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7 Classic Decoupage Projects for the Home

When something in your home is in need of a little pick-me-up, you can’t go wrong with decoupage. The process is relatively easy—though a little messy—and nearly mistake-proof. Layered paper images, from magazine cutouts to newspapers to colored kraft paper, are glued on to the object and covered with a layer of varnish. If you aren’t happy with your results at first, just add another cutout until you achieve the desired effect. We found decoupage projects that transform everything from floors to flowerpots. So now the question is, what can’t you decoupage?

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Go big with this large-scale project—a decoupaged wall! If things aren’t completely smooth, you’ll have a little leeway. Beware: The removal process can be more intense than it is for removing wallpaper, so you’ll want to make sure you’re committed to the look.


This project doubles up on the DIY to give a chest of drawers a complete makeover. Decoupaging only the drawer faces and applying paint to the remaining areas creates a coordinated and classy look—particularly effective with botanical prints—that doesn’t overwhelm the room.

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Decorative flowerpots can be expensive. You can get loads of style for a fraction of the cost by decoupaging everyday terra-cotta pots—and the look is completely customizable. Here, pages and illustrations from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland add interest and merriment to a trio of different-size pots.

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Set to Music

The beauty of decoupage is that you can use any material to cover just about any surface. Here, sheet music brings a whimsical touch to a chest of drawers. Glass drawer knobs and a tea-stained finish give the piece an aged, nostalgic look. 


Talk about making an entrance! Here, custom artwork transformed a plain entryway floor into a dramatic one. Decoupaging a floor is a big undertaking; you’ll want to be sure your top layer is completely smooth—and that you don’t trap yourself in a corner during the process.

Lamp Table

No one says you have to cover an entire piece when you decoupage. Here, oversize flowers add color and interest to an otherwise nondescript end table. For all we know, the flowers could have been strategically positioned to camouflage minor finish issues. 

Chair Back

Are your plain chairs in need of an upgrade? Look no further than an eye-catching print from some graphic wrapping paper—the options are endless and the price can’t be beat. You could also use leftover wallpaper for an extra coordinated look.