06:44AM | 02/06/04
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Whenever the furnace goes on, I smell a strange sweetish odor coming from the vents which irritates my eyes and nose. I have a service contract and the company sent out a man who walked around the house with some "detecting" tool. He said there is no gas leak, which of course I knew since the smell was not a rotten egg smell. He could not find anything wrong and left. I still have the problem. Any ideas? Only happens when the furnace is running. Thanks!

plumber Tom

11:56AM | 02/07/04
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Check the all the returns for a chemical or possibly one of those plug-in air fresheners near the return openings. Just suggesting barb. It's hard to give an accurate answer over the web without actually seeing your unit.


03:58PM | 02/07/04
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I would suggest that you check the heat chamber very closely, there may be a hairline crack, and this could be carbon monoxixe gas fumes. also, check for clogged vent pipes,or disconnected vent pipe letting furnace fumes directly into home.


04:28PM | 01/14/07
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My furnace is natural gas. The smell is not rotton eggs, it's more sweet/yeasty, (some days stronger than others), and happens only while the furnace runs. I've had my vents cleaned, my furnace serviced, tests for CO... I can't get rid of it. Help. What is it, how do I get rid of it, and is it harmful. I've had symptoms.


09:36AM | 01/16/07
Member Since: 01/15/07
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has anyone figured out the problem with the smell?

I have the same problem, and I would like to get some ideas about what could be wrong.

thank you


08:16AM | 05/20/07
Member Since: 05/19/07
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Four year old manufactured home was purchased in Michigan last fall, winterized with furnace left on at 50 degrees.

There is a smell that comes and goes with using gas stove and/or furnace, or simply having the house closed for afew days. Not a gas smell, it is sicky yeast odor as someone said. Affecting family members differently. I feel it in my nose and throat, hubby smells it and gets a headache, son gets queazy from it.

We have been airing out the house thinking it may be formaldehyde residue buildup from being closed all winter. Could this be? How long would it take to air a house out?

We have had furnace cleaned and checked, the gas company found no gas leaks, mold testing came up negative, tore out like new carpet, CO battery changed with no detection, nothing found to give us a clue, etc.

Are these issues mainly with manufactured homes?

NO problems with water or previous water damage.

We have looked into cleaning vents, but didn't have it done since it could mean tearing the underside of the manufactured home all apart.

Has anyone found any information or solutions?

Please help? Thank you!



08:09AM | 05/21/07
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our A/C smells like old man pee due to condensation in the flexible ducts. Menards has a rebate on insulation, so we are going to blanket all the ducts in the unconditioned attic and hopefully not get any more condensation next winter. (condensation is from household moisture seeping into ducts in winter)


12:13AM | 01/06/14
im having the same problem it kind of smells like a old heater that's heating up and burning thedust off but it just keeps getting stronger. my farther is a hvac tec and he looked at the furnace and couldn't find anything wrong he asked me to check to see if I could see if there was any burn residue on anything in the furnace where the components areand there was nothing but while I was looking at it I smelled a buring rubber smell and came and went as we turned the furnace on and off to see if we could find aproblem. still haven't found the problem yet I will keep every one posted if we do discover the problem.


05:24AM | 01/24/14
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If strange odors come from the furnace, then what to do? Is it hazardous by keeping the furnace running in this condition?


08:46AM | 04/02/14
I have the same problem. My old furnace was moved a few inches, and a new filter installed. My new furnace has the same filter, so that can't be it.
The smell is silicon-like. I have a feeling they filled in some openings with cheap silicon and when the heater is on, that stuff starts to gas off. I have been running my heater on high with all windows open hoping the smell will "gas off". No success so far. I'll have yet another company come over and check. It's exhausting.
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