needs more than just front door security—and in order to get the best bang for the buck for monthly professional monitoring, it’s useful for many customers to add on other sensors. This is where Vivint equipment costs start to ramp up. The base costs for the three Vivint packages are as follows:

Starter Kit$599
Premium Kit$1,479.96
Premium Plus Kit$2,379.92

Vivint representatives can recommend optional add-ons like extra door and window sensors, different types of security cameras, glass-break detectors, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as home automation features like Nest thermostats, appliance controls, lamp modules, and the Car Guard module (which tracks a vehicle’s location, issues disturbance alerts, and diagnoses potential issues). Since the overall price that customers are given is for their entire customized package, there are no prices available for individual pieces of equipment; therefore, it’s easy to see how the costs can mount quickly from that $599 starter pack cost.

This is not to say that these costs are unreasonable. Vivint’s devices are designed specifically for its service, which offers a truly comprehensive security option—or a very basic one—so customers won’t pay for devices they don’t want or need. The equipment costs are high, but in return the product is well designed and long-lasting.

If the equipment is paid for all at once, Vivint won’t charge additional monthly fees or require a contract, as the equipment will then belong to the customer. The only monthly cost will be the charge for the selected level of monitoring.

Protect your home and family with a top-notch security system. Vivint’s professionally installed systems don’t just alert you to threats—they help both prevent and deter them. See Vivint’s cameras and services


Vivint offers three levels of monitoring protection that are easy to understand and clearly laid out. The basic monitoring package, called Smart Security Monitoring, starts at $39.99 per month. Customers will pay a call network maintenance fee, which starts at $1.48 per month. If the system includes cameras, the customer will also need to pay a $5 video service fee per month per camera. Total costs will range from $41.47 to $61.47 per month, depending on the package chosen and the type of equipment that makes up the system.

Installation Fee

Since Vivint security plans are customized to individual homes, there is no DIY installation option. Customers will need to budget for installation as part of the overall cost. While it may seem inconvenient, this helps homeowners get the most out of their top-of-the-line equipment and ensures that everything is set up correctly.

Vivint technicians will have insights about where to place cameras for optimal coverage and other home security tips that a homeowner may not have considered. Vivint installation cost may be based on the selected monitoring plan, simply because the type and amount of equipment to be installed varies based on the plan. The starting price for equipment installation is typically $99, but this price may rise for packages with a significant number of cameras or sensors that need to be installed. If homeowners add more equipment to any of these plans, such as car monitors or medical monitoring components, additional installation costs may be incurred. Customers can ask their Vivint representative how much the installation will cost when they receive their quote and customized security plan.

Cancellation Fee

Customers who pay for their Vivint equipment up front are not bound to a contract, so there is no fee to cancel the plan and end the monitoring service. Those who opt to finance the equipment, however, are bound to a contract until the equipment is paid off. If the service is canceled before the equipment is paid off, the cancellation fee is equivalent to the balance of the equipment costs. In some unique cases, Vivint will waive this payoff fee, but since the charge isn’t really a cancellation penalty—it’s paying for equipment—customers can expect to be responsible for this cost.

Moving Fee

With a DIY security system, it’s easy enough to take down any sensors and cameras and transfer them to a new place. Professionally installed equipment is a little more challenging—if homeowners attempt to uninstall and reinstall it themselves, they may void any remaining warranty on the equipment, and they may end up having to pay for a technician to come and connect everything again. This can discourage some people from choosing professional installation—but Vivint has an answer.

For $149, a technician will come to the old home to uninstall the system so that it can be transferred to the new one. Then, for an additional $149, the technician will reinstall the new equipment in the new home. They will also replace a total of three items (including door locks, thermostats, and doorbell cameras) if they were previously installed at the old home. Homeowners can opt to remove key pieces of the equipment themselves to avoid the charge for uninstallation. Monthly costs for monitoring will stay the same. If the new home is much different from the old one, it might be worth it for the customer to start over, bringing the panel and any plug-in items but starting fresh with new equipment, new prices, and a new contract, if necessary. This can be a great option if the previous equipment is older, but it’s a much pricier choice.


