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20 Things You Should Stop Wasting Money on in 2024

Many homeowners share a common New Year’s resolution: Save more money. The past few years have shown how important it is to put a little extra aside. In the 12 months preceding September ...

19 Fall Gardening Practices That Will Protect and Enrich Your Soil in Winter

Throughout the growing season, garden plants work together with microbes to break down and use organic matter within the soil, depleting the soil’s nutritional content. During the offseas...

The Great Debate: Is It Safe to Use Rain Barrel Water in Your Vegetable Garden?

Increasing wildfires around the world and documented severe drought—even in unexpected spots like Hawaii and the Southeast—emphasize the need to take steps to lower water use. Collecting ...

33 Haunted Hotels and Airbnbs to Book for a Spooky Halloween

Who said you need a Ouija board to drop a line to the dearly departed? Apparitions both sympathetic and sinister are believed to abound—no board required—in accommodations around the coun...

AUGUST 11, 2023 | FRIDAY
13 Natural and Effective Ways to Kill Weeds

Although not all of these methods will work all of the time, weed management should always begin with the most eco-friendly choices. Anything we can do to prevent the use of harmful herbi...

JULY 14, 2023 | FRIDAY
14 Ways to Help Your Garden Survive a Heat Wave

It’s no secret that heat waves are becoming more common around the globe. Summer 2022 saw fires throughout Europe (including London), Asia, and around North America, to name a few. In Jul...

JULY 10, 2023 | MONDAY
19 Laundry Mistakes You’re Probably Making

We all have our own ways of doing our laundry: Some of us toss towels in with delicates willy-nilly, and others meticulously separate our washes by color. However attentive (or not) we ar...

JUNE 27, 2023 | TUESDAY
What Are Forever Chemicals?

Substances we now call “forever chemicals” have been in use worldwide since the 1940s. These per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are chemicals developed to help resist water, greas...

JUNE 12, 2023 | MONDAY
10 Shower Niche Ideas for Built-in Bathroom Storage

Without storage options, most showers tend to lose considerable floor space to bottles of shampoo and conditioner, shaving necessities, and soap or body wash. Dodging those obstacles duri...

MAY 24, 2023 | WEDNESDAY
14 of the Most Dangerous Plants in America

Some “dangerous” plants are obviously sinister, popping up and invading an entire landscape, even choking out native plants nearby. Others are more discreet, and release compounds from th...