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MAY 12, 2023 | FRIDAY
How to Air Dry Clothes and Linens: Dos and Don'ts for Crisp, Clean Laundry

If you routinely transfer your clean laundry directly from the washing machine into the adjacent dryer, it may be time to break the habit. There are many good reasons to air dry your garm...

Ugly Yard 911: 9 Ways to Make Over (or Hide) the Worst Parts of Your Property

Curb appeal matters when you’re selling your house, but it can also be a point of pride. The same is true of the condition of the backyard area where you entertain. Sometimes, messes or u...

MAY 31, 2022 | TUESDAY
The Best TV Wall Mounts of 2023

It’s been decades since flat screens took the place of bulky cathode-ray televisions. Not only will wall-mounting free up real estate on top of furniture, but they also provide a more the...

APRIL 18, 2022 | MONDAY
Side Yard Upgrade: 14 Ideas for Transforming This Forgotten Outdoor Space

Style on the SideSide yards often are narrow and more utilitarian in nature (think faucets and hoses, garbage or recycling containers, and storage). But with a little planning and creativ...

APRIL 8, 2022 | FRIDAY
17 Surprising Ways to Use Steel Wool Around the House

Steel Wool, Still Going StrongA tool that’s now commonplace in the modern home, steel wool came about somewhat by accident. It is believed that 19th-century mechanics used to gather up th...

This Organic Gardening Supply Is Stirring Up Controversy—Should You Stop Using It?

Peat moss has been a top growing medium, especially for starting seeds, since the 1960s. Compressed pellets of peat moss surrounded by a thin fiber bag, like those made by Jiffy, offer a ...

14 Plant Shelf Ideas to Liven Up Any Blank Space in Your Home

The benefits of houseplants are many, as are plant shelf ideas. Along with adding a touch of living color, texture, and shape to a room, plants even have some health advantages. Studies s...

How to Dispose of Styrofoam Without Throwing It in the Trash

Q: Between delivery boxes filled with Styrofoam peanuts and takeout orders packed in Styrofoam containers, I always seem to have a lot of Styrofoam on hand. I’ve been tossing it into the ...

Here's Why You Shouldn't Bring Your Own Firewood on Your Next Camping Trip

You might be tempted to bring your own firewood on your next camping trip, or haul back fallen logs to use in your home fireplace, but it's important that you resist the urge. Here's why:...

AUGUST 30, 2021 | MONDAY
When Is Hurricane Season? Now, Actually

Don’t let a slow start to the 2022 hurricane season—with little to no organized activity in the Atlantic Ocean in July and August—lull you into a false sense of security. Hurricane season...