Vegetables to Plant in Winter

No Matter Where You Live

Among the most cold-tolerant of winter vegetables, this one is a rosette-forming salad green with a nutty flavor. Sow it in early autumn in a cold frame or grow tunnel for the best results.

2. Mâche

Although you can’t actually harvest garlic in winter, it does “sleep” through part of its growth cycle then.

3. Garlic

Like the carrot to which it is kin, parsnip can safely remain underground during the coldest months for your winter gardening pleasure.

4. Parsnip

Keep in mind that early cabbages can mature in about 2 months, but late types generally require 2 to 4 months.

7. Cabbage 

Cauliflower care and maturation is similar to that of the closely related broccoli. However, it may require blanching if it isn’t a self-blanching variety.

8. Cauliflower 

Since the plants mature quickly, often within 55 to 75 days, lettuce can be grown from beginning to end in a cold frame or under row cover if you prefer.

10. Lettuce

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