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06:20AM | 11/24/04
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I just moved into a house that has a Preway freestanding Fireplace. The glass doors need replacing. Does anyone know where I can get them replaced? Model no. FB26F C


01:09PM | 01/22/06
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Have you had any luck finding a replacement door for your Model FB26F-C Freestanding Fireplace? I also have the same model and need a new door.


07:52AM | 08/17/07
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Seens like it is impossible to locate replacement doors for this Preway Fireplace. I finally went to a welding shop and they are going to try to remake the doors for me. I would still be interested if anyone knows where they can be purchased?
5555 preway freestanding


06:47AM | 10/10/07
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I could use a set of doors too! but I really need a new fan motor, problem is I can only read part of the model number. can any of you read the whole number? McMillan electric told me the number should be "a letter,four numbers,another letter,and four more numbers. if any body out there has this info I would be very greatful. thanks


05:19PM | 10/12/07
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Not sure if this is what you are looking for. On the center of the motor is a number printed in yellow and is as follows L80E84 D. I do not see any other numbers on the motor itself. I am sending a photo of this number.
5619 preway blower motor


06:19PM | 12/13/07
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I also have a mobile home with fireplace. I have the complete parts list and instruction manuel. What I need is the blower wheels, right & left. part # K17424 & K17425. They are 10 inches long and 2 1/2" wide, actually they are round, just hard to measure. I am finding out preway is out of business and if you know of anyone who has parts, let me know.The model # of my fireplace is B136C-EM made in 1982. It works quite well, just beginning to need parts now.


07:45PM | 01/29/08
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We are getting ready to install a preway fireplace into our home, model #B136C-EM. Problem is we do not have the installation manual. We would be grateful to purchase a copy of the manual. Please respond to



09:45AM | 03/16/08
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i have a the exact fireplace pictured above. if you are interested i will sell it to you. everything works on it. the doors are in perfect shape. let me know


08:06PM | 09/06/08
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I have two glass doors for sale for a preway fireplace, best offer.


07:37AM | 09/13/08
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I am interested in these doors. I live in New Windsor, NY. Where are you?


01:40PM | 10/24/08
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Do you still have the doors?


12:34PM | 11/05/08
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Hi... we just put an addition on our house and I needed a part to extend my Preway fireplace. It is the EXACT one in the picture. Have you had any luck getting parts for this fireplace? I need a new Shoot for my extention. Can anyone help?


01:07PM | 11/14/08
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I saw you have had two previous request for these doors, did you sell them?


02:13PM | 11/14/08
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I just saw your post for the doors. Do you still have them? I also live in New Windsor, NY.


08:45AM | 11/15/08
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Yes I still have the doors, I recieved my first email from this site saying that I had some interests in them today.

The best offer gets them.

Thanks- Earl


08:50AM | 11/15/08
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I forgot to mention that I live in Indiana just south of Gary.


02:56PM | 01/25/09
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just bought a preway fireplace and need a flu pipe cover just like the one pictured

in the forum (red/brown) and also wondering if the fireplace should have firebrick or a wood grate in it?


03:05PM | 01/25/09
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i would like to purchase the xtra flu piece you have with your stove


03:19PM | 01/25/09
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My Preway is black, it did not have firebrick. Mine had a sheet metal firebox that I replaced with a custom made heavy steel one. I did put firebrick in it. The original had a steel plate under the fire that was removable but had a grate. I replaced the glass doors with a single steel door, that's why I have the glass doors for sale. If you have any other questions email me at:



04:46AM | 01/27/09
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i need a flu cover like the one that is pictured in the forum if anyone has one to sell please contact me

brian m

12:13AM | 12/04/11
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Anyone know where I can get a motor for the preway fireplace FB26F? Possible part #L80E84D.


07:43PM | 02/08/12
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I have one of the Preway units rebadged by Sears. They used to stock a complete set of parts @ Sears I got a replacement door from them. You might be able to find a door there.

I have a second question. Has anyone converted theirs over to a gas firplace? We're thinking of doing it as we give all our firewood to our son & would like to use the fireplace some especially when the electricity goes off. We have natural gas at the house now. Can we just install some of the vented gas logs?


04:16PM | 12/07/13
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i also have this fireplace with 8 inch opening.. normal stores have chimneys that dont work. does anyone have the piping to get rid of ??


