Slide 1: Glass Bottle Lights


How simple and pretty is this? A sculptural row of hanging lights is the perfect accent for a kitchen island or breakfast bar. Select recycled beer or wine bottles of similar color, size, and shape, put a small light inside each one, and suspend them from the ceiling. This distinctive look would be a great addition to a cottage or beach home.

10 Creative New Ways to Use Old Bottles

Is your recycling bin overflowing with old wine, beer, and soda bottles? Glass bottles fill local dumps and monster landfill sites all over the world. While households can cut down on unnecessary waste by reusing glass bottles for food and liquid storage, many of us simply have more old bottles than we know what to do with. If that's the case at your home, it’s time to get creative! Sometimes, simply adding paint, twine, and other decorative craft supplies is all that’s needed to give an old bottle a new look and new life. For the more ambitious, learning basic glass-cutting skills opens up even more possibilities for making the most of those old bottles. Still stumped? Here are 10 new ideas for upcycling your old bottles. Give one a try, or maybe use one as inspiration for creating something uniquely your own!

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