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10:01AM | 12/06/05
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I just found out that my washer drain is not plumbed into the main house drain (to septic tank) as I had thought. Digging it out to try to unclog it I found that the previous owner had just created an L shaped section of PVC about 8 inches underground below the standpipe with holes drilled into it. It no longer drains, likely due to 48 years of accumulated laundry sludge in what was once a rock leachfield type area, now its more mud than rock.

I would like to plumb this into the house drain correctly but don't know how to locate the house drain line. Is it likely to extend beyond the slab on the side on the house without the septic tank? Is it likely to be PVC or metal? Can I just "Y" into it if I can find it?

I guess my only other option is to dig out what is likely tons of mud and rebuild the gravel leachfield area? I really can't afford to bring in a pro as I'm spending all my money fixing Wilma damage.

House is single story, CBS, 2/1, no basement, built 1958, located in South Florida. Any suggestions appreciated.


03:19PM | 12/06/05
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The most LIKELY places is for the drain exit the house underground nearest the main vent stack. There should also be a cleanout in that area in side the house. And then run direct from their to the septic tank.

HOWEVER, for many reasons that might not have happened. For example the plans got reversed and the connection comes out the wrong side and has to circle the house.

Based on the age of the house I doubt that the line is plastic.

Probably clay tile or cast iron. But in 48 years you have no idea of there have been any repairs or modificiations.


07:04AM | 12/07/05
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Right but the main vent stack is on the other side of the house, the same side as the septic tank. I know the drain exits there but its the other side of the house where I need to find it. Is it likely to go through the house in a straight line?

Cast iron or clay pipes; unfortunately that's about what I expected and pretty much leads me to conclude that I'll have to rebuild the gravel field and do it that way. I realize its not code but it seems common around here. I just can't spend the time or money to fix it correctly if its not something I can work with myself with the tools I have.

Thanks for your time!

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