In addition to preselected home security packages, Vivint offers a wide variety of equipment add-ons for complete customization. Customers can choose from indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras; smart locks; door and window sensors; and flood sensors. In addition to security, Vivint also offers an impressive selection of smart-home technology. Homeowners can add equipment like garage door openers, smart lighting, and thermostats, which can be controlled from an app on their phone or the Vivint Smart Hub.

Homeowners Insurance Savings

Many homeowners are aware that their homeowners insurance policy can cover them in the event that their home is broken into or vandalized. This type of event can be costly, so insurance companies are just as interested in preventing burglaries as homeowners are. Having a security system has been shown to deter criminal activity. In many cases, homeowners can get a discount on their homeowners insurance by installing a security system—sometimes up to 20 percent. Some insurers may offer a similar discount to renters. Customers will want to take these potential savings into account when budgeting for a home security system.

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Vivint Packages and Monitoring Plans to Choose From

Vivint does not offer a self-monitoring option, which can result in higher home security costs. However, the peace of mind that professional monitoring provides can be well worth that cost.

All Vivint packages include Vivint’s mobile app access and 24/7 professional monitoring. Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, temperature and flood sensors, and medical pendant monitoring are also included—if the customer has chosen that equipment as part of their package. A breakdown of the packages and their features can be found below.

Starter KitPremium KitPremium Plus Kit
24/7 monitoringXXX
Intrusion detectionXXX
Touch-screen control panelXXX
Mobile appXXX
Video securityXX
Theft deterrentXX
Voice controlX
Stored video clipsX
Smart home automationX
Vehicle protectionX

Protect your home and family with a top-notch security system. Vivint’s professionally installed systems don’t just alert you to threats—they help both prevent and deter them. See Vivint’s cameras and services

Starter Kit

Vivint’s Starter Kit is the most basic package available that includes a few essential pieces of equipment. The package is made up of the following features, but other elements can be added if needed:

  • 24/7 monitoring: The system is connected to a team of Vivint home security professionals who can respond to an emergency quickly and efficiently.
  • Intrusion detection: A sensor will trigger an alarm and notify the monitoring team if it senses motion while armed.
  • Touch-screen control panel: This allows customers to arm and disarm the system, as well as control cameras and smart-home features in the Premium and Premium Plus packages.
  • Access to the mobile app: Customers can remotely control their system directly from their mobile device.

Premium Kit

The Premium Kit includes more coverage than the Starter Kit, but it does not include any smart-home elements. Customers who choose the Premium Kit will receive the following additional features, on top of those included in the Starter Kit:

  • Video security: Security cameras provide customers with a live view of their home so they can monitor it while away or check in on pets or family members.
  • Theft deterrent: This security feature will sound a whistle if it detects someone standing on the porch, potentially warning off unwanted visitors.

Premium Plus Kit

The Premium Plus Kit includes the most complete coverage offered by Vivint with all of the home security features of the previous plans as well as smart-home integration. The Premium Plus Kit includes everything from the Premium Kit, plus the following:

  • Voice control: Customers can use this feature to control their smart-home devices with their voice, all through their Vivint security system.
  • Stored video clips: The Vivint Smart Drive will store video clips from the home’s cameras for 30 days, allowing the user to review clips at their leisure.
  • Smart-home automation: Customers can use the Vivint app to control their smart home, including turning lights on or off and changing the home’s temperature.
  • Vehicle protection: Vivint Car Guard will send the customer disturbance alerts and track the vehicle’s location so the owner can more easily recover the car if it’s stolen.
Monitoring ChargeCost
Smart Home Monitoring$39.99
Call network maintenance fee$1.48
Video service$5 per camera

Smart Home Monitoring

Every Vivint package comes with the Smart Home Monitoring plan. This plan includes 24/7 professional monitoring, app control, a hardware warranty, 90-second smart clips, onsite support, and alerts and notifications. At its most basic, this plan costs $39.99.

