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10:12AM | 08/04/05
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My daughter cleaned our new glass storm door with a TSP solution instead of glass cleaner. Then she allowed it to dry instead of wiping it dry. Now there appears to be an irridescent film that I have been unable to remove with glass cleaner. Any suggestions?


10:28AM | 08/04/05
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white vinegar.


12:40PM | 08/04/05
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White vinegar didn't work either. I really scrubbed with it too.


03:07PM | 08/04/05
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Concentrated TSP, or TSP allowed to dry on glass can cause etching. If that has happened the damage may be irreversible. Hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids are better known etching agents, but trisodium phosphate, while slower, can also severely damage glass. If you view the glass surface with a magnifying glass you will see if the surface has etched, or if it is indeed a film.

doug seibert

09:47AM | 08/06/05
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I've had good results removing the film using the suggestion on a TSP package......

Prepare a fresh weak solution of TSP and clean rags to clean the glass.......

Re-wash the glass with fresh rags and Clean water.........

Rinse the glass again with clean water and immediately BUFF the glass dry using soft paper toweling.......


04:25PM | 07/19/13
I had drip marks from tsp etched into my windows which neither vinegar or dilute tsp would remove. I made a paste of powdered glass and vinegar and rubbed it in a circular motion over the marks then rinsed with clean water. This worked very well.
I would definitely test a small inconspicuous area first.
p.s. The glass powder came from a glass grinder I use to make stained glass windows.


02:37PM | 09/15/13
I inadvertently left tsp streaks on window glass. I then tried everything under the sun to remove it: vinegar, a light solution of tsp, window cleaners, glass buffing cloths, etc... Nothing worked.

Finally, I was using a white out product to clear the white film that develops on the inside tempered glass pane on a gas fireplace screen and, lo and behold, it worked perfectly.

Hope this info helps someone out.


10:36AM | 12/25/13
Any ceramic stove top cleaner will remove the stains. Be careful on the application as the ceramic cleaner will make swirls that you can see in the light. I recommend using an orbital buffer to apply and then applying Rain X afterward.


02:36PM | 07/16/14
For TSP stains on glass, I used Glass cook top cleaner. Put some on a paper towel rubbed in small circles then wipe off immediately with wet towel. Stains are gone! Magic!


08:19AM | 07/17/14
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Alex mason
I have used Hydra Glitter to clean my window glass...


11:53AM | 08/24/14
OMG! You saved my brand new windows! We had washed the lanai with TSP and it splashed on the windows. I rinsed them off at the time but didn't notice the stains on the windows until much later. Nothing removed the stains until I used the cooktop cleaner! Took some elbow grease and I used it with a Magic Eraser. When it got a little too dry, I added a little vinegar to the Magic Eraser. I was afraid my windows were ruined. Thank you sooo much!!!


08:27PM | 05/31/15

Ceramic cook top cleaner worked in seconds and the window is cleaner than it's ever been. Whoever made that suggestion, thank you!!


01:22PM | 02/20/19
Be very cautious whenever applying HF acid to glass. HF acid can react with the tin side of the glass (99.9% of modern glass has a tin side and air side due to the way it is manufactured - search float glass manufacturing for more details - you cannot discern the tin or air side with your eye - you need a high intensity UV light, which casts a gray reflection off the tin side of the glass. HF reacts immediately with the tin, and damages that side of the glass. That damage can often be removed with a cerium oxide based polish - get a good grade - not cheap stuff - but not always. Safer acids are acetic (vinegar) oxalic, phoshporic. Never apply to hot glass, and always rinse, rinse rinse well. Most cook top cleaners have either cerium oxide or diatemaceous earth as their particulates to remove stains. I own a professional window cleaning company and deal with glass stains/damage regularly. We do NOT use TSP. We use professional detergent designed for glass cleaning (not dish soap)


06:25PM | 06/29/19
I got TSP streak on my window. Tried window cleaner and CLR. Didn’t work. Googled it and saw this information. Went to store and bought the cook top cleaner and a magic eraser. Didn’t really think it would work but was worth a shot. TSP stain cleaned off with no effort.
Thank you very much!


04:46PM | 07/08/19
Glass cooktop cleaner worked great You saved the day Thanks


09:46AM | 09/28/19
This was a lifesaver


03:16PM | 05/13/20
Wow.. it worked!! thanks for the info on using cooktop cleaner!! it worked!!!! My wife is happy.. my home is now happy again.. :-)


07:23PM | 06/23/20
Thank you to OP and all who weighed in. I didn't know this happened until it was to late. Several drip (etches) in glass storm window.
I'm going to try glass cooktop as many suggested this, and several said worked miraculously. . . Praying it works for me. I will update.


11:21PM | 06/23/20
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with soda water


11:44AM | 06/24/20
So i tried the glass cooktop cleaner. I used weiman. Applied with paper towel in circular motion, followed up with magic eraser and a dry paper towel to buff. Saved glass and my reputation. For record., i could not only see but could also feel the etching, i was sick as i know not to put tsp on windows but inadvertantly had caused drips from wiping trim. Happy customer, grateful contractor.

Lesson learned.


02:50PM | 09/29/20
The cooktop cleaner save very expensive windows from being replaced. Many thanks to all who posted. I used Magic Glass cooktop polish in the red bottle.


05:06PM | 06/05/21
Bartenders Friend works great. It is in the isle with comet. OMG I was so surprised when I finished, and very upset to see my windows after I finished my project. The product said earth friendly. Not


08:38PM | 11/08/21
Another confirmation that the glass cook top cleaner and polish worked on a mirror that had TSP substitute on it - overspray from a nearby wall. It sat for a few days and looked like it was etched kind of badly. Toothpaste didn’t work, vinegar didn’t work, this did. Applied it fairly heavily in circular motion on a dry paper towel like you would toothpaste on a scratched CD, let it sit for a minute or two, wiped it off with a clean dry paper towel. Thanks for saving me a new $400 medicine cabinet.

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