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9 Bright and Bold Colors for Your Front Door

Before guests even set foot inside your home, the front entrance establishes the tone for the rest of the space. The color you choose for your door might reflect an appreciation of traditional decor, a love of bold hues, or a fondness for modern design. Now picture your own front door: What does it say about you? If it's not the statement you'd wish to make, there's an easy fix found in a can of fresh paint. These nine inviting front door hues may be just the inspiration you need to insert some personality into your your home's exterior.

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Zillow Digs home in Portland, OR

The color yellow exudes happiness, and that’s the message it will send from its place of honor on your front door. Although yellow is equally suited to both traditional and modern homes, lemon and muted shades look best on older brick, clapboard, or shingled styles. Brighter shades make a bold statement on contemporary homes.


Zillow Digs home in New Canaan, CT

Versatile blue can capture many different moods, from the easy elegance of navy to the tropical energy of teal. Because we often associate the color blue with water, it is a popular choice for seaside homes. Repeat the hue on coordinating blue shutters for a stronger visual.


Zillow Digs home in Oakland, CA

No doubt about it, an orange front door is hard to miss. Although it’s more common on modern dwellings, deeper shades can flourish in a traditional setting. Be sure the color you choose is one you’ll love coming home to each day—cheerful shades of apricot and tangerine are good places to begin your search.



Packed with personality, and purple is a favorite for homeowners who want to express their individuality. The options are plentiful, ranging from deep grape to soft lavender—or even bold magenta. Purple doors look especially lovely on Victorian homes or paired with a soft-gray exterior paint.

Lime Green

McClintic Cottage managed by Clarkson and Wallace; photographed by Barling Photography

Few colors say “fun” like lime green, the hue that really sets a playful tone. It’s a natural choice for modern homes, appearing stunning when paired with charcoal gray, but feels just as at home on any style of house. Balance its intensity by keeping other exterior colors muted or by pairing it with crisp white woodwork.

Sage Green

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Subtle sage is ideal for homeowners who love the color green but prefer a more traditional interpretation than energetic lime. The soothing hue is well suited to cottage dwellings—especially those with classic exterior colors like white, putty, or pale yellow—or any home surrounded by lush gardens.


Zillow Digs home in Issaquah, WA

A black door looks undeniably dramatic on a home’s exterior. High-gloss paint and classic accessories such as brass doorknockers pair well with traditional homes; a matte finish for the paint and coordinating black woodwork would work well on more modern dwellings.


Zillow Digs home in Sammanish, WA

A red front door tells the world you love strong colors but still appreciate classic design. Red doors add a wonderful splash of color on white, putty, or gray houses alike. And while many shades of this hue can be found, a classic fire-engine red might be your best bet—it complements just about any style of house.


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Unlike bright colors that may draw attention to the door itself, crisp white front doors even the playing field a bit at an entrance. They blend with the overall design of a home’s exterior, shifting focus to architectural details or an elaborately landscaped garden.