From there, customers will need to pay a monthly call network maintenance fee of $1.48, as well as a monthly fee of $5 per camera. That means Vivint monitoring plans could cost as little as $41.47 for a system with no cameras; adding cameras will increase the cost, and the more cameras a customer adds, the more they’ll pay per month for monitoring.

The biggest benefit of the Smart Home Monitoring plan is the ability to monitor smart home features (such as the best smart thermostats) as well as the security system. Although Vivint monitoring costs are higher than some competitors, many customers will find the benefits worth the cost.

Benefits of Choosing Vivint

There are many benefits to installing a home security system such as Vivint. A security system can protect a home by acting as a deterrent for would-be intruders, and it can catch thieves on camera. Vivint’s professional monitoring team is an additional benefit, since customers won’t need to worry about reacting to an emergency if one occurs.

Crime Prevention

Law enforcement agencies have noted that simply having signage indicating an alarm system deters criminals from choosing a home as a target. Additionally, Vivint offers outdoor security cameras that can monitor threats outside the home and ward off intruders with smart lighting and alarms.

Additional Threat Detection

Burglary is a common concern for homeowners, but it is not the only threat worth monitoring. Having a system that can monitor for fire, carbon monoxide, and water damage, can offer customers greater peace of mind.

Advanced Technology

While Vivint’s pricing is not inexpensive, it’s one of the best home security systems for a reason. For example, the Vivint alarm system offers the option of programming a duress code into the keypad—this will bypass the usual “check-in” response, and the Vivint alarm monitor will dispatch law enforcement immediately. This is high-level, well-considered security that is looking beyond stopping a smash-and-grab burglary.

Professional Monitoring

It is well worth it to have a security system that ensures the home is protected whether the resident is at home or away. Self-monitored systems are reliant on the homeowner being able to see and respond to an alert at all times during the day or night. Even when comparing Vivint vs. ADT, another security service with professional monitoring, Vivint comes out on top for its lower prices and because customers are not required to commit to a contract as they are with other home security companies.

Discount on Insurance

Professionally monitored systems usually garner a significant discount on homeowners insurance policies, which in turn can help offset the cost of the monitoring. Customers can speak with their insurance provider to determine whether installing a home security system such as Vivint will get them a discount on their insurance premiums.

Protect your home and family with a top-notch security system. Vivint’s professionally installed systems don’t just alert you to threats—they help both prevent and deter them. See Vivint’s cameras and services

Who is Vivint best for?

Vivint is among the best security systems for those who are looking for high-level, bells-and-whistles security without the complication and expense of a lengthy contract. It’s ideal for homeowners who want professional installation along with the freedom to choose the level of equipment they need to really customize the system as they see fit (after all, security equipment works best when the system is put in by someone who knows how to install security cameras and ensure that they are working properly). Vivint is also suitable for those who are willing to pay for the equipment, and more so for those who are able to pay for it up front. If the homeowner chooses to finance the equipment, the contract becomes more of an equivalent to that of traditional home security companies, and the no-contract benefit is nullified.

Because of the relatively high cost of the equipment and the professional installation requirement, Vivint is not as ideal for short-term renters. The cost of moving the equipment and service to new locations is high when done on a yearly basis, and there are other programs with DIY equipment that are easier (and free) to move. For that reason, renters who are debating Vivint vs. Ring may find that the latter, or another DIY security system, is a better fit.

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How to Save Money on Vivint Cost

Vivint prices are lower than those of traditional full-service security companies, mostly because of the no-contract option. But as anyone who has compared SimpliSafe vs. Vivint knows, Vivint isn’t the cheapest, either. While it’s hard to put a price on the peace of mind that good home security provides, it makes sense to look for ways to reduce the overall expenditure where it makes sense. The following are several ways to potentially lower Vivint cost.

