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06:47AM | 03/19/01
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My husband and I recently bought our first home. The house was built in 1940 and at that time Ivy was planted throughout the entire front yard. As you can imagine, after 60 years it's very very deep and thick. I would like to replace this with grass. What is the best way to remove all this ivy?


04:29PM | 03/22/01
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I, too, bought an old house (circa 1920) with a LOT of ground Ivy. In fact, enough to kill off a couple of trees. I've been pulling it out and off my house for 3 years now. It seems to be getting a little thinner, (or maybe it's just killed everything else off!) But I would also be interested in a better way to get rid of it if someone has one!


02:00AM | 03/23/01
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One recommended way to kill off vegetable garden weeds is to cover with heavy plastic. The heat will kill off everything after a week or so. Ugly for the front yard but may work.


05:21PM | 04/08/01
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I agree with david... my Aunt had the same problem with pachysandra taking over her side yard... she mowed it over with a lawn mower (put the bag on first!!!) and then covered the whole area with black plastic - held down by bricks on the edges, and left it that way for practically all of August last year, and it was gone. good luck!

Bill Harris

04:20AM | 05/08/01
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I have a semi-similar problem-- the "lower 40" at my new homestead has about 1-1/2 acre of Kudzu (and about half of that is the "double whammy" of Kudzu AND Privet hedge ). The approach I'm taking is to bush-hog it, and as it sprouts fromt the individual runners and tubers, spray it with Round-Up brush killer. And be persistent for a couple of years.

You probably won't need to go to this extreme, but something like this would be a quick way to nuke the Ivy.


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