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Providing both illumination and style, here are 12 helpful tips for choosing a pendant light to complement your decor.

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  1. Light and Style


    Not only do they play a practical role in providing illumination over tables, counters, or bars, pendant fixtures bring character and often become a dramatic focal point in a room. Here are ten tips to help you choose the right one for your space.

    Niche Modern

  2. The Right Height


    As a general rule, a pendant should hang about 30" above a table top. At this height, the lamp will provide ample illumination for diners without compromising headroom or generating glare. Lamp shown, the Finley from Crate & Barrel.

    Crate & Barrel

  3. Style and Materials


    Opt for a fixture with materials and shapes that complement your style or provide an interesting counterpoint to other furnishings in the room. Shown here, the Clemons Pendant from Restoration Hardware.

    Restoration Hardware

  4. Shape and scale


    Consider shape and scale when choosing a pendant (or three) to place over a dining table. If most of your furniture is boxy in shape, a round or cylindrical style will offer an interesting contrast. Shown here, Bentwood Pendants from West Elm.

    West Elm

  5. Rectangular Options


    An oversized rectangular pendant could be just the thing to bring focus and illumination to an expansive dining table. This one from West Elm is layered with tiers of shimmering natural capiz shells (often referred to as "glass oysters")—a dramatic decor statement with a soft, luminous glow.

    West Elm

  6. Multiple Lamps


    There are also designs incorporating multiple lamps within a single fixture. This one from Pottery Barn uses jar-like glass lamps for a fun, modern twist. It could even be inspiration for a DIY project of your very own.

    Pottery Barn

  7. Unexpected Accent


    Add a dash of whimsy to a minimalist space with Possini’s Euro White Flower pendant, available from LampsPlus. The multi-petaled orb, with its modern, organic shape, certainly catches the eye and would provide a dramatic focal point in a dining room or foyer. 

    Lamps Plus

  8. Industrial Style


    Introduce a modern industrial look to your space with this pendant from Barn House Electric. Its warehouse-style metal shade, shown here in Barn Red, comes with an industrial cotton twist cord. The white enamel underside enhances the illumination by reflecting the light down.

    Barn House Electric

  9. Super-Sized


    While pendant fixtures look best when their size and scale is in harmony with the size and scale of the room, if you are looking to make a dramatic statement—super size it.


  10. A Warmer Glow


    If you are looking to add ambient, as opposed to task, lighting, then consider a fixture like this Väte from IKEA. Made of rice paper over a steel frame, the 22" W x 10" H shade sells for just $7.99.  


  11. Stylish Selections


    In sculptural shapes and materials ranging from gutsy metal to twinkly crystal, pendants offer ample opportunity to make a bold statement in any decor. This selection from Crate & Barrel.

    Crate & Barrel

  12. Multiple Choice


    When hanging multiple pendants over a bar or counter top, remember what is commonly known as "The Rule of Three." It calls for the use of three identical fixtures to establish a rhythm and sense of balance, patterns of odd numbered elements being more pleasing to the human eye.


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