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13 Eye-Popping Ways to Decorate with Pampas Grass at Home

This gorgeous grass makes a rustic-meets-modern statement that will blend in with any interior design style.
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What is Pampas Grass?

One of the biggest decor trends of the year has been the addition of pampas grass in the home, its wheat-toned plumes offering a dreamy, rustic look wherever you put it. The gorgeous grass adds soft, fluffy texture that brings the outside in, and provides a relaxing vibe to any space.

“The best thing about pampas is that it lasts for years!” says Tiffany Jones, owner and creator of Pampas Trove. “The investment is well worth it,” she adds, noting that the grass makes a great holiday or birthday gift, and it works well for decor at baby and bridal showers. The possibilities are endless!

A tip as you embark on your pampas creativity: Spray the fronds generously with hairspray to help prevent “shedding.” Pampas can be a bit messy, both while working with it and after the decorations are complete. Hairspray will help keep the plumes intact

DIY a Holiday Pampas Wreath

“We’re in full swing for the holidays, and what better way to welcome your guests than with a pampas wreath?” says Jones. “Whether it’s pampas sprayed black for Halloween, natural pampas for Thanksgiving, or white pampas for Christmas, this unique wreath will be sure to stand out.”

Jones recommends purchasing a ready-made wreath from a craft store, then using a hot glue gun, twine or florist wire to attach the pampas.

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Add Warmth to a Bedroom

The bedroom is a cherished space, and how you choose to decorate it makes all the difference. If you’re going for a minimal look, warm up the room by filling oversized vases with large pampas and placing them on either side of your bed, next to your nightstands. It will create a cozy-chic vibe for a calming environment. In the morning, the dramatic feature will soak in the sunlight.

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Use it for Tablescapes

For an everyday way to add minimalist flair to your dining room table, put a few stalks of pampas in a vase. For the holidays, Jones recommends sprucing up your festive tablescape with “some moody-brown, droopy pampas or white, thin pampas.”

Create a Dried Floral Bouquet

As beautiful as a fresh bouquet of flowers looks and smells, it doesn’t last very long. Dried floral bouquets to the rescue! The next time you buy a floral arrangement, allow the flowers to dry out by hanging them upside down; once dried, place the flowers in a vase, paired with pampas. “Many dried florals come in fall colors and combine beautifully with our natural pampas grass,” says Jones.

Update Your Mantel

Adding a natural statement to your mantel is on-trend. Eucalyptus has been one of the most popular decorations, so mix in fronds of pampas to create an earthy garland that transcends the seasons.

Add Pops of Color to a Child’s Room

“Decorate your children’s rooms with fun pink pampas,” suggests Jones. Pampas can be found in a variety of eye-catching colors. Mixed in with neutral hues, the fluffy grass will add a playful pop to the room.

Create a “Pampas Cloud Display”

“Feeling really ambitious? Create a dramatic and stunning look over your dining table or entryway with a pampas cloud display,” recommends Jones. “This involves a few supplies such as chicken wire, fishing line, gloves, etc., but once you make the base, it’s pretty easy to stick the pampas stems in to create a dreamy vision. This will require a lot of stems, but the result is magical.” Etsy merchant GIGkelly provides both the pampas—and the inspiration—for this look.

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Add Texture to Your Bar Cart

A well-styled bar cart adds a fun focal point in the home. Break up the glass and metals that fill your cart with some natural texture. Cut down a few stalks of pampas and place in a vase, or keep them tall and place in an oversized urn next to your bar cart.

DIY a Whimsical Wall Hanging

Add dimension to any room with a large wall hanging made of dried florals and plush pampas grass. Palms, ruscus, ferns, thistle, bunny tail grass, and preserved roses will add muted, dreamy colors perfect for a soothing appearance.

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Create Botanical Art

Here’s how to create a minimalist look that adds warmth to any room: Etsy merchant Sunraincolored‘s work captures the natural, simple beauty of pampas by pressing dried wild pampas grass between glass and finishing it off with a simple wooden frame. Consider place the frame on an entryway table, giving life to the wall behind it that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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Fashion a Bridal Bouquet

Incorporated into a bridal bouquet, white pampas grass does double duty when the post-festivities bouquet becomes white pampas grass decor, dried and placed in an attractive vase. Be sure to use white pampas grass in bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, rather than the more common off-white type, to complement the bridal gown and provide a striking contrast to more colorful flowers in the arrangement.

Make a Tall Statement

For a particularly dramatic look, leave the very long stems of tall pampas grass intact. The feathery fluffiness of the seedheads is an arresting and attractive contrast to the slim stalks of the plant, which are every bit as impressive and worthy of display as the famed plumage. For maximum-impact tall pampas grass decor, place the long-stemmed plumes in a short-ish vessel, anchored in a block of floral foam to allow for precise placement and stability.

Simply Go Faux

If real pampas grass is too messy or too difficult to source, consider faux pampas grass decor. Often made of silk fibers, faux pampas grass is perhaps more durable than the real thing, but just as beautiful. Consider a carefully haphazard arrangement in a vase devoid of other decoration to allow the beauty of the faux pampas grass take center stage. Faux pampas grass is available in a variety of lengths to suit whatever project you’re working on.