25 Tiny Bathrooms We Love

While they’re short on space, these small bathrooms make the most of their size with interesting designs, features and storage solutions.

By Cody Calamaio and Nicole Harris | Published Jan 31, 2018 11:09 PM

Up the Wall

Bold Tiles in a Small Bathroom

Graphic tiles transform this little loo from simple to remarkable. Running across the floor and up the wall, the tiles add texture and depth to the space. Optimise Design finished the room with a white wall-mounted toilet and glass shelf, which don’t visually compete with the statement-making tiles.

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Optimise Design

Crisp and Clean

Small White Bathroom

This bathroom looks streamlined and simple, thanks to the crisp glass accents and white color palette. Only the dark brown vanity strays from the light-hued design, becoming the sleek focal point of the room.

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Modern Minimalism

Modern Tiny Bathroom

Even the tiniest bathrooms can take on a contemporary aesthetic. These homeowners channeled modernity with a wall-hung toilet and flush button, round vessel sink, floating vanity, and mirror with build-in LED lights. Gray-toned floor tiles hung on the back wall complete the simple and sleek space.

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Zillow Digs home in Lighthouse Point, FL

Mirrors, Mirrors on the Walls

Bathroom Mirrors

Adding mirrors to a small bathroom makes it appear larger. Here, the homeowners installed two side-by-side medicine cabinets for increased illumination and added storage. Under-cabinet lighting, a frameless glass shower door, and pops of matte black complete the room.

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Center of Attention

Small Bathroom with Green Tiles

A vibrant green shower serves as an eye-catching focal point in this urban bathroom. The remaining wall space is outfitted with white subway tile and gray grout, whose muted tones allow the green to really pop. The homeowners also added thin (but deep!) cedar storage shelves to a narrow niche alongside the shower.

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Going Bold

Small Bath Remodel

Despite its tight quarters, this small loo is given a decidedly decorative lift with fun pineapple wallpaper. While dark colors usually make a room appear smaller, in this case they actually can take the focus off the bathroom's size and onto far more interesting design elements.

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Sliding Door

Bathroom with Sliding Door

Swinging doors take up precious real estate in any room, and they can greatly limit the design options of a tight lavatory. Consider installing a sliding door for added space. As a bonus: Farmhouse doors are trendy and beautiful!

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Bold Graphics

Colorful Small Bathroom

Design-savvy homeowners can let their personality shine through their small bathroom design. Here, The New Design Project bold relied on bold wall graphics, diagonal wall tiles, a bright blue sink, and a checkered bathtub create a playfully urban aesthetic.

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The New Design Project

All-In-One Awesome

Wood Bathroom Countertop

The shower is incorporated right into the greater space in this diminutive wet room by McCrum Interiors. Waterproof tile ensures mold-free longevity, while built-in shelving holds shampoo, towels, and other shower supplies. 

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McCrum Interior Design; Photography by Adelina Iliev Photography

Country Charm

Country-Inspired Bathroom

In this quaint bathroom, the thin pedestal sink lends an illusion of spaciousness. Wall-mounted shelving makes up for lack of cabinet storage, while the white wainscoting and penny floor tiles create country-inspired charm.

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Zillow Digs home in Alexandria, VA

Water Closet

Under Stair Storage

This hidden half-bath by My Bespoke Room takes advantage of the oft-forgotten extra space under the stairs, all but disappearing when the door is shut. Dark-colored walls create a bold visual effect when paired with the white door and ceilings. 

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My Bespoke Room

Nooks and Crannies

Bathroom Storage

Tiny bathrooms need an extra dose of creative planning, and dead wall space should not go to waste. Consider adding recessed shelving between the wall studs to maximize your storage options. 

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Colorful Cabinets

Small Bathroom with Blue Cabinets

In this compact bathroom, the toilet and sink are built into a bead board counter, which extends to the next wall. The blue cabinets attract the eye, while the skylight in the sloped ceiling brightens the space.

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aegis interior design ltd

Overhead Storage

Overhead Storage

This narrow bathroom utilizes its high ceiling with wall-mounted glass shelves above the toilet. Filled with bright decor, they add vibrant personality to the room. 

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Room for a Tub

Small Bathroom with Tub

Who says homeowners can't squeeze a full-sized bathtub into a minuscule bathroom? Although this tub touches the toilet and vanity, it doesn’t look overly cluttered, thanks to a minimalist design that incorporates only three colors (white, black, and brown). Recessed shower shelving and a medicine cabinet lend extra storage to the small space.

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Bountiful Build-Ins

Small Bathroom with Built-In Cabinets

In this modern bathroom, the shimmery porcelain tile and brushed nickel finishes look both trendy and futuristic. But perhaps the most interesting element is the countertop, which extends behind the toilet to make a shelf-like structure.

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In the Details

Decorative Accents in Bathroom

This serene bathroom is full of decorative accents, from the patterned window glass to the penny tile flooring. Since the homeowners maintained a neutral color palette, however, the space doesn't look overwhelming. 

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Zillow Digs home in Seattle, WA

Transitional Tile

Tile Ideas

This minimalist bathroom is mostly unadorned, apart from one striking design element: slate tile floors. They add interestng texture to the room while creating a streamlined, modern look.

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Smart Shelving

Bathroom with Corner Shelves

Short on storage space in your bathroom? Take a cue from this tiny loo, which has corner shelves conveniently placed above the toilet. The wooden ledges are perfect for stashing toilet paper, extra hand towels, cotton balls, and decor pieces.

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Zillow Digs home in Traverse City, MI

Rustic Restroom

Small Rustic Bathroom

No room for a full-sized vanity? These homeowners ditched the classic counter and opted for a shabby chic dresser instead. A circular vessel sink fits perfectly on top of the rustic-inspired piece.

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Zillow Digs home in Savage, MN

Cutting Corners

Small Bathroom with Corner Sink

A corner sink opens up this tiny bathroom, giving the homeowners sufficient space to reach the toilet. A mirrored wall-mounted medicine cabinet, conveniently located above the sink, serves as a catchall for toiletries.

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Industrial Glamour

Exposed Brick Wall

A confined bathroom doesn’t have to be drab and dreary. In this room, the loose tiles, which resemble exposed brick, create an industrial look. A skylight brightens up the blue cement flooring.

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Bold and Beautiful

Bathroom Moldings

This stunning, two-toned bathroom mixes black and white to accentuate the room's distinct features. The basket weave floor tile adds originality, while the beveled white wall tile contrasts with the darker elements of the room.

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Tiled Toilet

Tiled Tiny Bathroom

Decorative tile adds instant appeal to any bathroom, especially when extended halfway up the wall. The neutral-toned elements in this room, such as the wooden vanity and matching mirror frame, don’t clash with the statement-making tiles.

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Zillow Digs home in Maple Valley, WA

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