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03:52AM | 11/17/07
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I bought a home that has been vacant for 9 months. The owners left 10 cats there that used the rugs as a litter box (also cat spray on the walls.) It's so bad, that we pulled out the (very nasty) rugs and padding but the urine has gone into the sub flooring. I bought Natures Miracle, applied to coats. Still stinky. I was thinking of applying a coat of Binz Primer to walls and sub flooring then applying two coats of Kilz Original, then pain and put down rug and hard wood floors in kitchen. Can anyone tell me what I should or could use, oil based, latex, what goes on first and will keep the smell away so I can actually move in!I can't afford to put down new sub flooring. Please help!


09:10AM | 11/18/07
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The primer to use in this case is the BIN pigmented shellac as that will hold back the odor. There is no need to prime over this with the oil based stain killer but you should prime the entire wall as if you only prime half of the wall it will show throuigh your finish paint. Of course you will need to prime the entire subfloor area to insure the odor is held back.

Hope this helps out.


06:26PM | 11/20/07
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Thanks, That's the product I bought and have already put one coat on EVERYTHING. I'm going to put a second coat on everything, then paint and new wall to wall carpets. I hope this will work. I want to live there for a very long time.

Thanks again,



06:19AM | 04/16/09
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Hello, today is April 16, 2009 and still NO CAT SMELL! I found out there was 27 cats, not 10! I used bin Original primer on everything from floors to ceilings, inside cabinets and I had to pour the Bin into a few corners of the house so it would seep into all the cracks between the walls and floors. It was so disgusting I can't explain how bad it was.The subflooring was still wet from the cat urine! I pulled up the rugs. let the house and floors all dry out, vacuumed the salts from the urine. treated it with a urine be gone which didn't do anything really. then I poured baking soda all over the place, (believe me, I was desperate to try anything) vacuumed again after a few days then used the Bin. I used two to three coats on everything! Then new padding, rugs and laminate floors. THE SMELL IS GONE! I never thought I would be able to live here, but I've had people that are allergic to cats come and stay here, and nothing. I swear by that Bin Original.


04:45PM | 04/16/09
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I am glad to hear that the BIN primer worked and that you are able to enjoy your home.


04:18PM | 09/07/09
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I recently removed all the wall to wall carpet and padding from a room and hall. I have one room to go. The cat repeatedly urinated on the carpet and it's really in the particle board sub-flooring.

I read about B-I-N and plan to use it. My question: Is Clear B-I-N better as claimed for odor sealing? Also, should I spray the floor with an enzyme - I have Anti Icky Poo - and let it work for a couple weeks first?

Thanks for the advice.


05:29PM | 09/09/09
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Most people use the pigmented BIN as it is easier to find and it works. I have found that as long as the floor is dry the BIN will hold the odor back.


07:45AM | 04/24/12
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I've had a similar problem when moving into my grand parent's apartment. I have a friend who is a veterinary too. He said there is no easy solution to this. I had to remove all the layers down to the concrete, place insulation and put the coating back on.


04:49PM | 04/25/12
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So Bin really worked? That's great. Glad you got the figured out.


10:53AM | 05/15/13
What makes the smell of something, like cat urine or smoking odors? The smell is made of invisible gases that have vaporized from the source. These vaporized odors float in the air attaching to any airborne particles carrying the odors and toxins throughout the room. Permanently resolve these issues with, Air-ReNu a paint additive, turns any wall, surface, into a permanent air, purification system no electricity or filters required.


01:59AM | 06/04/13
Can someone help me? Whats the difference between bin and kilz when it comes to removing pet urine odor. We just purchased a home and the smell is overwhelming. Should we just paint oversubfloor or remove and paint. Thank you

Veronica Jeannette, Hamilton, NJ

11:33PM | 03/11/14
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My problem is cat urine odor in the garage. I care for 4 feral cats who sleep in my garage during the awful winters, especially this winter, here in NJ. For two years I had no problem whatsoever with odor. This year was different. I used a product called GET SERIOUS which I purchased from Petsmart and paid a lot of money for. Used it twice. Still hasn't worked.

Next I'm going to try either BIN pigmented original primer and paint the garage floor and walls or AIR-Re Nu, a paint additive. We'll see what happens.


07:59PM | 06/24/14
Hat 2 fixed cats, they urinated on the carpet. I tried cleaning the carpet with Pet stain remover, also put baking soda and hydrogen peroxide on the sub floor. Was good for a while and now the cats are starting again. Just don't know what to do anymore. Does anybody have a tip and that.
Need to rip the rug out and treat the sub floor with something.