  • Check Vivint’s website. Keep an eye out for discounts and promotions that can save money: Free add-on cameras, doorbell cameras, and installation are frequent promotions. You can also call and ask Vivint customer service what promotions are currently in place or if you qualify for any discounts.
  • Refer a friend to Vivint. If they activate Vivint service, you’ll receive a $200 credit to your account; but be aware that promotions are subject to change.
  • Ask about discounts. Vivint offers some benefits for active-duty military members, including temporary suspension of monitoring fees during temporary deployment, free cancellation of contracts for customers who are deployed to a location Vivint doesn’t service, and free professional uninstallation and reinstallation for customers who are deployed to an area Vivint does cover.
  • Refer your home buyer. If you move and the new owner would like to activate the system you left behind, you can receive credit toward your own new service.
  • Look into Vivint Gives Back. If you have a child with developmental disabilities, you may qualify for a discount. Vivint participates in the Vivint Gives Back plan, which discounts equipment that’s intended to help keep the customer aware of their child’s location in the home and to provide extra security for the child.
  • Choose basic monitoring. The monthly monitoring charge is based on your selection, so you have the option to choose a lower-rate plan. If, however, you have financed the equipment and find that the cost of the monthly payments isn’t sustainable, you can call and speak with a Vivint support service agent and ask about changing the financing agreement to make it more manageable.
  • Purchase equipment up front. When you first purchase a system, you have the option to pay in full up front or choose a financing plan. While financing may mitigate costs up front, paying interest over time will increase the overall cost. If possible, consider paying up front to save in the long term.

Protect your home and family with a top-notch security system. Vivint’s professionally installed systems don’t just alert you to threats—they help both prevent and deter them. See Vivint’s cameras and services


The specifics of different home security plans can all run together, but Vivint has some distinctions that set it apart from the rest of the field. These are some common questions about Vivint’s services, along with their answers.

Q. How much does it cost to install Vivint?

Depending on the level of monitoring service and add-on equipment, installation will usually cost at least $99. The Smart Security Monitoring plan includes basic security sensors, but the cost for installation could go up from there as customers add home automation equipment and video equipment.

Q. Can Vivint equipment be hacked?

Any camera that is connected to the internet can be hacked, but Vivint has made it exceptionally difficult for hackers to gain access to its camera feeds. Vivint cameras use 1024-bit encryption to make it harder to break into the code and also hides the IP address of the cameras on the system; so before a hacker can break into the camera, they have to find and identify it. It’s a good idea for customers to make sure their Wi-Fi and internet connection is encrypted and protected with strong (not default) passwords because that’s likely the weakest spot in the network, and customers will want to update the system firmware (which is handled from the control panel or the app) whenever requested to allow Vivint to update and upgrade the security settings.

Q. Does Vivint offer security cameras?

Yes; in fact, the company has several. First is a doorbell camera including infrared night vision, HD recording, and motion-activated mobile alerts that allow customers to talk to visitors through the doorbell from the Vivint app. Indoor cameras are based on the same software, allowing customers to talk to people in their home when they’re not there (great to check on kids just getting home from school or to check in with a lonely pet), and the new Outdoor Camera Pro includes these features along with being weatherproof. Using cameras requires the Vivint Smart Home Video Monitoring plan, and the monitoring cost may increase for each camera on the plan.

Q. Can I integrate Vivint with my existing smart-home gadgets?

Yes. Vivint is compatible with Nest devices, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Philips Hue lighting, Kwikset smart locks, and a range of other indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. The Vivint Smart Home app combines control and monitoring of these devices with Vivint’s devices and sensors so that all home monitoring and smart-home controls are in one place.

Q. How much does Vivint cost per month?

The Vivint monthly cost for the most basic plan is $29.99. The Smart Home Monitoring plan and Smart Home Video Monitoring plans are $39.99 and $49.99 a month, respectively. These prices do not include the cost of equipment and are subject to change.

Q. Can you negotiate costs with Vivint?

Since plans are priced for individual customers, it may be possible for customers to negotiate costs with a Vivint representative before they make a purchase.