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The Farmhouse Porch

Classic and non-fussy, the farmhouse porch is all about easy care and casual style. Here are ten products to help you create the look.

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Farmhouse Style

Country Living

The farmhouse porch provides shade and plenty of opportunity for relaxing and entertaining. It also calls to mind an idyllic, slower-paced lifestyle. See what other design elements set this porch-style apart from the rest.

Two Steps Above Par

Southern Living

Farmhouse porches are frequently just a step or two off the ground, as demonstrated by this newly constructed Georgia beauty, built as a Southern Living Idea House.

Decorative Lattice

House of Earnest

If the porch is elevated, a decorative lattice can keep the house looking neat while deterring animals from nesting in the crawl space below. Lattice is inexpensive, plentiful, and available at almost every lumber yard and home center.  

Screened Porch

Southern Living

A farmhouse porch can be screened-in, allowing for virtually bug-free outdoor living and dining. This porch is located in the rear of the house, where it is convenient to the kitchen and privacy of the backyard.

Railings and Trellises

Sweet Little Somethings

Railings or trellises between porch posts are common farmhouse details. They delineate the porch from the yard and enhance overall curb appeal

Painted Floors

This Old House

The floor of a farmhouse porch can be stained or painted to suit your style. Consider checkerboard or stenciled patterns, too. They will add pattern and color with little to no care and maintenance.

Ceiling Treatments

Country Living

The oft-overlooked ceiling can benefit from a variety of treatments, from pressed tin to a vibrant color. This ceiling is finished in beadboard and painted light blue to contrast the stained wood floor. 

Porch Furniture

Southern Living

Nothing aids relaxation and reflection quite like time spent on a porch swing. This graphic black swing looks modern next to retro armchairs. For similar items, try Home Decorators for the classic swing and Crate & Barrel for the chairs. 

Retro Glider

Grandin Road

A retro glider wouldn’t be out of place on a farmhouse porch (Grandin Road, $399). Nor would a ceiling or table fan to circulate air on a hot summer day. For a look at some “Really Cool Cooling Fans”, click here.


The Home Depot

Finding the right wall-mounted lighting is easy with a gooseneck fixture like this from The Home Depot finished in oil-rubbed bronze. For more classic exterior light fixtures, click here

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