The Bungalow Porch

With its anchoring columns and low-pitched roof, the Bungalow porch offers a variety of distinguishing features. Here's how you can get the look.

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  1. Burgalow Houses


    The Bungalow style developed out of the Arts & Crafts movement. With its generous and deep front porch anchored by tapered columns, the heft and earthiness of this porch form truly set it apart.

    Craftsman Bungalows For Sale

  2. WIndows


    Casement windows are popular, as are double hung windows, particularly with the upper sash divided into several panes separated by vertical mullions to reinforce the linear style of the house itself. Decorative windows with stained glass were also common in earlier examples, like these reproduction Bungalow-style windows from West Pine Joinery

    West Pine Joinery

  3. Battered and Tapered Posts


    Big, bulky battered or tapered posts stand out as the defining element of a Bungalow porch, visually anchoring the house structure to the earth. The columns shown here are Chadsworth Bungalow-style PVC tapered plain shafts on stone piers.

    Chadsworth Columns

  4. Stone Footings


    A stone facade can be used on the column bases and knee walls. Consider Eldorado Stone's "Country Rubble" in colorways like Polermo or Cognac; both go well with the earth tones typical to Bungalow homes.

    Eldorado Stone

  5. Low Knee Wall


    A low knee wall can run the perimeter of a bungalow’s porch, connecting the battered posts and often providing a seating ledge. It can be constructed of (or clad) in stone, concrete, or brick. For an aged appearance, try a brick veneer of cut, reclaimed bricks repurposed by Brick-It.

    Home Patterns

  6. Color Palette


    Earth-tone palettes are standard on bungalows. Visit Sherwin-Williams to view their Arts & Crafts Preservation Palette and see their suggestions, like Roycroft Suede on the body, Roycroft Brass on the trim, and Polished Mahogany as an accent.


  7. Style-Appropriate Furniture


    Mission-style or twig furnishings are de rigueur for a bungalow cottage. The clean lines and slatted sides of this storage bench make it a good match. Pottery Barn, $464-519

    Pottery Barn

  8. Twig Numbers


    Twig house numbers (such as these from Atlas) wouldn’t be out of place on a Bungalow.

    Shop Atlas Home

  9. Lighting


    The Hillcrest fixture from Bellacor comes in a bronze finish and features classic Mission lines. Bellacor, $129.99


  10. Bungalow Doors


    The Bungalow door is distinguished by its double-hip raised panel and its classic stiles-and-rail construction. The Bungalow Door Series from Simpson offers a variety of authentic designs in a variety of wood species.  

    The Estate of Things

  11. Solid Bronze Doorbell


    A solid bronze Craftsman doorbell from House of Antique Hardware comes in an oil-rubbed bronze patina and has a hammered look. $49.99

    House of Antique Hardware

  12. Roofing


    Roofing on a Bungalow can vary greatly, from raised-seam metal to asphalt, slate, terracotta or cedar shingles, mostly based on region. This North Carolina Bungalow takes advantage of new technology, allowing for a slate-look roof—without the weight. The shingles are made from a durable recycled rubber and plastic material. See EcoStar Majestic Slate for various colorways.

    Country Living

  13. More on the Bungalow?


    To learn more about the history and distinguishing architectural details of the Bungalow, click here. For more porch styles, consider:

    The Queen Anne Porch

    The Colonial Porch

    The Farmhouse Porch

    Bungalows of New England

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