Make It Personal: Monograms Where You Least Expected Them

For centuries, monograms were used to signify status and power, whether stitched in golden thread or etched in silver. These days, they still add polish and style, but they're no longer restricted to grand estates or royal tapestries. We're become accustomed to seeing a homeowner's initials embroidered onto bedding, throw pillows, or towels, but how about on a bird feeder or a window valance? The inspiring DIY monogram projects here are budget-friendly and simple to create. Conceived with imagination and a dash of style, a monogram might just be the simplest way to add a distinctly personal touch to your home.

Cutting Edge

DIY Cutting Board

For a dose of DIY style in the kitchen, embellish a culinary tool with a monogram, then display your creation on a wall or shelf. Here, a plain wooden cutting board gets a chic makeover with paint, floral wire, and ribbon.

House Proud

DIY House Letters

A monogram near the front door is a simple yet effective way to put a personal stamp on your home's exterior. There are many ways to approach the project. In the example shown, a letter cut from outdoor-rated MDF has been painted a playful pattern and augmented with bright-yellow house numbers.

Window Treatment

Kitchen Window Treatment

Printable transfer paper makes it a breeze to create your own monogrammed fabric, which you can then use however you like. One idea is to create your own signature window treatment like this one, installed over a conspicuous window in the kitchen, the most popular room in many households.

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For the Birds

DIY Bird Feeder

Introduce a note of whimsy to your yard—and in the process, treat local birds—with this clever idea, which gives a functional purpose to a decorative, tree-hung monogram. To make yours, simply spread honey on a papier-mâché letter, then sprinkle it all over with birdseed, before finally suspending it from a length of twine.

Color Happy

Kids Room Monogram

This budget-friendly monogram comes together so easily and looks very sweet in a nursery or playroom. The hardest part is cutting the crayons to size. The rest is an uncomplicated matter of hot-gluing the pieces to a paper backing set within a wood frame.

Painted Coasters

DIY Coasters

Don't overlook coasters as a way to scatter small pops of color and style around a room. If you love monograms, why not dress up a set of inexpensive cork rounds with your initials on one side, stenciled stripes on the other?

Etched Effect

DIY Etched Glass

Consider making over a simple vase by using etching cream. Once you've tried it, you'll see how easy it can be to add monograms or other designs to all sorts of glass containers, everything from mason jars to trifle bowls.

Flower Power

Flower Letters

A papier-mâché letter filled with floral foam and fresh blooms is a gorgeous way to send a message or pay tribute to a party's guest of honor. To make a lasting display, use silk flowers.

Furniture Flourish

Monogrammed Chair

A monogram makes a chair or ottoman unmistakably yours and can be quickly added to any piece that's upholstered with solid-colored fabric. Don't stop there—the combination of stencils and fabric paint also works on pillows, doormats, tablecloths and countless other accents in the home.

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