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10 Steps to Turn Twin Closets into One Dream Closet
Many older homes were built with far less storage than modern living demands. For homeowners struggling with the amou...
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How Much Does a Custom Closet Cost?
Typical Range: $1,067 to $2,981 National Average: $2,005Many homeowners dream of having an organized custom closet...
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12 Cool Things You Can Make for Your Home With a Cricut
Whether you’re new to crafting and designing or have years of experience under your belt, you may be wondering whethe...
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The Best Closet Design Companies of 2023
Have countless closet organization attempts proved useless? Do the closet contents look cluttered, no matter how many...
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The Best Moth Repellents of 2023
While moths aren’t a dangerous creepy-crawly to find in a home, they can be destructive, so it’s worth preventing or ...
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25 Closet Organization Ideas for Saving Space and Sanity
Whether you’re building the closet of your dreams with tons of space or are looking to make the most of what you alre...
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How to Build a Closet From Scratch
Few of us ever seem to have enough storage. Freestanding wardrobes are often expensive, never seem to be arranged how...
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20 Beautiful Walk-In Closet Ideas for Organization
Have a ton of clothes and accessories in your walk-in closet, but you aren't sure what should go where? Whether your storage space is small and simple or large an...
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Buying an Old House? Be Prepared to Live With These 12 Quirks
Newly built houses must comply with strict design and construction codes, but most of those rules didn't exist decade...
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How To: Fold Shirts to Save the Most Space
Folding shirts in a uniform, compact manner will help keep them wrinkle-free while saving storage space. Even better,...
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The Best Over-the-Door Shoe Racks of 2023
Whether it's the kids looking for their shoes for school, spouses searching for their work shoes, or you scrambling t...
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The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making with Your Coat Closet
If the mess is leading to stress, it’s time to clean it out and get organized.
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The Best Wardrobes of 2023
Years ago, homes were built with closets as an afterthought, if they existed at all. The solution to housing clothes,...
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The Best Portable Closets of 2023
A portable closet is an affordable solution in homes that lack adequate closet space. Portable closets maximize stora...
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The Best Pants Hangers for Your Closet
Getting ready for work or school can be challenging enough, so finding creases in the pants you want to wear only add...
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The Best Velvet Hangers for Space-Saving in Your Closet
Velvet hangers are popular for their stylish look, thin design, and garment preservation properties. Their slim profi...
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12 Storage Solutions for the Utility Closet
You won’t believe how much space your utility closet has when all of the items are neatly organized.
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The Best Clothes Racks for Closet-Less Rooms
A freestanding clothes rack is the ideal storage solution for a home lacking closet space, as it is convenient, affor...
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The Best Vacuum Storage Bags Tested in 2023
Storage space is often at a premium, so vacuum storage bags can come in very handy—whether you’re storing food in the...
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The Best Closet Lighting of 2023
Exceptional closet organization and storage are all well and good, but without proper lighting, the simple task of fi...
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12 Ways You May Be Wasting Closet Space
Square footage isn't the only measure of a good closet—it's how you use what space you're given. No storage area is too small or too big to reconfigure in a way t...
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The Best Hangers Tested in 2023
Choosing the right clothes hangers doesn’t just keep your wardrobe neat and in good condition; it optimizes your stor...
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Make Your Home Less Chaotic With These 12 Simple Changes
Don’t let clutter and disorganization take charge of your home. These easy tips will help you bring the chaos under control.
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The Best Coat Racks for Your Entryway
Coat racks are a practical accessory for your entryway. They keep your coats, bags, hats, and other accessories organ...
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Best Closet Systems for Your Home
Whether your closet is cramped but navigable or in such disarray that you waste precious time rummaging through it ju...
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Solved! What to Do When You Have Moths in the Closet
Q: I recently took my favorite sweater off of its hanger only to discover small holes in its knitting.  Could this me...
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20 Big Ideas for Organizing Small Closets
Closets in every kind of home seem to shrink a little smaller each day. When the shelves start sagging and clothing p...
Tag icon article
Solved! The Perfect Closet Rod Height
Q: I need to organize my closet of chaos with a closet rod, but I don't know how high to mount the rod for easy acces...
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All You Need to Know About Cedar Closets
Prized for repelling sweater-munching moths, the woodsy aroma of cedar is finding new fans in eco-savvy homeowners lo...
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The Most Organized Closets We've Ever Seen
Small closets present big challenges. But there are a bevy of brilliant organizing solutions you can employ to make even the most diminutive closet a storage work...
