8 Fresh Designs for Kids’ Bathrooms

Often an afterthought in home design, the bathroom can meet most homeowners' needs with just a few essentials: a sink, toilet, tub, and—if you're lucky—a little storage. Throw some little ones into the mix, though, and suddenly your needs change. Where's the rubber ducky collection or a kid-friendly step stool? Check out our favorite bathroom ideas that cater to the special needs of kids and families.

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A Long Landing Place

Designed by Nurit Geffen-Batim Studio

Life with kids comes with a lot of “stuff.” Shuffling small bodies, shampoos, soaps, bath toys, towels, and the rest of the whatnot poses a logistical challenge. The long bench in this modern kids’ bathroom gives everybody a place to sit while drying off (or supervising!) and also serves as a landing place for the myriad slippers, PJs, and toys required at bath time.

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Bring on the Bright Colors

Zillow Digs home in Kansas City, KS

A kids’ bathroom gives you the opportunity to go wild with color—the brighter, the better. A cheery bathroom space will energize in the morning and lift everyone’s spirits at day’s end, when the energy is all but gone.

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Clean and Modern

Designed by JG Development, Inc.; photographed by Hal Kearney

A bathroom with clean, modern lines makes an excellent counterpoint to the general clutter kids tend to trail behind them. The floating vanity in this bathroom leaves space for step stools to tuck away neatly while not in use.

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Space for All

Designed by John R. Schroeder, AIA; photographed by Jody Dole

If you’re starting from scratch, why not design a sink area where everyone has her own space? In this kids’ bathroom, three small medicine cabinets sit over three faucets fitted into an oversize sink. Everyone can get ready at the same time, and nobody will confuse toothbrushes.

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Wonder Walls

Zillow Digs home in Annandale, NJ

A bathroom is a small enough space that you can splurge to satisfy a thematic itch without getting overwhelmed. The ocean mural in this bathroom instantly captivates the imagination and transports you to another world—not to mention, it’s just plain fun!

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All in the Decals

Designed by SF Design Build; photographed by Whistle Photography

Wall decals add panache to a room without commitment. The A-to-Z menagerie of animals in this kids’ bathroom provides both design and entertainment. They’re easy to apply and just as easy to remove when tastes change.

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Supervisory Seating

Designed by Chan Architecture; photographed by Shannon McGrath

Younger children often need help in the bath, so save your back by making room for a small stool where you can perch while the bubbles fly. This seat will also be handy for those early toilet-training sessions, when you may need to entertain a prince or princess with books and chatter.

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Off the Hook

Designed by Masterpiece Builders of Austin, LLC; photographed by Roxanne Gutierrez

Wall storage is a favorite anywhere in the home—but it’s effective only when everyone can reach it. When you’re adding hooks in the bathroom, install them just below eye level to make it easier for all family members to hang up their towels to dry.

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