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The Most Important Organizing Projects for Homeowners

When your home is organized, it's not only easier for you and your family to function smoothly, it’s also better for your emotional well-being. Numerous studies have shown a link between ...

6 Things to Know When Hanging Curtains

The right drapes or curtains can add a lot to your enjoyment of an interior space, as well as the room’s decor. Along with providing privacy and control over the light that comes in, fabr...

AUGUST 23, 2019 | FRIDAY
These 11 Repairs Aren't Worth Your Time or Money

There are a lot of decisions to make when you put your home on the market, and one of the biggest is your asking price. While you can’t change the number one factor in your home’s value—i...

AUGUST 23, 2019 | FRIDAY
19 Reliable Products That Have 100+ Years of Good Reviews

If it ain't broke, don't fix it! That's advice that some enduring brands have taken to heart—and it's paid off for these tried-and-true products.

Solved! What’s Up with the Musty Smell in My Basement?

Q: Lately, I notice a musty smell whenever I go into my basement. What’s causing the odor and most how do I get rid of it?A: That unpleasant, musty smell—some people describe it as akin t...

JULY 16, 2019 | TUESDAY
These Are the 12 Best Things You Can Do for Your AC

Aah—that’s your sigh of contentment when you retreat from the hot summer sun and enter the sweet relief of your air-conditioned home. But if you want your AC to cool the air reliably and ...

JULY 15, 2019 | MONDAY
Solved! What to Do When Your Kitchen Sink Is Clogged

Q: Last night my kitchen sink clogged up while I was in the middle of a load of dirty dishes. By morning, the sink had finally drained, but I certainly don’t want this happening again. Is...

JULY 12, 2019 | FRIDAY
These Are the Design Trends Realtors Recommend Skipping

While you can’t do much to change the major determinant of your home’s value–its location–your decorating and remodeling choices can certainly affect its value, for both better and worse....

JULY 8, 2019 | MONDAY
16 Reasons You Really Need to Do a Better Job Cleaning Your Grill

The smell of a backyard barbecue is an official sign that summer is here. Thoroughly cleaning your grill protects against foodborne illnesses, and ensures the barbecue tastes as good as i...

JULY 8, 2019 | MONDAY
20 Tips for Keeping All Critters Out of Your Yard and Garden

An enjoyable afternoon spent working in the garden, a lovely evening relaxing in the yard: the exterior of your home provides plenty of opportunities to recharge your batteries while soak...