A+ Storage Hacks for the Best Dorm Room on Campus

In tiny dorm rooms split shared with a roommate—sometimes more than one—floorspace is like water in the desert. It’s a precious thing. Use these easy, affordable DIY dorm storage ideas to keep clutter neatly contained and off the floor. And soon, you’ll be the talk of all the Type-A’s!

Drawer Dividers

DIY Drawer Dividers

All those miscellaneous school supplies—notebooks, pens, paper clips and more—quickly overcome desk drawers. Out-of-control junk drawers are the enemy of focus; what you need are drawer dividers to organize all your necessities. Create your own, free, by cutting dividers from old shoeboxes or cereal boxes, as shown on I Heart Organizing.

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Wall Pockets

DIY Wall Pocket

Even in the so-called digital age, students are inundated with paper. What's the best way to keep study guides, test booklets, and so on from piling up? Style by Emily Henderson suggests wall pockets, painted and labeled for a custom look.


Tension-Rod Shoe Rack

DIY Shoe Rack

Stowing shoes under the bed: Yeah, that's fine in a pitch, but it's not the greatest long-term solution (c'mon you're an adult now).Take a tip from A Loyal Love and arrange a set of tension rods at the bottom of your closet. Don't need to hang heels? Install two rods at the same level, one in front of the other, resting your flat-soled shoes on top. 

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Over-the-Door Hamper

Over the Door Laundry Bag

Save floor space by hanging your hamper. To make it happen, following easy steps from Making Nice in the Midwest. Literally, it takes minutes. All that's involved are a pillowcase, a hoop, and some twine.


Jewelry Bulletin Board

DIY Jewelry Display

In-plain-sight organization converts everyday objects into instant art. Here, jewelry hung from tacks on a bulletin board works wonders on the room’s otherwise plain-Jane walls. Visit Oh Really Becky to learn how to mount the board, either from a wire or with removable picture-hanging tape.


Magnetic Board

Magnetic Storage

Do as Dos Family does: Organize desktop clutter with magnetic strips (the type used to hold knives on kitchen walls). Markers, pencils, and scissors can stand tall in tin cans, while shallow metal containers with clear lids hold things like rubber bands and paper clips.


Scarf Hanger

DIY Scarf Hanger

Back-to-school season is fall, and fall means scarves. Arrange yours on a hanger outfitted with a series of shower curtain rings. For extra stability on the hanger, glue the rings into place, as A Girl and a Glue Gun has ingeniously done. 


Underbed Storage

Under Bed Storage

A dorm room closet may not hold all your clothing, let alone the miscellaneous other items you might like to store out of sight. Take advantage of space under the mattress. Lift the bed a few inches, then slip in a couple storage units like these. That's My Letter made her from old drawers, enhanced with caster wheels.

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Bed Caddy

Bedside Caddy

No more rolling out of bed to grab the remote or putting on slippers to pull a novel off the shelf. Like the ultimate nightstand, a bed caddy attaches directly to the bed frame and keeps nightly items at your fingertips. My Poppet's sewing guide can help you make this convenience happen.


Washi Cord Organizers

Cord Organizer

Tangled electrical cords are seriously unsightly. Keep yours nice and neat by folding them into toilet paper rolls. If au naturel cardboard isn’t ritzy enough for your roommate, follow the lead of Our Thrifty Ideas and decorate—or even color-coordinate—using washi tape.

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