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3 Reasons to Replace Your Wire Shelving
Homeowners and renters alike install wire shelving for storage and organizing, only to quickly become dissatisfied. T...
Tag icon article
How To: Get Rid of Mothball Smell
The pungent odor of mothballs is the very smell of storage. Made from either naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, thes...
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How to Build a Minimalist DIY Coat Rack for the Entryway
In with the chill, out with the coats—and hats, scarves, mittens . . . you name it. With so much winter gear and so l...
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Organize Closets with 11 Things You Already Own
Organizing your closet can seem like a daunting task, especially when you consider how expensive store-bought organizing solutions can be. Keep your space streaml...
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9 Clever Things You Can Do with a Wire Hanger
Wire clothes hangers are inescapable. They seem to multiply overnight, and they pile up every time you go to the cleaners. Instead of throwing them out, try one o...
Tag icon slideshow
8 Notorious Closet Problems, Solved
Nearly every homeowner has dealt with the plight of a smaller-than-you'd-like, over-stuffed, disorganized closet. No matter what the specific complaint—we can cou...
Tag icon slideshow
10 Closet Cures That Cost Less Than $100
Tired of fighting with your closet to find the blue scarf that you wore just the other day? Or your other brown shoe? In the spirit of a new year, it may be time ...
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8 Other Uses for Closet Space
Whether it's a narrow cupboard for linen or a full-blown walk-in, a well-placed closet is one of the most coveted features of any house. But if storage isn't an i...
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How To: Prevent or Eliminate Closet Moths
Tineola bisselliella, the common clothes moth, wreaks havoc on wardrobes, destroying shirts and socks, pants and swea...
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8 DIY Storage Solutions for a Closet-less Room
Storage space ranks near the top of every homeowner's wish list. If you're lucky enough to have his-and-her closets, you're living the dream. But what are you to ...
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11 Design Inspirations for (Much) Better Closet Storage
Sure, good storage contributes to organization in any area of the home, but a well-planned, impeccably finished closet is paramount to keeping the bedroom clutter...
Tag icon article
Weekend Projects: 5 DIY Closet Organizers
Many new homes boast spacious walk-in closets, but apartment renters and old-house dwellers must often contend with c...
Tag icon article
How To: Fix a Sagging Closet Pole
My wife and I recently reorganized our bedroom closet and added several new accessories, including a double rod hange...
Tag icon article
Adding a Closet Where There Is None
It's not difficult to add a closet, but doing so will probably be more costly than reorganizing an existing one. So e...
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Installing Paneling in the Master Bedroom Closet
Bob joins carpenter David Ives, who is installing the paneling in the master bedroom closet, and then checks in on artist Kim’s faux finishing work on the walls.
Tag icon video
Looking at New Bedroom Closets
Bob checks out the California Closet storage systems designed for the master bedroom suite and smaller bedroom closet.
Tag icon video
Reviewing the Layout of Bob’s Walk-in Closet
Bob meets with California Closets to review plans for his walk-in closet and checks out the careful herringbone floor installation in the library that is nearly c...
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Creating a Lattice-Top Gate and Converting a Mudroom to a Pantry
The backyard is enhanced with a lattice-top gate, and a mudroom is converted into a kitchen pantry to provide storage space.
Tag icon video
Carpeting the Basement and Organizing the Home
Carpet tiles are installed in the basement, and experts discuss storage and organizing solutions for the basement and master bedroom.
Tag icon video
Features of the Personal Valet Clothes Freshening System
Dave Herbert (from Whirlpool) joins Bob to talk about the new Personal Valet Clothes Vitalizing System being installed in the master bedroom closet.
Tag icon video
Built-In Closet Storage Installation
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley are working in the master bedroom building two storage units in the walk-in closet.
Tag icon video
Installing Custom Closets
Bob enters the master suite to observe Marcy Weisberg (from California Closets) installing custom his-and-her closets.
Tag icon video
Discussing the Hallway Walls
Bob highlights the long curved wall in the loft's hallway. The wall provides a great deal of storage, and serves as a divider between the private and public space...
Tag icon video
Discussing Built-In Storage
A collaborating architect for the loft conversion project, Lisa Shire, explains the design principles behind, and practical benefits of, the built-storage compart...
Tag icon video
Covering Doors with Plastic Laminate
Bob meets with architect Greg Rochlin to review the techniques used for covering a series of doors with plastic laminate.
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