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Two senior adults looking at the back of their house standing in the back garden on the grass. Senior man and woman arm in arm looking at home.
Real Estate

12 Ways to Trace a Home’s History

Person shoveling dirt
Lawn & Garden

19 Fall Gardening Practices That Will Protect and Enrich Your Soil in Winter

BV Readers' Projects

The Fastest-Growing Home Improvement Project Actually Has Nothing to Do With the Home

Vintage interior

12 Outmoded Features of 1980s Homes—and How to Modernize Them Today

hallway in large house with view of staircase and doorway into other rooms

6 Old House Features Making a Comeback in New Builds

"Clear blue desert skies over the gothic turrets and colorful gardens of the historic Alfred McCune mansion building on Capitol Hill in dowtown Salt Lake City, Utah. ProPhoto RGB profile for maximum color fidelity and gamut."

10 Things Preservationists Wish You Knew About Your Old Home


7 Ways to Repurpose These Old House Features

A suburban front lawn with long fescue now-mow grass
Lawn & Garden

What Is No-Mow Grass? (Hint: It’s Not Artificial Turf)

permeable pavers and grass driveway in residential neighborhood

This Alternative Driveway Material Can Benefit Your Home’s Curb Appeal and the Environment

View of neighborhood with fall leaves on the ground
Lawn & Garden

16 Leaf-Raking Lessons No One Ever Taught You

Genius Solutions for Retrofitting Old Homes

12 Genius Solutions for Retrofitting Old Homes—With or Without Renovation

Lawn & Garden

5 Reasons Why Backyard Fire Pits Are Overrated, According to a Home and Garden Editor

Man working on light bulb craft

9 Surprising Things You Can Make with Light Bulbs

Uncooked white rice

17 Things You Can Do with Rice Other Than Eating It

Rear view of Mature housewife standing while preparing for cleaning at home.

18 Spots in Your Home You Probably Never Clean—But Definitely Should

Grey stone wall, room, interior style with yellow niche, green vase of plant, bookshelf decor.

How to DIY a Wall Alcove in Any Room of Your House

The Best Condo Insurance in Florida Options

The Best Condo Insurance in Florida

Brinks vs. ADT

Brinks vs. ADT: Which Home Security System Should You Buy?

Thumbtack vs Homeadvisor

Thumbtack vs. HomeAdvisor: Which One Should Contractors Choose?

The Best Moving Companies in New York City Options

The Best Moving Companies in New York City