5 Room Makeovers That Only Took Paint

A total room makeover at the cost of just a can of paint. Sound too good to be true? Believe (and rejoice)! Paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to change the look of a room—and the walls are just the beginning. Here are 5 great examples of powerful paint makeovers.

  1. Dated No More

    Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

    Retro kitchens certainly have their virtues but, for most homeowners, dated cabinets are not an asset. Luckily, all that was needed to bring this kitchen into the modern age was a fresh coat of paint and a little ingenuity.

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  2. After

    White Kitchen Cabinets

    Voilà—painting the cabinets made them look brand-new. A few other details, such as spray-painted black hardware and a raised trim cleverly crafted from yardsticks, complete the look. The homeowners also achieved on-trend open shelving by simply removing cabinet doors and painting the inside of the cupboard a contrasting hue.

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  3. Stained Staircase

    Oak Staircase

    Constructed of sturdy oak, these stairs were built to stand the test of time. The blond finish on the banisters and newel posts, however, just didn't jibe with the rest of the home's decor.

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  4. After

    White and Black Staircase

    A deep java-colored gel stain works wonders, especially in tandem with the freshly painted white spindles. The best part? No sanding required. Simply apply a couple of coats of gel stain, then tape and paint the rest of the staircase.

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  5. Fresh Foyer

    Outdated Entryway

    Aging wallpaper and dingy eggshell closet doors made this foyer a closed and uninviting space rather than the airy and bright entrance the owners wanted.


  6. After

    White Entryway

    Light, bright, and just right! The staircase, walls, and crown moldings have been painted in sandy beige tones that play off the natural light and work in harmony with the darker hue of the floor. Except for the addition of new front doors, this room makeover was brought to you entirely by paint.


  7. Spot On

    Mudroom Ideas

    There certainly isn't anything wrong with the painted blue walls in this mudroom, but sometimes you just need a new point of view. Fortunately, paint is one of the simplest ways to change things up.

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  8. After

    Stenciled Wall

    No more singing the blues after a coat or two of white paint. Once the canvas was dry, black spots were stenciled in a contrasting color, giving the space a lively and playful feel. If you look closely above the sideboard, you might just make out the fuse box that the pattern successfully camouflages. 

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  9. Bold Bedroom

    Grey Bedroom

    This master bedroom was fine, but after the homeowners added a gray headboard, they thought their monochromatic look had run its course.

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