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10 Smart Storage Tricks for a Tiny Bathroom

A bathroom doesn’t need to be vast to feel comfortable, soothing, and elegantly efficient. A smaller space just requires some well-planned storage options and a clean, welcoming decor. These design tricks fit the bill on both fronts: They offer smart ways to maximize space, and they do it with uncluttered, style-savvy good looks.

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Aim High

That foot or two above the door is an often-overlooked spot to eke out an extra bit of storage space in any room. In a bathroom, it’s perfect for spare toilet paper rolls and bins full of cleaning or grooming supplies. If you’re not tall enough to reach, take a cue from this homeowner and keep a folding stool in a corner.

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Crystal Clear

A gleaming glass shower door is a classic choice for a tiny bathroom because it keeps the space feeling open. Be sure to choose a tempered variety, which is safer than regular glass. 

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Thin Out

The fixtures that make up a bathroom—toilet, sink, and tub or shower stall—are big and immovable, which limits options for fitting in much storage furniture. That’s what makes a slim, freestanding drawer unit so ingenious. It makes the most of that narrow slot next to the toilet, hiding extra paper rolls and all kinds of gear in an unassuming, water-resistant cabinet.

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Don't Shed Tiers

Noticing a pattern? Embrace vertical storage by making use of a number of levels. Note how this small shelving unit packs multiple tiers of storage into a quarter-round shape that can be slipped neatly into an empty corner on the floor or countertop. An oil-rubbed bronze finish adds texture and warmth—big plusses in the bathroom, which can often feel a bit sterile and chilly.

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DIY a Drawer

No built-in storage drawers? Install them yourself in the existing cabinetry or shelves. This wooden unit from Lowe’s is sold as a kitchen solution, but it works equally well in a bathroom cabinet. Simply screw the tracks onto a shelf, and you’ve got a sliding drawer that’s the perfect size for toiletries and cosmetics.

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Reflect on This

Mirrors are a key element in the home-design bag of tricks—and especially appropriate for a small bath. Note how this tall storage cabinet looms less large thanks to its mirrored door. Along with its matching medicine chest, the cabinet increases storage space without making the room feel overstuffed.

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Borrow From Your Entryway

Take a long look at your entryway, where you store coats, shoes, and hats, and you’ll find inspiration for another room in your house! Any coat rack works equally well in a bathroom, where it can catch robes and soggy towels.

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Double the Duty

When selecting bathroom furniture, look for items that offer enough function to earn their keep. For example, this artful seat is a chair and a towel rack! This design bundles a lot of functionality into a compact and lovely package. Crafted from bamboo for a spa vibe, it offers a place to perch, rungs for hanging items, and a shelf underneath for shampoos or a scale.

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Get Some New Wheels

Lifesavers for small spaces, wheeled carts bring flexibility to the layout with their ability to simply roll clutter into another room when company comes. On this clean-lined IKEA model, a sectioned top tray organizes a slew of little items, such as makeup and toothbrushes. The shelves underneath can be removed to accommodate larger articles as needed, and there are even bars for hanging towels on the sides.

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Don't Forget the Doors!

It’s an oldie but a goodie: When storage space is tight, check behind your doors. A large organizer or hook rack can be suspended from the bathroom entry door. Smaller units, such as this shiny shelf, can be hooked inside an undersink cabinet to keep grooming gadgets or cleaning supplies within reach.

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