10 Storage Containers You Need After Tidying Up

Once the house has been cleared of clutter, you need storage solutions to help keep things tidy. These storage containers will keep your organization on course.

  1. Keep It Tidy

    the best storage containers to stay organized

    You’ve taken the time to pull out all the clutter, and determined what to get rid of and what to keep. After all that work the last thing you want to do is put it back the way you found it. We’ve gathered the best storage containers for every part of the house to keep your stuff organized and tidy. 

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  2. Decorative Rope Basket

    large rope basket

    A rope basket is the perfect storage solution for linens, toiletries, and more. Made from durable cotton in a neutral color palette, this hold-all will coordinate with any decor. Built in handles make it easy to carry from room to room. Available at Target; $29.99.

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  3. Weave Plastic Bins

    plastic rattan storage baskets

    These plastic-weave baskets from Sterilite look just as good on a bookshelf as in the pantry or bathroom closet. The woven look is both trendy and practical, allowing air ventilation for things like linens. Coming in a pack of six, you have enough to spread them around the house. Available on Amazon; $32.73.

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  4. Command Caddy

    Command Caddy

    This clear, plastic Command caddy is ideal for tucking inside a cabinet door. Organize nail polish, spices, snack bars, and more. It holds up to four pounds, and because it’s Command, no tools are required, and it can be removed easily without causing damage. Available on Target; $7.29.

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  5. Shoe Bins

    Stacking Shoe Bin

    These clear, plastic, stacking shoe bins will keep your shoes both organized while still easily viewable and accessible. Stack several together for a custom organization solution. Each can hold two pairs of women’s shoes or one pair of men’s. Available at The Container Store; $9.99 each.

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  6. Pantry Bins

    clear pantry bins

    Whether you need to organize the pantry, fridge, or freezer, these clear, plastic food storage bins from iDesign will get you started. These three bin sets are BPA-Free, and have handles which make them super portable. They're also perfect for organizing utensils or craft supplies; you’ll find a zillion uses for these versatile little containers. Available on Amazon; $24.99 for a set of three.

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  7. Lazy Susan

    lazy susan cabinet organizer

    The YouCopia Crazy Susan Turntable is not your typical lazy susan. It’s divided into removable sections to make it easy to organize and grab snacks, pods, toiletries and more. Durable, easy to clean, and BPA-free, it sits on non-slip feet so it will stay where you put it. Available at Target; $24.99.

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  8. Lid Organizer

    Lid Organizer

    Keeping plastic food containers organized is a constant battle. The iDesign large lid organizer is your new best friend, with three compartments of differing sizes to hold a variety of container lids in all shapes. Designed to fit neatly in your kitchen cabinet or pantry, you'll be able to see all the free space you have once lids aren't toppling out onto you. Available at The Container Store; $11.99.

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  9. Under Bed Drawer

    under bed plastic drawers

    Don’t let that space under the bed go to waste! Maximize your storage with these under bed storage drawers from The Container Store. Perfect for storing out-of-season clothing, linens, shoes, toys, and much more. They are stackable, so they can also be used elsewhere, like the laundry, basement, or garage. Available at The Container Store; $24.99

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  10. Medicine Cabinet Organizers

    medicine cabinet organizers

    These clear, plastic medicine cabinet organizers from iDesign will keep everything in your bathroom tidy and easy to reach. From toothpaste, to tweezers, there’s a place for everything. A set of three is perfect for inside your medicine cabinet or on top of your counter. Available on Amazon; $30.50.

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  11. Junk Drawer Storage

    Junk Drawer Storage

    Even your junk drawer can be neat with this modular four-piece organizer. It includes a non-slip drawer liner with a cord keeper, a floating tray, and a lidded box. Configure the included accessories for customized storage to corral all those loose bits and pieces. Available at The Container Store; $14.99.

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