12:21PM | 06/03/10
Member Since: 05/01/10
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As my previous posts stated, our deck was completely replaced by Timbertech for chalking on Mountain Cedar.

Now my Desert Bronze is doing the same and we don't live near water.

The stain you mention does it have to be done every year or will the one time treatment keep it from coming back.


12:22PM | 06/03/10
Member Since: 05/01/10
28 lifetime posts
Are you talking Mountain Cedar or their newer product Desert Bronze.

I wonder how many more decks are doing this and would it be worth it for a class action suit?


10:25AM | 06/07/10
Member Since: 06/06/10
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My one year-old timbertech xlm mountain cedar is also turning white, but only some boards, mostly those exposed to the sun.

I called Timbertech claims and they told me to use Deckmax Enhanced, that it should solve the problem. Has anyone used it? the thing costs almost $100 per gallon!

I'm hesitant to spend more money on something that I don't know if it'll work, and also because I feel is their defective materials.

Any thoughts?


10:17AM | 06/14/10
Member Since: 05/17/10
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Spoke to Timber Tech today and they do not want to replace the white boards anymore, instead they want to send out a liquid material called Deck-Max.

I now have to apply this stain type of material which is supposed to restore the color of my 9 month old deck.

This staining is supposed to last two-three years and then another application will be needed.

Most people purchase synthetic wood so they do not have to stain their deck.

A popular consumers testing magazine (July 2010) rates CertainTeed (EverNew) wood as one to consider. Deck Lok and Eon comes in second and third with TimberTech coming in 5th place out of 6.


11:10AM | 06/14/10
Member Since: 07/14/09
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I just tried a small area of "DeckMax Extended" on my badly faded Timbertech XLM Mountain Cedar decking....seems to work great. I tried it in a small area, wiped it on with a paper towel. Was faded white, now looks like new. I just wonder how long it lasts, before another application is much for "Extremely Low Maintenence"!! There are two kinds of DeckMax, the "Green" version and the "Extended" version. I bought the Extended version, they claim it has more UV protectant, compared to the "Green". One $90 bottle claims to cover 500 sq feet.


12:49PM | 06/15/10
Member Since: 05/01/10
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They won't replace the boards anymore? Why??????? Too much effort for them?

Wow that is not good and certainly does not honor their warranty.

Their new Desert Bronze is doing the same thing (our deck is only 6 months old) and how can you stain that when there is black striping made to look like wood graining? I'm so angry as I said that I can't call them or I'll blast them and that will get me nowhere.

I don't want to hear stain it... You are right when you say that's why we bought this product...not to have to stain it.

I'm going to tell my neighbors (I live in a planned community) NOT to buy Timbertech. They will lose a lot of sales as many of the houses need new decks.

What a terrible response...stain it.


05:39PM | 06/21/10
Member Since: 05/18/10
3 lifetime posts
Timbertech contacted me regarding my warranty claim on XLM Mountain Cedar turning white. Today they sent out a crew to pressure wash and treat my entire deck with Deckmax green. I'm impressed with the product. The deck looks brand new without a hint of white discoloration. I'm concerned about the longevity of the "fix". I don't want to have to do this myself after 1 or 2 years and every 1 or 2 years therafter. This is to be low mantainance. If I wanted to "treat" my deck every year, I wouldn't have spent major bucks on Timbertech, I'd have opted to keep the pressure treated lumber. I'll keep you posted. Hopefully Timbertech will stand by their 25 year warrenty and pay to have the deck treated every year. I won't hold my breath.


06:13AM | 06/23/10
Member Since: 06/22/10
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What a rip off! My deck was installed last August and it is chalking along the edges of the board that receive the most sun. I agree that we should not have to stain the deck yearly. What is the point of using this so called maintenance free product. I just gave the warranty claim papers to my contractor and we'll see.

I'll ALL for the class action suit! Especially if they knew of the defect and knowingly sold the product anyway. At a minimum I want free deck maintenance as often as needed to keep it from chalking!


06:59PM | 06/28/10
Member Since: 06/27/10
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I am interested in class action suit information. Are others pursuing this?


08:11PM | 06/28/10
Member Since: 06/27/10
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Consumer Sales Practices Act (1972)

ORC § 1345.01

Protects consumers from unfair, deceptive or unconscionable acts or practices in connection with the purchase or solicitation for a purchase that would be used for the home or personal use

Makes it illegal for sellers to misrepresent the nature of their business, products or services, the price of their goods or the terms of a transaction.

Prohibits sellers from taking advantage of a consumer’s illiteracy, mental or physical disability, or inability to understand the terms of a sale.

Prohibits sellers from selling a product or service to a consumer they know cannot afford or substantially benefit from the purchase.

Requires sellers to honor guarantees, warranties and rain checks.

Protects consumers from deceptive advertising and other types of fraud.


04:37AM | 07/03/10
Member Since: 05/01/10
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Exactly what is happening to ours....white chalking along edges of every plank on floor. So far railing is ok.

This information has to get out there as I'm sure there are many, many customers having the same problem.

Blog, blog on any website you can find. The power of the internet.

I don't know how to start a class action suit but I think it is now warranted and

one of the posts said to file with Ohio Attorney General.

Maybe we should do that in whatever state we live in?

My once beautiful deck is now looking terrible and they said over the phone that the new Desert Bronze won't chalk....well it does ...that constitutes fraud doesn't it?


06:20PM | 07/07/10
Member Since: 05/18/10
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It has now been 3 weeks after DeckMax Green was applied to my Timbertech XLM Mountain Cedar deck. The first 2 weeks things looked great. Now, my deck is turning BLACK. It looks like someone took a flame thrower across my deck. I just emailed Timbertech with the photos today. I can't believe things went from white discoloration to the complete opposite-Black. I'll be curious to see what the solution will be this time, this is so frustrating. I'm all for a class action lawsuit too. My wife works for a law office, I'll have her look into it.