10:29PM | 06/30/14
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I'm in the process of purchasing a house that had cats in it. The sub floor is still wet from cat urine. I am planning on using BIN sealer on the floor. My question is how long does it take for the wet areas to dry? Any suggestions on getting it to dry faster other than using a fan on it? Can I put something on it to help dry it?

Thanks for any help.


08:15PM | 07/27/14
Has anyone tried the bin on cat urine and did it work?


07:08PM | 08/28/14
Yep. I've been working on a house all summer. Sealed the subfloor with BIN and can't smell ca.t pee anymore.

Works awesome


07:10PM | 08/28/14
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Works awesome. I can't even smell cat urine in the house I've been remodeling.


05:16PM | 08/31/14
I pried up all the oak flooring down to the subfloor, used Nature's Miracle (didn't work well enough) and then used KILZ water-base to seal it. This wasn't enough and NOW I'm reading this post and planning to use BIN. My question is: is it too late now that KILZ is already down?


03:24PM | 01/04/15
We bought a house with a lot of dog urine in the carpet, and it had penetrated the plywood subfloor in places. I first used the low odor synthetic shellac water-based BINS primer, which was more expensive, but the urine stains were clearly penetrating it, even after two coats on the wood and sanding & vacuuming the worst white-crystal-marked spots. I don't know if this also carried odor, as the floor wasn't smelly, but we just wanted it sealed so we didn't have any nasty surprises in the hot humid summer later. We did original shelac based BINS on top of that, and there was no soak through. The floors were very dry, and conditions were cool, not humid. In comparing the two products, the water based was much thicker, which sounds like it would be good, but I actually preferred the runnier original because it soaked into the cracks better and spread back under the trim along the wall much easier. The odor diference between the two is incredible. The first was light, but I used a respirator for the original and the house smells something like nail polish remover fumes enough to get lightheaded. Both dried relatively quick. What a wonderful product.


11:19AM | 01/23/15

My husband and I purchased a home about 6 months ago. we were unaware of cat urine on the carpets until we moved in. the home. It as if the previous owners just allowed there pets to run wild.

anyway...we now need to determine whether we should replace the subfloors through out, or is there some form of chemical treatment we can use to penetrate the stains and remove the smell. If we need to replace the subfloors

Any help you can offer would be AMAZING!!!


02:36PM | 02/11/15
I think I have solved our problem. We had HORRIBLE cat urine issues in our living room. Pulled up carpet and padding. Subfloor was awful and had black mold in two spots. You had knock yourself out odors from 8 feet of the subfloor areas. Did not pretreat with enzyme as some suggest. Put down 4 coats of BIN pigmented shellac. Stopped the worst of the smell. The most offensive areas still had some bleed through odors doing a sniff test from an inch or two above the subfloors. Tried two more coats of BIN to no avail. I had a can of Kilz and decided to drop a coat down on top as it is much thicker oil based to see what would happen. One coat down on top and dry time and I dont smell anything outside of a quarter size area or two with a faint whiff any longer. Thinking about putting on one more coat of kilz for good measure. The BIN seemed to be better to put down first because it really absorbs. The Kilz is much thicker and more of a top coat and sealed it good. No bubbling or anything odd that I saw so far and I am still alive. I would suggest trying them in that order. If it can fix my issues, I can not imagine it could be much worse.


06:46PM | 09/27/15
My flooring company used a left over paint
to cover the cat urine stained subfloor prior
to installing a new pad and carpet.
I swear I can smell cat urine.

Does regular house paint work to seal the floor?
I thought they were going to use Kilz.


08:14PM | 04/12/16
We had a cat that peed in our dining room. We didn't think he was still doing it. We decided to replace the carpet with hardwood floors. When we pulled up the carpet, P-U! There were black spots on the subfloor, too! I couldn't stand it. If we had put hardwood over that, we would have still smelled it. I did not know about the paint-on products. Had a contractor replace all the subfloors. It was only a few hundred dollars and the smell of the fresh wood (even before he put in the hardwood floors) was great.


01:00PM | 06/20/16
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Our cat has been peeing one spot of the house continuously over the past year. We have finally got him to stop by placing a new litterbox in the area but there is still an odour - the worst part is my efforts to clean and scrub the area soaked the floor and allowed it to flow not only onto the subfloor but through that and onto the joists below and now the room below has the odour, as well as small stain marks on the ceiling!

