Pegboard Storage: A Classic for All Time

Popularized in the 1950s, pegboard still offers classic storage for today's home.

  1. Classic Storage


    Be it ever so humble, pegboard is still a classic for home storage solutions. You can hang it anywhere, paint it or leave it unfinished. A single 4' x 8' board could be wall-mounted as is, or cut into various sizes—like the example here—to provide organization to multiple areas throughout the house.

  2. Crafting Solutions


    If you sew or craft, pegboards can fill a variety of storage and organizational solutions. Here, bolts were screwed into the back side of the board to create individual spool holders. A great way to keep everything organized and monitor craft supplies and inventories.

  3. Garden Tools


    Rather than prop shovels and rakes in the corner of your garage or shed, install pegboard and hang them up with hooks made for the job. It will not only provide a better storage solution, but keep everything off the floor and out of the way.

  4. Door Storage


    A small kitchen craves for organization, so look at all the possibilities. A pegboard mounted on a pantry or closet door can provide the perfect solution for smaller, but essential, cooking utensils. It will also help free up countertop and drawer storage space.

  5. Workbench Solutions


    If you struggle with finding the right tool at the right time, pegboard, as evidenced here, is clearly the answer. With clever, specially designed metal hangers for things like wrenches and screwdrivers—and some home-made wooden varieties—you won't have to dig through your toolbox next time you need a properly sized wrench.

  6. Pots and Pans


    Rather than take up valuable cabinet storage, put your pots and pans on display with a wall covered in painted pegboard. Not only is it a practical and convenient solution, it can also be a beautiful design feature, as with this assortment of copper pots and pans.

  7. School Supplies

    To help your children (and you) keep order of their art and school supplies, consider the convenience of a pegboard organizer. The example here shows how you can hang single items or create a catch-all for smaller, miscellaneous items.

  8. Screwdriver Holder


    In addition to the pre-fabricated hooks, there's no reason why a creative woodworker can't add a personal touch. This handy screwdriver holder made from a length of wood and mounted to the pegboard backing, offers an ideal solution for tool storage.

  9. Tool Organization


    Regardless of how you organize your tools, having everything conveniently stored will make DIY projects and emergency fixes easier—and more enjoyable. Even if things are not grouped according to product type and size, a pegboard can keep everything conveniently hung and at-the-ready.

  10. Potting Shed Storage

    Potting Shed Storage

    If you're a gardener, you'll appreciate the value of a pegboard wall whether you have a dedicated potting shed or a makeshift alcove designed for simple plant care and maintenance. Keep work areas free by hanging flower pots, clippers, trowels and the like, along with fertilizers and gloves, and your time spent will be that much more productive.

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