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10:05AM | 06/30/06
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Need help....

Have a new 5/8 meter flowing 28 gpm at house side of meter, proptery goes up a 10 ft incline to house.

3/4 pex main line 75 ft long,to main valve, a 3/4 gate valve. then 10ft to water.

The 3/4 line runs thru the house for another 70ft. All branch lines to units are 1/2 pex. I have approx. 34 units total as per BMS 79 demand weights chart. 3 bed 21/2 ba 2400 sq ft. single.

Have only 9.0 gpm going thru elct flow meter on water softner, high flow sears 800 softner. I only see a small reduction in flow, maybe 1 gpm with softner on. All plumbing 3/4 pex or copper at these points.. With an oval tub running and 2 sinks and kitchen sink on, the kitchen sink at other end of house flow is about 1/2 gpm...out of kitchen sink.

I am out of water??????

Am I really running out of water or a pinched 3/4 main pipe???..

This is a new house, plumbing contractor playing the blame game on City water dept...I had the city flow the meter rate was 28 gpm...What a chore...No one wants to get involved... Is the 3/4 main too small,is

meter to small


02:24PM | 06/30/06
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I am sorry left out the psi at the house hose bib 60 psi 28 gpm out of the meter house free style not manifolded 90 and ts used through out I think the pex is 200 psi rated....tough stuff.


06:21AM | 06/02/15
Did you do a bucket flow test on each tap. The tub is probably 6 to 10 Gpm. Each tap should be capable of 4-6 Gpm. With the length and config you described it sounds like the flow restriction is your problem. That flow through your water meter was probably open discharge at 0 Psi.


05:55PM | 03/23/16
You need to do hydraulic calculations to know what you got and what you require. It is that simple.

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