Weekend Projects: 5 Easy-to-Make Pet Beds

Let these DIY dog bed projects be your inspiration and within a single weekend, you can construct something that really makes Rex feel like a king.

By Tracy Anderson | Updated Jul 26, 2014 11:07 AM

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Is there a Rufus or Rover in your clan? Even if your pet is allowed on all the soft spots enjoyed by the two-legged members of your household, chances are that your canine craves a haven all his own. No matter your skill level as a maker of things, you should find—as the below ideas demonstrate—that it’s easy to create a DIY dog bed. Because there are so many different ways to go about the project, you can choose the DIY dog bed you feel the most capable of completing and whose style most closely matches your taste. Scroll down now to see five designs you can mimic. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to devise a doggy divan of your very own!



DIY Dog Bed - Modern

Photo: ournerdhome.com

From Our Nerd Home comes a DIY dog bed project fit for anyone with intermediate woodworking experience. To start, build a simple plywood box. Next, attach the legs (buy these premade at your local home center), then finish by applying a coat of paint in your favorite bold hue. Add a pillow, and that’s it—Fido’s home.



DIY Dog Bed - Patchwork

Photo: apartmenttherapy.com

If your pooch seems to like wearing a sweater on winter walks, then imagine how cozy he would be on a patchwork DIY dog bed sewn from fuzzy old sweaters. This bed is a great way to save retired clothing from the landfill, and it’s great practice for those who are new to threads and needles. For instructions, head to Sew Darn Cute.



DIY Dog Bed - Suitcase

Photo: moxandfodder.com

When you’re roaming through thrift stores, you often encounter the odd vintage suitcase. You love how the luggage looks but can’t see yourself actually traveling with it. Well, here’s a reason to finally get one of those very tempting valises: With little hassle, you can transform it into a DIY dog bed. The clever couple at Mox & Fodder explain how.



DIY Dog Bed - Crate

Photo: home-frosting.blogspot.com

Scrap wood offers something like a blank canvas for creative do-it-yourselfers. A DIY dog bed is just one of the many useful objects that can be made with a pile of leftover 1x4s. Particularly when the bed is decoratively painted, as Home Frosting has done here, the result is a stylishly rustic-looking crate, handily portable, thanks to casters.



DIY Dog Bed - Barrel

Photo: thegildedhorn.blogspot.com

The Gilded Horn demonstrates how to convert a half- or full-size wine barrel (available online and often at home improvement retail stores) into a remarkable DIY dog bed that looks like fine furniture. To maximize the effect, choose a stain that closely matches the color of wood already in your home.