Andreana Lefton


Andréana Lefton is a writer and educator, focusing on human rights and creating spaces of refuge—in our homes and communities. As a documentary researcher, she has freelanced with The Guardian as well as NPR- and BBC-affiliates. She’s written for On Being, the United Nations, and many non-profit clients in the US, UK, Europe, and Middle East. All that she knows of garden care and interior design she learned from her artistic mother, Jacqueline. She now applies these skills to her life in Chattanooga, TN, where home is an urban art studio with books piled everywhere. Follow her on Twitter.

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13 Fall Bugs That Are Invading Your Home—and What to Do About Them

Insects typically aren’t out to get you. Most bugs are simply looking for shelter from the cold, a source of food and water, and a warm, dark place to spend the winter. And while scientis...

16 American Cities That Have Never Seen Snow

As climate change continues to reshape weather patterns, some American towns find themselves experiencing a decrease in snowfall. In fact, records document dwindling snowpack throughout t...

JUNE 30, 2023 | FRIDAY
12 Rain Barrels That Make Water Conservation Stylish

Even when rain is in short supply, beautiful rain barrels are not. According to Surfrider. org, if your area gets 1 inch of rain, you can harvest about 0. 62 gallons of rain per square fo...

APRIL 21, 2023 | FRIDAY
23 Surprising Hydrogen Peroxide Uses Everyone Should Know

As you might remember from chemistry class, hydrogen peroxide is water with an extra oxygen atom, hence the chemical distinction H₂O₂. Though there’s debate about using hydrogen peroxide ...

15 Genius Coconut Oil Uses for Maintaining Your Home and Garden

Coconut oil consumption in the U. S. has increased by about 40 percent over the past 20 years. Though many of the most popular coconut oil uses are culinary (in spite of the controversy s...

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Fall is the season to press refresh, and if you’re ready to renew your home improvement and décor to-do list, we’ve got a great way to get you started. Today and every day until October 1...

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Few things can impact our life as much as water. Our bodies are almost 70% water, and having clean, safe, drinking water is a necessity we can’t take for granted. Our daily routines would...

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In summer and fall, we enjoy the fruits of our labor. So why not take some of the labor out of lawn care? With RYOBI’s new 40V HP brushless line of cordless outdoor products, mowing, trim...

JULY 15, 2021 | THURSDAY
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These days, clean air is not something we can take for granted. While we expect our home’s air to be safe to breathe, that’s not always the case. From smoke and chemical odors to pet dand...

JUNE 15, 2021 | TUESDAY
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