The Best Gifts for Gardeners and Green Thumbs

Give the special gardener in your life a little love this holiday season with one (or more!) of these unique gifts that they can use to flex their green thumb.

Sow Many Options

gifts for gardeners

Take the guessing game out of holiday shopping. If you have someone on your list who is always flipping through seed catalogs, doesn't mind a little dirt under their nails, or is just starting to flex their green thumb, then these are the gifts for them. From nifty tools to cool kits, this gift guide has a little of everything for those with a budding interest in gardening.

Burro Buddy

wheelbarrow organization

This smart little storage shelf is compatible with most 4, 5, and 6 cubic feet wheelbarrows. It has a water-resistant compartment for electronics and two cup holders, to go along with its slots for small tools and long-handled tool carriers. Lightweight and durable, it’ll make the day’s chores more convenient for any gardener. Available from Amazon; $39.95.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves

The ultimate in gardening gloves, these elbow-length, thorn-proof, goatskin gloves will be treasured by the gardener on your holiday gift-giving list whether they’re a veteran or a novice. Perfect for heavy-duty pruning for men or women, they come in four colors, and adult sizes XS to XL. Available on Amazon; $24.49.

Christmas Tree Growing Kit

grow your own christmas tree kit

The Jonsteen Company Christmas tree growing kit is packaged in a glass pot, soil-less mix, one packet of seeds, a cork coaster, and growing instructions. Available on Amazon; $10.99.

Stacking Solitary Bee Hive

solitary bee hive

Bees are an incredibly important part of any backyard ecosystem. They pollinate flowers, as well as vegetable and fruit plants. This stackable bee habitat, made from sustainably sourced wood, will attract the busy pollinators to the backyard. Every gardener will appreciate the help from these buzzing assistants. Available from Amazon; $29.99.

Salsa Garden Seed Kit

Salsa Garden Seed Kit

Grow all the makings needed for fresh salsa right in the backyard with this salsa garden kit. Tomato, onion, pepper, cilantro, and tomatillo seeds come complete with soil pellets and coco fiber pots to start them in, along with plant markers to easily identify them as they grow. Available on Etsy; $23.50.

Carrot Design Newspaper Pot Maker

Carrot Design Newspaper Pot Maker

With the Carrot Design Newspaper Pot Maker, your favorite gardener can make their own seed-starting pots out of eco-friendly newspaper. This little, solid-wood mold will help them craft pots that they can plant straight into the garden. They’ll never buy, wash, or have to store another seed tray again. Available on Amazon; $18.99.

Earth Fired Planter

Earth Fired Planter

No gardener can have too many pretty little pots. This set of three Earth Fired, organic-style botanical planters are the perfect gift for someone who already has everything. The pots will be a cheerful addition to their home all year long. Available from Terrain; $18.

6-Piece Garden Tool Set

Garden Tool Set

Everything a gardener needs for a day in the yard comes in this 6-piece Garden Tool Set from Apollo. An apron, with room for the included trowel, claw, and pruner, accompanies the 2-in-1 kneeler/seat, which will be a life-saver for the knees. Available at The Home Depot; $65.83.

Butterfly Garden Seed Kit

Butterfly Garden Seed Kit

This kit has everything needed to start a butterfly garden, sure to attract all sorts of pollinators—bees and butterflies, alike. With seed varieties of Zinnias, Poppies, and Cosmos, the gardener you love will get a burst of color from newly started plants this spring. The seeds, soil pellets, markers, and coco fiber pots all come together in a hand-stamped muslin bag. Available on Etsy; $24.

3-in-1 Soil Tester

3-in-1 Soil Tester

Get this 3-in-1 Soil Tester Kit for the gardener who’s just getting started. It measures soil moisture, pH value, and sunlight intensity, so the novice gardener can confidently choose the best plants for their yard and know the best spots for them. Available from Amazon; $15.99.

Air Plant Mounting Glue

Air Plant Mounting Glue

Air plants have become increasingly popular in home decor. Get the home gardener in your life the perfect stocking stuffer: Lankui Clear Glue, air plant mounting glue. It will hold plants securely to nearly any surface without degrading over time. Available on Amazon; $10.30.

Survival Garden Kit

Survival Garden Kit

For the one on your list who loves to be prepared: the Survival Garden Kit from Open Seed Vault. It comes with a whopping 15,000 seeds, including heirloom varieties of tomato, corn, peas, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, beans, and more. Packaged to have a 15 year shelf life, full planting and harvesting instructions are also included. Available on Etsy; $49.95.

Potting Bench

Potting Bench

A potting bench is the perfect place to perform all sorts of gardening tasks. This wooden model has a large workspace, open shelves, a storage drawer, and a recessed plastic bin to catch all the debris. Available at Target; $99.99.

GE Grow Light

GE Grow Light

Every serious gardener needs a grow light. Seedlings started indoors in winter will be nurtured by the balanced light spectrum in this high-tech, but affordably priced light bulb by GE. A practical delight to find in the stocking, it also is more attractive than typical grow lights. Available on Amazon; $14.98.

Seeding Square

planting grid

The Seeding Square takes the guesswork out of seed depth and placement, and makes quick work of planting rows. It’s the perfect gift for first-time gardeners who want a little guidance. The tool will help them plant their garden in a perfect grid, maximizing yields in small spaces. Available from The Grommet; $24.95.

Seed Storage Tin

Seed Storage Tin

Help your gardener get their seeds organized with this charming seed storage tin. The powder-coated steel container with leather handles makes a stylish addition to any shelf. As an added treat, you can fill the tin with a collection of plant seeds. Available on Amazon; $47.95.

5-in-1 Garden Multi-Tool

garden multi tool

Know someone with too many tools in the shed? Consolidate their gardening supplies into one. This long-handled 5-in-1 garden tool replaces the hoe, fork, rake, scraper, and hook. Its hardened steel head is rust resistant, and a hinge mechanism rotates 180 degrees to adjust to the most comfortable angle for use. Now your friend will free up space for these great gardening gifts. Available from Amazon; $49.95

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Presents for Gardeners and Green Thumbs

Every gardener will appreciate these great finds.

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