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Kitchen Trends

(Move over, Tuscan)

Blue and green are both known for being calming colors that create a serene environment in any space, and both saw an increase in use by homeowners in the 2024 Houzz Kitchen Trends Report.

3. Blues and Greens

For a sleek, modern look, consider choosing a slab backsplash in the same material as your countertops.

4. Solid Slab Backsplash

Beveled or shaker-style has been a popular style of cabinets for years, but 2024 is seeing a resurgence of flat-front cabinetry.

6. Flat-Front Cabinets

This flooring style, which typically features alternating black and white tiles, adds a bold visual impact to any space.

7. Checkerboard Floors

Connectivity has expanded into kitchens with smart appliances that can alert you when you’re out of milk, a door is left open, a service issue occurs, or cooking is complete.

8. Smart Appliances

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