09:23AM | 12/08/13
I just bought a mint condition Preway, Mine is black, everything works, I love it! Problem is, in our cold weather I have had two of the glass panels break. ARE there doors available anywhere or should I just replace the glass? I love the automatic blower, and the water place for moisture, I would hate to replace stove, any help? For a 'temp' fix I have covered each broken glass with metal tape, it works, but I don't sleep as sound as I could... Thank you for any help


12:39AM | 01/17/14
I am trying to locate glass doors for my Preway Built In Fireplace BE41 AP. Does anyone know where I can find them?


07:11PM | 03/09/14
I am the owner of a Preway FB26F-M and I am looking to sell it. The glass doors are in great condition and only need the brass polished. The paint on the outside has really held up. I'm not sure if the motor works because I have never tried to use it. But if there is interest, I would be willing to try and check it out. My husband is a appliance repair man, so he could probably figure it out. Let me know if you are interested


11:39AM | 05/11/14
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I found a manual if anyone still needs it. It is located at

This is for multiple models. I need some flue pipe and will probably have to have it made.



09:49PM | 06/15/15
I have the back of a Preway stove. The metal panel with the fan, fan motor, thermostat and rating plates. It's the model FB26F-C. (It came out of our cabin in northern Wisconsin.) There was also a plate saying "Stove L87151". It ran the last time we used it. I'd check it again (the summer setting) if someone was interested in it. Contact me at: btrue(at) I have it listed on Craig's List for $30, but I'd want shipping too.


04:36PM | 01/20/16
Sorry. This item is sold:
I have the back of a Preway stove. The metal panel with the fan, fan motor, thermostat and rating plates. It's the model FB26F-C. (It came out of our cabin in northern Wisconsin.) There was also a plate saying "Stove L87151". It ran the last time we used it. I'd check it again (the summer setting) if someone was interested in it. Contact me at: btrue(at) I have it listed on Craig's List for $30, but I'd want shipping too.


02:17AM | 06/09/18
Does anyone know how much they cost these days .. asking cause I have one and want to sell..please email me if u know what it worth..


08:38AM | 01/23/19

I just recently bought a house and it came with a Preway Free Standing Fire Place or maybe its a Kenmore. I don't really know. It looks exactly like the one all of you are taking about. The gentleman who sold the house passed away and left no manual or paper work for the stove. Long story short my wife and I love the stove and use it almost everyday. My homeowners insurance saw pictures of it on Zillo and sent a representative out to take pictures of it. They are saying it's too close to the wall and needs to be moved. This process would involve thousands and I don't really want to do that because the stove is in great shape. My question to you is, "Does anyone have or know where I could get a manual for that stove?" I would be more than happy to purchase it or maybe send copies of it. Any knowledge of this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again. Email:


04:23PM | 02/13/19
Replying to BVO18485 I have a manual for Preway model FB24F R A. It may be of use for you. I can send a scanned copy if you like. Let me know. Regards, Michael


05:41PM | 02/13/19
page from manual


06:13PM | 04/17/19
Replying to BV018671


I too would like a PDF of your Manual. I would be happy to send you $10 for your trouble.


Richard Clark


07:55PM | 04/21/19
I just bought a Preway Fb26f. Has anybody found a 1-piece door to replace the twin doors? How about a blower fan?


02:02AM | 06/28/19
What is the price of this fireplace new


01:38AM | 09/02/19
I have one model number FB24F- RC ... I'm looking for a manual and parts


06:50PM | 11/13/19
Talk about a zombie thread. I started reading just to see if i could piece together any more info on mine. I too moved into a house woth one of these in it. I have the Kenmore 155.841850, which i believe is the FB26. It looks exactly like the image in this thread. I also am trying to find replacement doors. Searspartsdirect lists all of the parts for these along with diagrams and manuals, but all parts are unavailable.

Other than online custom fireplace shops, has charging $800+ for custom doors, has anyone found an option? I dont even want them fancy, i just need doors so the foreplace isnt always burning through wood at full throttle.


11:12PM | 11/21/19
IF anyone has a manual for the FB26f I would love to have a copy of it. We bought a house that has one in it . The sale was due to divorce and we didn't get any information about it at all. Thanks!


01:49PM | 12/23/19
I have a prewar burner for sale. Everything works everything comes with it except manuals. The glass needs replaced in one of the doors. As of 12/23/2019 provided nice heat and lovely lighting. I bought the house a few months ago with it already here and it's located in the worst possible location. If anyone is interested best offer takes it. We are located in Fort Wayne Indiana


12:55PM | 05/17/20
Has anyone converted one of these into a gas fireplace?


08:41PM | 09/08/20
Hello :) I need a manual for the fb26f. I am willing to pay as well. Thank you!

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