Don’t Hide Your Electronics: 7 Ways to Make Devices Work as Decor

Electronics don’t have to be an eyesore. Learn how to make your TV, gaming consoles, tablets, and other electronic devices blend with your home’s interior design.
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You likely use your TV, tablet, speakers, gaming consoles, and other electronic devices nearly every day. However, these often-used items might not be adding the most attractive touches to your home’s decor. If you’re tired of feeling like your electronics are making your space look cluttered or taking away from the overall vibe you want to create, you don’t have to hide them away. With a few small changes and some creative thinking, you can actually work your devices into your home’s decor to create a more cohesive space.

1. PS5 Console Covers


If you love your PlayStation 5, but don’t love how its white color stands out against other design elements in your room, try a console cover. PlayStation consoles and controllers are compatible with a variety of cover options to give your gaming area a new look or blend with the existing surroundings. All you need to do is remove the existing covers on the console and apply the new ones that snap on or use a decal option, like this MightySkins dark zebra wood pattern decal wrap at Amazon. Voilà! Now your PS5 can be an attractive part of your decor.

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2. Hidden TV Wires


Hiding your television wires can go a long way toward making your space look more aesthetically pleasing. By using a cable organizer that fits into the wall, like this DataComm easy-mount cable organizer kit at Amazon, you can put the cables behind your wall-mounted TV, making them completely disappear and leaving the wall free of messy cords. You don’t need to hire an electrician; with just a few tools you can install the cable organizer yourself.

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3. On-Theme Tablet Cases and Skins

Amazon make devices decor ipad cover

Turn your tablet, e-reader, or smartphone into a decorative piece of art with the right case. These iPad Air 2 covers at Amazon come in a variety of designs that can coordinate with your decor and make your useful device look like a purposeful addition to your space. Choose from a gorgeous watercolor forest scene, four-season tree, black and gold flowers, marble, and more.

4. Decorative Cable Organizer Box

Amazon devices as decor decorative cable organizer box

If you feel like cords and cables are taking over your entertainment center or desk, try a cable management box to get everything under control. Get a box that blends with the decor scheme, like this Teyga decorative cable organizer box at Amazon available in five attractive wood tones to coordinate with your furniture. It is large enough to hold up to two power strips and features slots on both sides where you can neatly thread the cords through to route them to the appropriate device. The magnetic lid keeps everything secure and can deter children or pets from trying to get at the plugs.

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5. Game Console Mounts


Don’t let your gaming consoles just add clutter to a tight entertainment center. Use the blank space provided by the dock or wall mount to showcase your style. Nintendo Switch has its own dock that is plugged in for charging. Create visual interest by using a faceplate decoration on the dock, like this eXtremeRate faceplate in the great wave pattern at Amazon. You’ll clear up clutter by keeping the device on a dock and boost your decor with an artistic addition.

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6. TV Gallery Wall

Amazon devices as decor flat screen TV with frame Samsung

Your TV can look at home and double as a piece of art by creating a gallery wall around it. Hang framed pictures or photographs around the television to draw the focus away from the blank screen. Some televisions even offer an art mode, like The Frame TV by Samsung at Amazon, allowing you to set them to display your favorite images and add to the visual appeal of your home. The Frame has the added benefit of being slim, so it sits like a framed work of art against the wall rather than a mounted device. You can hang The Frame and use it as a focal point on is own, creating the illusion of art rather than a television.

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7. Decorative Speakers

Amazon devices as decor decorative speaker vintage radio

Make your Bluetooth speaker part of your home’s interior design with this speakers designed to look less black box and more warm decor, like this speaker designed to look like a vintage radio at Amazon. It can bring a retro touch to any space and will be much more interesting to look at than a standard black, white, or gray speaker. This model even includes a functioning radio, allowing you to tune into some of your favorite local stations.