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14 Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Yard

Flowering trees and shrubs deliver vibrant color to the yard, but most varieties bloom for only weeks at a time. If you want extended curb appeal, these 14 long-lasting stunners—a mix of ...

JUNE 5, 2018 | TUESDAY
Solved! How to Fix a Slow Sink Drain

Q: My bathroom sink isn’t draining very well, and it’s driving me crazy. While the water does eventually drain out, it takes a long time—and, in the meantime, it’s hard to use a sink full...

MAY 31, 2018 | THURSDAY
Solved! Does Using Epsom Salts in the Garden Actually Help?

Q: I have heard that Epsom salt can do everything from jumpstarting tomatoes to fertilizing garden shrubs. How do I know when to use Epsom salts for plants, and how to separate fact from ...

MAY 30, 2018 | WEDNESDAY
The Dos and Don'ts of Safely Felling a Tree

Whether it's blocking your view, is diseased or damaged, or is taking up space you'd rather use for something else, felling a tree is never a task to be undertaken lightly. This is one pr...

MAY 29, 2018 | TUESDAY
Solved! This is How to Get Rid of Mold on Walls

Q: Ugh! I’ve recently discovered gross patches of mold on the walls in my bathroom. Is it dangerous? How do I get rid of it?A: Splotches of mold growing on the walls or ceiling is an all-...

MAY 22, 2018 | TUESDAY
How to Get Rid of June Bugs

Despite their name, June bugs (Phyllophaga spp. ) are active in adult form in May as well as June. Though the way they clumsily flit around can seem kind of comical, June bugs are no joke...

8 Dirty Secrets Your Carpet May Be Keeping from You

The joys of carpeting are many: It’s undeniably the softest, most comfortable type of flooring, it muffles sound, and it helps insulate rooms from temperature swings. But that plush pile ...

APRIL 23, 2018 | MONDAY
What's the Difference? MDF vs. Plywood

While it’s hard to match the natural beauty of solid wood, it’s an undeniably pricey option. Fortunately, for many projects, the two main substitutes—medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and p...

APRIL 17, 2018 | TUESDAY
10 Times You Can Get Nature to Do Your Yard Work for You

Do you ever dream of a beautiful backyard that takes care of itself, leaving you free to simply lounge in a hammock? Well, a completely self-sufficient garden may not be possible, but you...

What's the Difference? Concrete vs. Asphalt Driveways

If you’ve had enough of the ruts, cracks, and stains of your current driveway and are considering installing a new one, you’re probably debating between the two most common solid material...