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The 12 Best Buys for Your Tiny Bathroom

If your small bathroom's storage options just aren't cutting it, now is the time to make a change. There are a whole host of exciting, innovative, and affordable products that you can bring home to turn an inconvenient, cluttered water closet into an organized oasis.

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Survive and Thrive

To survive and thrive in a tiny bathroom, you must find a way to fit everything you need into the space available. That means, besides culling your collection of bathroom essentials, the only way forward is to maximize every usable inch. Ironically, the toilets and tubs that make a bathroom a bathroom only seem to get in the way, throwing up obstacles in a situation that was tricky to begin with. Fortunately, with an over-the-toilet etagere cabinet, you can turn otherwise wasted space into a vital storage area. Available at Amazon; $67.76.

Easy Arm's Reach

In the tiniest of tiny bathrooms, it’s rare to see anything but a pedestal sink with zero built-in storage. But if you’re lucky, your sink sits within a vanity cabinet boasting, if not drawers, then at least an internal compartment. To make the most of the real estate here, outfit the space with one or more slide-out bins of the appropriate size and shape. Ensuring that you can always find what you need right when you need it, convenient, clutter-cutting gliders keep your most frequently used bath essentials within easy arm’s reach. Available at The Container Store; starting at $27.99.

Swap Your Shower Curtain

In roomier washrooms, there’s ample space for shampoos, lathers, and loofahs, but in tiny, storage-starved bathrooms, creativity is the name of the game! This better-than-basic shower curtain from Maytex is a smart way to stockpile your supplies without spreading out into precious square footage. Used alone or as a liner behind another shower curtain, this six-pocket mesh and vinyl marvel has a spot for shampoo, conditioner, and anything else you need. Available at Wayfair; $27.99.

Slim Down

If you’re stuck with a narrow bathroom, you’ll need to sidestep the problem with well-designed storage. At just 7″ wide, this slimline cabinet is made to fit in that awkward space between the toilet and the wall, or in an alcove behind the bathroom door. The unit’s two drawers make room for everything you need to reach, like cleaners and toilet paper, while a secret shelf in the back conceals what doesn’t need to be on display: your toilet brush. And since the cabinet is made of low-maintenance PVC, cleaning is as simple as wiping it down! Available on Amazon; $189.50.

Towel Rack

While towel holders are a must-have for any bathroom, a wall-mount version like this is an even bigger necessity in a small space. A perfect fit for an unused corner, this swiveling rack can be put to use housing towels, clothes, and other extras when needed, and pushed flush to the wall when not. As a bonus, the metal finish will add a touch of subtle luxury that any room will benefit from. Available on Amazon; $27.

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Suck it Up

If you have a bathtub, it’s convenient to rest toiletries on the sides of your tub. If your tiny bathroom boasts no such amenities, you’ll need to look up. Elevate your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash with this stainless steel and suction cup shelf. This shelf is movable (and removable), so there’s no need to drill holes through tile for mounting, which gives you total design freedom. Available on
; $23.99. 


If storing all of your personal care items in a tiny bathroom is a challenge, balancing the same on a pedestal sink is a total nightmare. With no place to set everyday essentials, it’s impossible to prevent clutter from piling up. Instead of using the precious shelf space in your medicine cabinet, make use of vertical storage with these amazing StickOn Pods. Adjustable compartments allow you to customize based on your items, and their adhesive backs can be removed without doing any damage to the wall. For the product junky in a small bath, these are truly a lifesaving buy. Available at The Container Store; $10.

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Hang It Up

Relocate your hairdryer to a home that doesn’t allow the sprawling cords to creep across your countertops or the bottom of a drawer with this handy hook for cabinet doors. When placed on the front or the back of any bathroom storage door, your hair styling tools only accessible when you need them—and out of the way when you don’t. Available at The Container Store; $8.

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On a Roll

Ah, the question of where to put the bulk packaging of toilet paper rolls you picked up from Costco. When bathroom space is high-value real estate saved for shower necessities and other toiletries, the paper goods often end up in a much less convenient hall closet. Keep two stashed where you need them using an ingenious dispenser that hooks directly to your toilet tank. By stocking an extra roll of tissue paper near the toilet at all times, you’ll never get stuck without a spare square. Available at Amazon; $9.99.

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Toothbrush holder

If the medicine cabinet is full and the vanity countertop is cluttered, find a new storage spot for toothbrushes—the wall. This colorful little unit can be mounted up high and out of the way or within reach of little ones. With 3 rinse cups, storage hooks for as many as 9 toothbrushes, and space for toothpaste and mouthwash, this little number is a minty fresh powerhouse. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

Overdoor Towel Rack

If you’re ready to throw in the towel on a tiny bathroom for two (or three), take heart. Getting an entire household in and out of the washroom each morning is ever so much simpler if there’s someplace safe to stash damp towels after use. This three-tier over-the-door towel rack can hold to a trio of towels without breaking a sweat, and fits over most residential doors. Available at The Container Store; $34.99.


A slim shelf is yet another space-saving product that can help save a pedestal sink. The mirrored finish helps this inexpensive buy blend into the wall, adding no visual clutter whatsoever. And the additional storage allows you to keep toothbrushes, hand soap, and other necessities close at hand that just don’t quite fit on an awkward pedestal’s surface. Available at IKEA; $14.99.

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