13 Powder Room Ideas That Wow

Make a statement in this small but purposeful space in the house.

A Place to Experiment

powder room design ideas

The powder room may not be front and center in the home, but that makes it even more exciting to be creative with it. It’s a place to take risks with graphic wallpaper, intriguing artwork, bold hues, stylish light fixtures, and cool mirrors. We’ve rounded up inspiration to transform your powder room into a decorative masterpiece.


Shiplap Walls

shiplap powder room

Replicate the adventurous feel of a small room on a ship by transforming a powder room into a nautical space with shiplap, hung either vertically or horizontally. Keep it simple with a round mirror that’s like a window to the water.



minimalist powder room

If the goal of decorating your powder room is to make it appear clean and simple, a minimalist approach is the way to go. Paint the walls a calming shade of white, and use shades of brown, beige, and grey to combine sleekness with warmth. Skip features like artwork and trinkets for a truly minimalist approach.

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Geometric Gem

Geometric powder room

Looking for an Instagram-worthy bathroom? Look no further than this bold geometric gem. Vibrant orange in striking stripes bounce off the wall, especially when contrasted with a simple white vanity.


Simple Wallpaper

simple wallpaper powder room

Keep it classy while showing off a touch of boldness with a simple wallpaper design. A white base with a small, widely spaced graphic element offers an intriguing appearance without being too flashy.

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Antique Vanity

antique vanity powder room

Bold, intricate antiques aren’t just for a decadent dining room or study. An antique-looking vanity or a true antique piece of furniture that’s been repurposed transforms a powder room into a luxurious small room that’s fit for royalty.


White and Bright

White and Bright powder room

A powder room doesn’t need windows to be white and bright. From the floor to the ceiling, bright white paint and materials create a crisp, clean, and seemingly spacious room. Bright light bounces off the walls to add even more openness.


Statement Wallpaper

statement wallpaper powder room

Get graphic with a bold wallpaper. Bright colors and artistic designs combine to create a statement that will have you keeping the door open when the powder room is not in use for a pop of color when you walk by. Keep other design elements at a minimum so as not to clash with the wallpaper.


Slim Pedestal Sink

pedestal sink powder room

To show off more of the walls and floor and make the most of a small room, install a slim pedestal sink. The freestanding concept is especially useful for creating the illusion of a bigger powder room.


Tile Everything

tiles powder room

A tiny powder room with a narrow shape requires innovation to help open it up. Combine design, simplicity, and spaciousness with all-white floor-to-ceiling tile. Built-in cabinetry keeps the room from feeling cluttered.

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Double Mirror

double mirror powder room

A mirror is one of the easiest ways to add style to any space. Use double mirrors over a vanity in the powder room to create the look of a double sink design. Just because you don’t have the space doesn’t mean you can’t hack it!


Vintage Style

vintage style powder room

If a touch of history is what you’re after, style a powder room with vintage touches. Start with a wood floor, add a marble vanity, install wainscoting and floral wallpaper, and complete the look with a tray ceiling.


Curved Vanity

curved vanity powder room

Installing a curved vanity in the powder room adds a modern touch to the home. It’s especially ideal if the goal is to keep the space from feeling cramped, as the design will create more space on the floor.


Rustic Sink Statement

rustic sink statement powder room

Add a farmhouse feel to the home by incorporating rustic touches in the powder room. A shabby chic vanity can be accomplished with some sanding and chalk paint. Install a farmhouse-style sink, and decorate the vanity with old-timey trinkets and freshly picked flowers.

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