My plan is to remove the carpet, remove the subfloor, and remove the ceiling drywall below. Then I will allow the joists to dry and paint them with the BIN primer based on the recommendations here - would this be to code?

Then after that replace the subfloor with new plywood and ceiling drywall with AirRenew Drywall. I'm hoping that will be the end of it.


01:39PM | 08/05/16
You guys are all awesome! I'm gonna try BIN and Air Renu together. We moved and my kitty wasn't too happy about it, now she's not using her litter when she should be. So she's been marking, unfortunately, we ripped up the floors, which probably added to her anxiety, and she peed on the subfloor!!! Ugh. I tried biokleen bacout and it kind of worked, but I smell lingering this will have to do for now. I'm not gonna rip out all that subfloor for that silly cat! Anyway, thanks for the help!


09:47PM | 09/10/16
I'm curious. Is BIN pigmented shellac no longer available as I can't find it. We are looking to purchase a home with terrible pet odors and I want to use the best thing possible before we resort to ripping out the subfloors.


12:57PM | 10/10/16
I used the BIN pigmented shellac...9 months later...still no problem. I pulled up the carpet on my 2nd floor and it turned out the previous owners had laid over a bunch of dog pee...which caused my cats to pee all over the place. I couldn't get the smell out of the house...I used the BIN. Laid bamboo flooring. The cats stopped peeing. Bottomline...It worked like a champ.


03:44PM | 10/17/16
can cat pee stay wet in subfloor after 3 years


04:04PM | 07/14/17
Should I use kilz max oil base on my sub flooring to get ride of the cat pee smell

Larry in WY

11:14PM | 08/22/17
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For those who have use BIN Primer to seal cat urine odors in a sub-floor... how long has it been since you used BIN and have any odors resurfaced? Does it last 2, 3, 5, 10 years? I recognize that replacing the sub-floor is the best solution, but not a reasonable option for me due to radiant floor heating screwed to the underside of the sub-floor. Any responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


11:34AM | 09/18/17
I used BIN last spring to cover cat odors. Lady had 12 cats living indoors when I bought rental. Realtor pointed out several spots on Laminate floor that had "water damage". It wasn't water damage! Cats had peed so many times in those spots that it damaged the flooring. On warm days, you could smell urine when standing ten feet away from the house outside. Urine had soaked into the wood sub-flooring 1x3 boards that was installed in 1941. I was told to cut out and replace flooring. I removed baseboards, applied 10 gallons of BIN to 500 square feet of flooring. I primered the walls and ceilings with BIN also before painting.. After two hot Sacramento summers(100 plus degrees) the house has zero smell. I didnt even smell cats when I was crawling under the house as I re-plumbed it on those hot days. I used BIN to prime the walls, ceilings and floors of two other rental cottages I bought. I did not apply it particularly thick on those houses. On warm days, they had that "old house" smell just from the wood. They were built in 1941 also. There is zero smell of any kind when I enter them and it has been two hot summers for them as well.


10:54AM | 02/02/18
I'd like to thank the person who posted the original question and those that replied. Your help was immeasurable. I'd like to include our story and a note to give the primer at least two days to dry...if not three. It might make all the difference. It did for us. We bought our home a few months ago and did not move in right away. The house had been empty for a year and the previous owners had at least one pet so the whole house had a weird smell. We thought we'd gotten rid of it once we removed the carpet and scrubbed everything. It wasn't until we moved in and were in the house for longer periods of time that we noticed the unmistakable smell of cat urine. It wasn't in every room and it was hard to pinpoint just where it was...but it was there. We were just days from having carpet installed and were panicked after trying everything to get rid of the smell. After reading this thread, we bought a few gallons of BIN primer and rolled it everywhere on the subfloor. We even let it flow under the baseboards, as others had noted. By the second day I could still smell it when I got down on the floor. I was back online and at the store searching, ready to cancel the flooring, when I saw on the instructions for the KILZ primer that if the smell remained, the primer needed more time to dry. I gave the BIN primer one extra day to "cure" and that did the trick. There is no smell anywhere. I crawled the floor sniffing EVERYWHERE and couldn't detect the faintest hint of urine. We are so pleased with the outcome and thankful we didn't have to replace all the subfloor. Again, thanks for the helpful posts.


06:06PM | 02/17/18
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Can BIN be used as a drywall sealing primer on damaged sheet rock after wallpaper removal? I found very smelly pet stains after removing carpet and two layers of wallpaper. Drywall must be sealer primed and skim coated before painting.

