The Best Greige Paint Colors for a Warm, Welcoming Home

Greige is modern, inviting, and on trend.

By Alexa Erickson | Updated Aug 10, 2021 12:39 AM

Embrace the Greige

greige paint color options

Can’t decide between the warmth of beige and the sleekness of gray? You don’t have to. Combining the best of both worlds, the greatest greige paint colors add just the right amount of warmth to a home without feeling too dark or claustrophobic, and the perfect touch of coolness without coming off as stark. We’ve rounded up the best greige paint colors to inspire your next painting project.

Gatherings by Magnolia

Greige Gatherings by Magnolia

Featuring golden gray with amber and tan undertones, Gatherings by Magnolia is a great neutral. One of the best greige paint colors, the hue is flexible and intriguing, making it a satisfying addition to any space.

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Perfect Greige by Sherwin-Williams

Greige Perfect Greige by Sherwin-Williams

A mid-toned paint with a creamy-clean aesthetic, Perfect Greige by Sherwin-Williams is a timeless color that looks beautiful with any design style. Allow it to breathe new life into a room as it transitions from red-brown to beige to warm gray, depending on the room’s natural or artificial light.

Greige by Behr

Greige by Behr

Truly the best of both hues, Greige by Behr is an ideal greige paint color because it’s equal parts gray and beige. The timeless neutral is like a moody gray morning with rays of sunlight peeking through.

Gray Marble by Glidden

greige gray marble glidden

Achieve the perfect inviting gray, particularly for a home’s exterior, with Gray Marble by Glidden. This greige errs on the side of coolness with its neutral gray hue, yet it carries a dab of barely there beige for warmth.

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Stonehenge Greige by PPG

greige stonehenge griege by ppg

Stonehenge Greige by PPG features a saturated gray and golden greige with an almond undertone. Set the scene for a stylish home by painting the entryway with this gorgeous greige and pairing it with sharp white trim.

Nimbus by Benjamin Moore

greige Nimbus by Benjamin Moore

This cool mid-tone blue-gray exudes just the right amount of moodiness. Its hue is reminiscent of a warm winter day, when the sun’s light creates a cozy atmosphere despite the cool conditions.

Yarn by Magnolia

greige yarn by magnolia

Yarn by Magnolia is a calm and cooling color, blending the crispness of gray with the inviting warmth of beige. It makes for a versatile backdrop that’s great for doors, walls, trim, and more.

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams

greige Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams

With a name like Agreeable Gray, this Sherwin-Williams greige simply has to be a crowd-pleaser. The wildly popular hue incorporates neutral undertones that combine with the warmth of taupe and a hint of violet to create a perfect balance of warm and cool.

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Gray Shadows by Glidden

greige Gray Shadows by Glidden

This mid-tone greige paint color is a beautiful choice for formal rooms or low-traffic areas. Among the more popular greige paint colors, it radiates glamour with its soft, warm, sandy gray grounded by a brick undertone. Pair it with deeper wood-tone hues for an extravagant look in a deserving room.

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

greige Revere Pewter benjamin moore

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore is the ideal color for achieving a modern/traditional look in the home. The popular greige, consisting of light gray with warm undertones, works well with most decor, making it a great choice for an open floor plan.

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Modernize your home

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It's time to upgrade the paint on your walls and make your home feel cozy. A combination of gray and beige paint colors will open your room up, match almost every piece of furniture and make you feel a sense of peace drinking your coffee every morning.

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