01:25PM | 07/16/10
Member Since: 07/14/10
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We too experienced the same whitening on both the Mtn Cedar and Desert Bronze within months of installation getting progressively worse late spring and early summer of this year. Timbertech had told us this was "unusual" and sent us out the same band aid for a broken leg fix as well. Shortly after contacting Timbertech about our "unusual" problem we received Deck Max Green (DMG) and applied it in a couple small areas on both the MTN Cedar and the Desert Bronze. Initially seemed like a miracle fix, but having a fair amount of experience in wood restoration and coatings I was content to sit back and wait and see. To my surprise the product failed quicker than I expected only lasting about 3 weeks before seeing the whitening begin to show through once again. The next proposed solution was The Deck Max Enhanced (DME) with extended UV protection that was apparently manufactured with Timbertechs participation. I wondered, if this was such an "unusual" circumstance, why have they worked with this company to develop such a product, just in case? Anyway, received the DME shortly thereafter and applied to one each of MTN Cedar and Desert Bronze boards on the steps. Again, initially seemed to be like magic, unfortunately before we could "wait and see" a rep from Timbertech wanted to do all 900 square feet of decking as a gesture of "good faith" to show they cared about our problem and wanted to help put our concerns to rest. I fully believe that based on past experiences they believed this would solve the problem and we would just be OK with that, NOT SO. within 1 week of applying DME the blackening began to show up in random areas on both MTN Cedar and Desert Bronze. I have documented the failure process with pictures and emails. It was 2 weeks to the day yesterday, Thursday 7/15/2010 that DME was applied. Let me tell you, Screed is not exaggerating about it looking like someone took a flame thrower to his deck, ours looks the exact same, like a disease rapidly spreading all over. Everyday I get home from work it looks like a pyromaniac made another visit and torched a few more boards, disbelief doesn't even cover it. It should be noted that we have heard nothing from Timbertech about either how the deck was holding up after application, or our satisfaction (or lack there of) with the end result. Pretty sure that based on what has transpired here that the materials used to build this deck are ruined, and I have a hard time believing the deck will not need to be replaced. Believe me, I would much rather be sitting on my once (although briefly) beautiful deck sipping a cold one rather than replying to what appears to be a great failure to what we hoped was a great product, manufactured by an honest, reputable company.


05:50PM | 07/16/10
Member Since: 06/27/10
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Just wondering if the Deck-Max is still working?


04:38AM | 07/17/10
Member Since: 05/01/10
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Wow unbelievable. As I said before I'm not contacting them until the Fall as I'm really too upset with them and this latest product. For now I just want to sit on the deck and enjoy it..(however watching the white spread is not enjoyable)

If I have to I'll go after them legally. Reading all the posts I really believe this is only the tip of the iceberg with this product. I wish we could start another blog that would go all over the country.

If enough people complain, maybe they'll do something? Or am I dreaming.


07:18AM | 07/17/10
Member Since: 07/16/10
2 lifetime posts
Our TimberTech deck is only 9 months old and we have a substantial amount of this whitening problem occuring. The deck sits on the north side of the house and is protected from any substantial harsh sun and also we haven't even got but a few chairs and a table on it and very little use at that. Pretty disheartening for what is suppose to be a high tech, high class item. It was certainly high priced!

I've contacted my contractor about the problem and will wait for him to do the foot work with the manufacturer before I decide to "go off" on them myself.

I've read all 4 pages on this site and found them extremely helpful. Somewhat gloomy, but helpful.

I'll keep posting my results with the, "not so al-white with me" problem.

Just wanted for now to register as one more TimberTech customer who is not real happy with their product at this point.


04:36PM | 07/21/10
Member Since: 07/20/10
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Unbelievable, I have just moved into my new home and my Timber Tech XLM deck is already turning white in the area which receives the most sun.

I have not even closed on my house yet. The worst part is I had read these problems before I decided on this deck. I went to the supply house and we looked up the problems on their computer. The three sales people assured me they had never had or heard of this problem. They told me it was isolated cases.

I have not talked with the builder yet but this website has been extremely helpful. I will follow up after I talk with my supplier/builder.


03:51PM | 07/22/10
Member Since: 07/21/10
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Glad I found this forum, my Timber Tech XLM Mountain Cedar has a little white spotting but bigger problem, our planks are turning black! Deck was installed August 2009, this spring we noticed some dark patches which are getting worse. We have some planks that are completely black, others in various stages of darkening. It isn't every plank but is definitely spreading. Sent in our claim this week to Timber Tech. I will try to attach a picture.
1931 timber tech xlm


11:19AM | 07/27/10
Member Since: 07/26/10
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Wow, that is not good. So it turns white on it's own and black if it's coated? What about other manufacturers similar products? Anybody replace XLM with Azek or Fibron? I have seen Azek colors fade, but they are lighter and aren't as noticeable. The darker colors I don't know about.


09:58PM | 07/27/10
Member Since: 07/27/10
1 lifetime posts
Well sorry to hear all the problems people are having w/ the various composites. I spent alot of time researching Timbertech, Azek, etc...don't think I've left a brand/product unturned. I had already started to tear down my 20 yr old Cedar deck that was beyond repair. I really wanted to go composite. However, w/ all the reported problems from this and other forums, I'm really leaning heavily toward Cedar again despite the annual maintenance. If I go w/ clear cedar rather than cheaper tight knot grade...cost starts coming close to some composites. Any suggestions, ideas, positive experiences??

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