Or, do I need to remove bottom two feet of drywall and replace subfloor like other forums insist?

All advice will be greatly appreciated.


08:02PM | 03/09/18
Urine soaks into the gypsum and loosens the bonds of the drywall itself. For drywall, you are probably better off cutting it out and relaying a new piece. Easy to tape in a new piece, then paint.

I had a house whose POs had many, many cats. The 1st floor joists were literally stained white (which I could not see due to the plaster and lathe basement ceiling) and I had to have a mold company come in an literally sandblast the joists to get them at least somewhat clean. Then, I liberally applied Kennel Odor Cleaner, a professional product used by vets and kennel odors to keep the cement dog and cat runs clean.

It works miracles. Several coats of KOE on both the joists and the basement, then several coats of polyurethane (more solids than paint) on the joists and boom, no more smelly basement.

I did remove the 1st floor subfloor some spots is was literally rotten from cat pee. But that's another story.

Use's a miracle.


12:52PM | 04/02/18

Is this the best product for cat urine on a subfloor?


08:33AM | 12/27/18
My nightmare tenant moved out but unknown to me had a cat (along with 2 dogs) that have been allowed to go to the bathroom on all floors (laminate-living areas) and (real wood in the bedrooms) for the year's lease with no cleanup. There are some areas of staining on the real floor and an overwhelming smell of cat urine when walking in the house. An industrial FOGGER was suggested to penetrate any hard surfaces which would remove the crystallized urine from under the laminate, etc. Sound like this will work? I can't afford to replace wood floors in the whole house. This is my home of 9 years and I need to move back in. HELP!


10:06AM | 06/26/19
This is the absolute best thread, and testament, I've found on the internet about BIN Primer vs. pet stains and odor. And trust me, I've read a lot of them.

There are several variations of BIN available, including synthetic, non-synthetic, stain blocker, odor sealer, white, clear, etc. But I have yet to see anything that says "BIN Original" on the can or in the online title or description.

Cindy (or someone else who KNOWS the answer), please tell us exactly which BIN product you used.

It would be EXTREMLY helpful to myself and others facing this same problem if we could get the full name on the can, and ideally a SKU, Item, or manufacturer's number.

None of the BIN products are cheap, and like Cindy, we want to do it right the first time, and move on with our lives.

We would all appreciate it very much! Thank you!


03:54PM | 07/04/19
Just wanted to share our story. We had a tenant that had 10 dogs that urinated everywhere in the house. They let it sit and just soak into the hardwood floors. We tried everything to clean it including natures miracle and nothing touched it. We heard about Zinsser Bin shellac primer and so we coated all the hardwood with it 3 times and also 2 feet up the walls. Had to do all cracks where floors meet walls and even had to do under toe kicks in kitchen. The smell was so strong I had to wear a mask every day. They literally urinated everywhere. I swear by this stuff. We are now happy to say all smell is gone and we are about to lay down vinyl plank. Never, ever did I believe it would be livable but now it is thanks to the BIN!!!


11:32PM | 08/24/19
There is a product called stream clean or clean stream, you can get it from Amazon.


12:09PM | 06/13/20
Guys, I have the same problem, but I have Tile flooring. The urine must have soaked thru the grout. Can I use the Bin primer on that? Maybe they have a clear one?? Any help???


12:19PM | 07/15/20
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HELP! We purchased a log cabin in the winter and all seemed well until the hot, humid days of summer hit - then, ugh! Cat urine! Especially in the upstairs bedroom. The floors are wood, the walls are wood. We've tried spraying with Clorox Urine Remover which is helping some but I'm worried we may be driving it between the crack into the space between floor and ceiling underneath? It also smells to high heaven around the house outside. I bought a black light flash light but don't really see any "a-ha!" spots. Upstairs the odor is hard to pinpoint. We've got our bedroom taken apart and are just doing the entire room (we did spots a time or two before). We cannot afford to take up the floors. Is there anything else we can do? Thank you in advance!


05:07PM | 10/04/20
I too bought a home that is is saturated with dog urine. Pulled up carpet & tile on the floor. The floor is still strong, but it's buckled,stained,& smells horrible!!! The sub flooring is still wet. Replacing the floor isn't a option right now,I want the smell out so I can put another sub floor on top of the old floor. I was told they were horters & had dogs that never went potty outside. They poo & pee all throut this house. How do I get rid of the dog pee & poo smell? I am desperate & need help


12:29PM | 12/03/20
How long do you have to let the Kilz dry before putting down new pad and carpet?

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