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01:46PM | 08/15/01
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Can anyone out there please tell me how to dry a wall-to-wall carpet? I've tried newspaper, a dehumidifier and a shop-vac, but nothing has worked.

If you have an idea that may work, please tell me!

Thanks in advance ...

Jay J

04:34PM | 08/15/01
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Hi MurphMan,

It will take a while since you're not able to dry BOTH sides of the carpet. Also, your problem is with the padding too (assuming you have it) since it's like a sponge, and MUCH denser than the carpet. It's like trying to dry a sponge by blowing warm air across it.

If this was the result of a flood or a leak or whatever, talk to your Home Insurance Company for guidance. Perhaps they'll pay to replace it, or perhaps they'll pay PART of the replacement carpet. If the water is due to 'spot damage', then you need to give it time. Sometimes, a space heater is needed along w/the dehumidifier. DON'T run it unless you're there. I'm a bit leary of turning on a space heater and 'walking away' from it to, say ..., go to work or something.

Other than taking out the carpet, that's all I have for ideas. My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator


05:15AM | 08/17/01
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Have you ever used one of those "steam" cleaners on your carpet? It sprays water on to the carpet, then ****s it back up.
You can rent a carpet cleaner and only do part 2 - that is **** it up only. Or you can do the same thing with a wet/dry shop vac.
That won't get it all, but next use a dehimidifier combined with a couple of electric fans.
(I guess the editor didn't like the "S-ck" word.)

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08:13AM | 08/17/01
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If it is not too much water I agree with the steam cleaner. Depending on where you live you can rent one from the local grocery store for $20 for 24 hours. They are very easy to use. I did this once and it only took about a day to completely dry. The carpet dries in a few hours, but be sure not to put furniture on for at least 24 hours, give the pad time to dry.

Good luck!


10:00AM | 08/17/01
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I once had a bulkhead leak into my basement after the snow/ice melted. There was a lot of water in the basement carpet and padding. I first used a shop vac to get a lot of the water out. Then I rented a "floor blower" It was a high power fan at ground level, almost seemed to pick the water out of floor. I had it on the floor for about three days, moving it around the floor periodically. Worked great, I would use on again. Hopefully I won't need to! Good luck. -Steve

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